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Love Desire Is A Sin

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Kristine Danvers were trick by her family and forced to marry a billionaire. "Kristine, get out of bed, it's your wedding day!" She became a sacrifice lamb for a foolish desires hidden in her marriage. Will her mask husband loved her or she is still a pawn between two trickster? Will he accepts her feelings or she’ll be his forever his toy? Crimson Fiorre is a billionaire living underneath the mask of a sinister past. He never loses a game and shows no mercy for every deception. She who trembles awakens his instinct as a man. Is he ready to be entangled in sweet roses or use her as a mere card in his game? Will love withstand the pasts who follows them like a silhouette in a broken mirror?

Chapter 1: Mr. X


I drink the wine in my glass and just watch the strippers as they dance seductively. “Good thing that you agreed to come with me tonight, Crimson. You need to relax either.” I pour another shot on my glass.

“I don’t need to relax Tristan. I need to forget everything.” He sigh. “I told you the best way. “Hypnotism. Kim can do hypnotherapy, remember?” That made me laugh. “And what? I will remember it again like after I woke up from hang over?” He sigh. “I don’t know how to console you regarding that matter. Because I’m also afraid myself when I remember that day.” My jaw tightened as I gritted my teeth.

“You son of a b*tch!” My lips bleed after my own mother slap me using a chopping board. “After dad died, you bring him here and yet you believe him over me?! I’m your son!” Her laughter showed the hatred she had to her own son. He grab my cheeks as her nails starts to cut my skin. “You are nothing in this house. Your dad’s wealth might be in name? But in this house, you are nothing.”

She took the kettle and hold my hand. I tried to struggle but all I can do is to scream silently as my hand starts to burn.

“Don’t try to talk back on him again or else, I will cut your tongue next! You b*st*rd!” She push me and I just groan as soon as my back hit the refrigerator. Tear fall down my cheeks. I’m already 14 and yet my mom never showed affection for me. Not even once. “I wish you’re still alive dad.” Those words slip on my tongue. A warn hand grab my wrist and place my hand underneath the running water. “Don’t cry over useless person, they will never deserve your tears.” I nod silently and stop crying.

“Whenever I remember your mom’s death anniversary, it reminds me how your misery ended. I feel happy and yet sad because you never had the normal family that we have. Crimson, don’t roam around the dark circles forever. Learn to step out and we will always be in each side of yours. We will be your light.”

After that drink I have with Tristan, he drive me home because as always, I’m drunk and I can’t even drive my own car. “Thank you, Tristan. I’ll take care of him from here.” He smiled. “Thank you, nanny Ellen. I’ll go ahead then.” I saw him and he walks away slowly.

“I’m sorry…” Those the last words I utter to my nanny who never left me no matter how they tried to sue her away. “Agh.” I held my head and I remember how drunk I was last night. “I know you’ll have a hang over. I made this tonic and here’s your mask.”

“Thank you, nanny Ellen.” I saw my reflection on the mirror and tried to curse loudly. F*ck. I drink the tonic and even if its bitter, I didn’t complain. I know that nanny Ellen made an effort fro me. “There’s a chocolate on that side to eliminate the bitterness.” I eat it.

“I prefer to eat my breakfast on my office.” She nod and took the tray. Before I put on my mask, I stood in front of the mirror. I touch my left cheek.

“You already died but your ruthlessness will never fade away. If I only had a chance, I wish I can let you feel the pain you gave to me.” I put on my mask. I get down and start working on my desk. When nanny Ellen bring my breakfast, I eat first and continue the rest of my day.


I cough. I tried to fight but she’s strong herself. I can never win against her. She push my face again on the water as her friends clap their hands and enjoy the moment that she’s drowning me off.

“S-Stop it! I c-can’t breath anymore.” Their laughter is the answer for my begging. Until one of her friends kick me off the pool.

“H-help! H-help!” Their faces who are shows how they enjoy my struggles were prove that they’re all bullies and spoiled brats. I tried to flop my feet and my hands to help myself but its useless.

“Uho! Uho!” I cough and my breathing became heavier. I feel like my feet were being drag underneath the 6th feet pool. But this feelings were kind of familiar…

“I got you! No matter where you hide, kid. I will always find you!”

“No! N-no… uhmp. H-help me!” Those last two words were my last resort and I start to fall down the pool.

I cough and saw nanny Lina’s face. She looks worried and drench in water. She must have save me. “Thank goodness, Kristine. You scared me to death.”

“Tss, you’re not fun at all.” Nanny Lina gave her a death glare. “You have gone too far this time, Kayla!” My sister glare at her. “Call me ma’am!” She didn’t show any respect on her. “If something bad happens to Kristine, you will hate what I’m capable to do.”

“Kayla, is that how your stupid maid behave? Maybe you should push her to the pool. Or maybe…”

“Shut up, you menace.” We are all surprised to my nanny’s attitude. She help me to get up and that’s when dad came. “What is happening here?”

“Dad! Good thing you’re here. That stupid maid, she is yelling on us.” She look on us. “What to that stupid?” Nanny Lina scoff. “You should teach your stupid child to behave. She is getting into my nerves as time goes by. You will hate to see what I can do to that b*tch.”

“Dad! Did you see that? She’s a b*tch! She didn’t even showed respect to my friends.” I pull down her clothes as a sign that I want her to stop. I can’t lose her either. She’s the only person I have in this cold mansion.

“Yes, uncle. She is disrespectful and she yell at me!” Dad gave her a death glare but she never showed fear. “Remember where you stand Ricardo. I let you abused her verbally and physically but! She had gone too far. Your b*tch daughter will kiss the jail if she tried to joke on her like this. You know me.” She look at me and help me as we walk away. In our room. I took a warm and quick bath. She start drying my hair.

“Nanny Lina, you shouldn’t talk back on my dad and big sister. I can’t let lose you either. What if they’ll kick you out and…” She hug me. “They won’t. Believe me. I will stay beside you no matter what happens. I promise.” I bite my lower lip and hug her. I cried silently because I remember the horror I felt while the water pulls me down. I remember that voice that I heard when my vision starts to get blurry. Who is that man? Why did I feel that horror? Why?

“No matter what happens, I will never leave your side Kristine. I won’t let you suffer forever.”


“Sir, the man that your waiting is here. But… can I talk to you for a moment?” I look at Rosie. She look nervous and scared. “Why? Did he do something to you? Did he harass you?” She shook her head but I can tell that she is afraid. “Just tell me the truth.” She gulp. “Be careful about that man Sir. He is cunning and a trickster. He is a bad man!” I look at her in puzzled expression.

“He is a bad father. He… imprisoned my best friend in that mansion for 10 years. He is…” Her tears fall down to her cheeks. I offered my handkerchief and she wipe her tears. “Please Sir. No matter what happened, you have to be careful to that monster.” She place the hanky on the table and walk away. ‘Her best friend? Who, Kayla?’

“Good afternoon, Mr. Fiorre.” I smiled and signed him to take a seat. He smiled and Rosie’s words never left my head. “My secretary will bring us some food to eat. What do you want Mr. Danvers?” He smiled. “Anything will do, Mr. Fiorre. I never thought Rosie is working here as an intern.” I smiled. “You know her?” I act like I didn’t know anything. “She’s someone I know. Our family used to be friends. I am here regarding your final decision for my investment proposal, Mr. Fiorre.”

I cross my legs and look at him with authority. “I will give you $70 million dollars if! You will agree to my condition.” His eyes gets big as soon as he heard the amount. “In your proposal, you only need $53 million but I will give you 70 and! You don’t have to pay for it. I have here a document and I signed it. I am giving you that money if you will say yes.” He opened it. He just flip the three pages and didn’t read the contract. He went straight to where I signed. What a simpleton.

“What kind of condition is that, Mr. Fiorre?” I smiled sweetly. “You will have more if you agreed to give me your daughter for a marriage. She will be my wife and I’ll give her the world. You know how powerful I am Mr. Danvers. I can buy the world for her.”

“I agree. There’s no problem with that.” He saw the pen on the folder and signed it right away. “But how about her?” He smiled. “She will agree to every word I say. After all, you will make her powerful than the queen of England, right?” I smiled and nod.

“I will visit your mansion tomorrow and I want to meet your daughter.” He nodded quickly. “No problem Mr. Fiorre. I mean my future son-in-law?” I smiled. “Of course, father-in-law.” He smiled and after that he left.

I look at his signature and smiled. I already saw his signature and this is legit. He didn’t even think that he signed a contract with a devil. “What an idiot.”

The gate opens and I drive my car inside. Their maids lined up and a particular figure catches my attention. She’s wearing a maid uniform of those girls in maid cafe’s in Japan. But mostly, she is wearing a mask? I felt that connection because like her, I’m wearing a multiple mask that hides the darkness in my shadow.

“Welcome to Danvers mansion, Sir Crimson!” They all bow down and I saw the pendant of her necklace.

“You’ll meet her Sir. She’s wearing a necklace with rose pendant. I gave that. Let me know if she’s okay.” Is that her? She’s a maid?

Chapter 2: Cross roads


He stop on my side and I knew he is staring at me. I tried to control my tremble but I can’t understand why I can’t calm myself. I fell like he is trying to read me.

“This way, Sir Crimson. Ricardo is waiting for you even his bitch daughter. I mean ma’am Kayla.” He followed nanny Lina and that made my heart beat calm slowly. We started to work in the kitchen and serve the food on the dining table. I saw that my sister is irritated while he’s staring at her.

“Meet my daughter, Crimson. She’s Kayla.” She tried to smile and act that she’s happy. I place some food in her table and decide to pour some sauce on her. ‘I will use this chance to expose your true nature, Kayla!’ She gave me a death glare. “You bitch!” She is about to grab my hair when dad speak. “Kayla, sweetie?” She behaved and I walk away. I started serving him.

“What kind of food do you want to eat, Sir Crimson.” Kayla speak. “Don’t dare to mess up, stupid maid.” Nanny Lina cough an


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