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Love Aint Always Pretty

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Savannah Canterbury was privileged and grew up in a rich household whose parents are both doctors. All her life she tried to please her parents and never disappoint them. She is the kind of woman who isn't looking for love because she is too focused on having an accomplished life. Nick Wilde was a secretive and cold-hearted first boy with a lurking dark past of murder who grew up in a poor family. He has disabled himself to feel anything coming from anyone because of his tragic life. He only cared about his younger sister Tracy and no one else. Nick was a man who never wanted to fall in love.Until he met Tracy's roommate Savannah where his world turns upside down. An unexpected and unwanted relationship where they are bound to set three rules:1. Live the present in secret2. No commitment 3. Never expect a future.Nick can close his eyes to the things he doesn't want to see but he can't close his heart to the things he doesn't want to feel. When everything falls out of place, hearts get broken, tears turn to anger and their love gets hideous, is Savannah willing to risk everything even after his ugly past?Love has never been pretty for Nick but will he allow himself to feel it again? Will a love started so ugly turn out into something beautiful?



- an educational institution; college

Origin: Latin


"Yes mom... Okaaay mooom. I heard you. I said okay.... Yes I will mom!" I rolled my eyes as I was busy and struggling on grabbing my luggage out of the house with a phone in between my shoulder and ear.

My mother has always been the worry-freak whenever we're far from her or she's abroad with dad because of work. One time, I remember when I was still a kid, my brother said that she even went to my brother's camping at two in the morning because he forgot his mosquito spray and well technically he got embarrassed by it. He lived with the embarrassment until he reached eighth grade. I know it's normal for moms to act that way and worry because that's part of their jobs but our mom is a very worry-freak even to the smallest details in our lives. I think we sort of got used to it now we've gotten bigger.

"Mom, will you please stop panicking? I'm just going to college, I'm not leaving for somewhere totally far away. Tell dad to be safe on your way to England and yes I will definitely take care of myself. Do not worry about me." I muttered.

"Is that all the luggage you got?" I hear Cameron popping his head out from the trunk.

"Yeah. This is the last one." I answered him.

"Well hurry up."

"I'd be faster if you'd offer me your help. " I rolled my eyes at him.

I still hear my mom saying out all the things she listed on her notepad that she always bring with her wherever she goes. She needed to say everything to me before I set myself to college, and everything means every little thing. I basically know that parents are always worried about their child getting to college, and since they are not here because they're in Brazil on their way to England, Im in the agony of getting a long phone call with my folks and my mom worries even ten times more than the usual. Since my parents are both full time surgeons and part time business owners and are always abroad because of work, they're always away from us. Yes, this jerk named Cameron is my older brother.

"You're such a slugabed." He whines as he placed my last luggage on the trunk.

"You're such an *ssh*l*." I fired back.

"Mouth, Savannah." I hear my mom say over the line.

"Sorry mom. So, do you have anything else to say to me? My ears are hurting." I said.

"Hand your phone to your brother. Please." She says.

"Gladly." I answered.

I hand my phone to Cameron and both of us got inside his black ford pick up truck. He was talking to mom and I was massaging my ear. I pulled the seat belt and watch Cameron dying on his car as he listens to mom's nagging. I could tell mom is yelling at him because I could partly, hear her voice. He's in trouble for leaving me home alone last night for a night out with his friends and he's giving me an eye for telling mom about it.

"You're dead." He mouths.

I smiled at him to annoy him and watch him suffer. Cameron is older than me for six years and he's still an irresponsible jerk. He still thinks he's a teenager who doesn't have a responsibility over his shoulders. No, he's not a father yet but I meant me and Ingrid, that's his responsibility. We're his responsibility. Ingrid is our little sister, she's only six and she's with our parents enjoying Paris and England.

Cameron, twenty-five, is a fresh graduate for business administration from WSU as well and he's currently working on our company as an employee, a regular employee and he's been whining about taking over my dad's company but sadly dad wants him to start from the bottom so he'll learn.

"Yes mom. Have a safe flight. I love you too. Yes. I won't." Cameron hangs up.

I pulled my phone away from his hand before he could do something about it.

"You're lucky you're going to college today and I'll miss your clumsy *ss." He says.

"That was so sweet. Wow. I'm tearing up already." I rolled my eyes at him.

"I can't believe mom and dad are letting you major in English Literature. It's a lame course." He commented.

I gaped. "Well excuse me, English Literature is not a lame course. I love reading and I might be working in a publishing company someday. I might even write an article about you by the time you'll be taking over the company. Just like you wanted."

"Yeah right. I wonder how and when that's going to happen." He rolled his eyes at me.

When we reached the gates of WSU, I was enthralled. I hugged Cameron, "Don't you miss your alma mater?" I joked.

I hear him laugh as he pulls himself away from him. "Maybe a little. You take care okay? Stay away from those frat guys around."

I nodded and bid him goodbye. I am most definitely going to miss him. We may fight a lot but he's been a great brother and he's very protective of me. Plus we're really close. I walked to the dorms and looked back only to find Cameron getting inside his car. I waved him goodbye and he flashed his headlights at me. I continued walking and finally had my keys for my room. I passed by some women who were busy unpacking their stuff and most were all giddy. By the time I reached my room, I found myself alone.

Maybe my roommate is on her way.

I started unpacking my clothes and placed my stuff on the closet right next to me. I saw some clothes are already here but no one is around. I walked back to the door to make sure if I got inside the right room and I know I did. I folded my clothes again because well I don't like to get messy with everything around me. I'm very tidy. Well thank god for mom's chores and first aid orientations and return demonstrations every night. You not find it funny but we do that instead of bedtime stories. It actually came in handy right now.

By night, I had cup noodles for dinner since I was too lazy to grab something lavish and since it was very convenient and cheap, I think it'll work for me. My roommate still hasn't come here and I wonder how she looks like or perhaps at least just know her name. There's no photographs by her bed either so she's really a complete stranger to me. And since I don't know anyone here yet, I started reading a novel instead which I haven't finished for two weeks now. D*mn, it's the longest since I finished a goddamn book.

Suddenly a loud bang woke me up in the middle of the night. I froze for a second and just listened to the eeriness of the room. I pulled myself up from the bed and just sat down, my roommate still isn't here. There goes that bang again that made my heart race. Sh*t it's coming from the door. My door. I grabbed my phone and it was still three in the morning. Who could this be? My roommate? Doesn't she have a key with her?

I jumped on my bed when that loud knock came by again. I slowly walked to the door and hoped that it wasn't some crazy killer or a ghost. Christ, is there a ghost here in the ladies dormitory? I reached for the knob and a knock by the door again made me jump back a little. I feel the hair on my skin is standing up. I exhaled heavily before opening it. Once I had swing the door open, I found a very tall man standing. He looked at me and he smelled liquor.

He's drunk.

He's really drunk.

"Who are--"

Suddenly he dropped front into me while my eyes widened. He hugged me that made me squeal. I was caught off guard. D*mn he's so heavy too! I tried to push him off of me but he's really heavy. I hear him snoring on my neck, what the hell? Is he asleep? I just don't know what to do with this man at all. I wanted to call the dorm security but then he looks harmless.

I think he is.

But why is he here?

Maybe my roommate knows him or something. Maybe this is his boyfriend. Is she expecting him to come here? God, he's killing me with his massive weight.

I turned on the lights and closed the door by kicking it. As I move towards the other bed to let him sleep there, I fell out of balance since his foot was blocking me, the both of us dropped on the floor. There was a loud thud of me falling on my back. He's on top of me and my back hurts when I landed on the ground. My spine is aching. I grunt but still no move from this man. He's dead asleep. I thought he was going to attack me or something because he's obviously wasted. He's totally wasted and he's here.

Why is he here? What does he want in here? He doesn't belong here. Doesn't he have a home or a dorm? I wonder if he's even a student around WSU. I pushed him off of me and I quickly stand up when I escaped his grip locking me down the floor.

"Who are you?" I asked nobody in particular but my eyes were on him.

I pulled him up while grabbing his arms. His body arched a little off the floor while his head was hanging back and I was unsuccessful about it because I couldn't carry him all alone. So I just let him sleep on the floor because I can't put him to the other bed. I walked back to my bed and sat down. I was just examining him.

He lays there flat on the ground and I was hoping he won't puke because I don't wanna clean his mess at three in the morning. I don't wanna sleep either because what if he's gonna wake up and r*p* me or what if he's just acting drunk. I don't even know the guy but why did I even let him in like I know him? I could've just let him stay right outside of my doorstep. God, you're so stupid sometimes Savannah.

I pulled myself up and looked for foods inside my bag and I found some crackers. God I'm going to take a proper meal next time. Cup noodles won't do. I sat down on my bed again and after a little while, he's waking up. His eyes are actually opening, but just slightly. I stood from my bed planning on helping him. As he pulled himself a little, his mouth drops open and without any second thoughts he vomited on the bedroom floor.

"Christ!" I exclaimed, making me drop some crackers on the ground.

My mouth was dropped open and he fell back asleep. Just like that. Like this was his place. Like it was his bedroom floor. I had to turn around right away so I won't see the disgusting puke of a drunk man. I cursed at myself for letting him in and kept scratching my hair. I headed out of my room and went to the community shower room to get a freaking mop at three in the freaking morning. Why is this happening to me? I just got here. D*mn it. Just d*mn it.

When I came back, he's still on the ground. I hope he rolled over his vomit at least so he'll wake up smelling sh*t. D*mn it, I'm cleaning up a mess of this man who I don't even know. And even if he's obviously handsome, it doesn't change anything that he's making me work out at three in the morning! Jesus who even owns this man?!

He's like a stray dog!

When I was done cleaning, I placed back the mop to the community shower room and then sprayed my perfume around the bedroom because it smelled vomit inside. I squat down in front of him and looked at his unblemished face. Okay, so he's really good looking and his hair colored a mix of blond and brown together, the sides of it were short and the top part was long. Goodness his lips are pinkish and full. He's attractive. Really outrageously attractive.

"Hey buddy, get up." I try to pull his arm.

He groans. "I'm not buddy."

"Are you going to sleep on the floor?"

He pushed me away and I don't know if he's asleep or hallucinating but I fell on my butt. He's still strong despite his drunk condition. His cheeks and the tip of his nose were red and his eyebrows were perfect for his face. I just sat there for a couple of minutes and just stared at him.

"Catherine I'm sorry." He muffles almost about to cry while he suddenly takes a hold on my hand.

"I'm really sorry." I hear him again.

Who's Catherine? Is it the name of my roommate? Is this jerk her boyfriend?

"Hey I'm not Catherine." I tried to pull my hand away but I was unsuccessful.

"I'm Savannah. Sa-va-nnah." Why am I even clarifying my name to a drunk man that's not even fully aware of what I'm saying.

I don't know this guy but the devastation plastered on his face is beyond the word obvious. He's actually crying right now over this Catherine girl and he's hurting so bad, I could tell. I stare at him silently while I let him hold my hand until he's quiet and there's no more tears coming out from his eyes. I wiped them away with my other hand and stayed by his side a little longer.

"Hey if you prefer to be sleeping on the ground rather than on the bed then suit yourself." I pulled myself up slowly.

The next three hours, I was finishing the novel and I didn't fall asleep because I was guarding the drunk blondish-brownish haired man sleeping on the floor who's been crying out for Catherine's name for almost an hour now. I pity him actually, he sounded sorry and he just kept chanting hide words over and over then would cry a little. I feel my eyes about to drop from my sockets and I constantly kept dropping my head once I fall asleep then try to pull it back and keep awake. I rubbed my eyes but then I didn't even know I already fell asleep.

"What happened to me?"

I hear a voice and I thought I was just dreaming so ignored it. Then I feel something moving me to and fro. I slowly flutter my eyes and see the drunk man was already up! My eyes opened wide and I quickly pulled myself up from the bed. He's tall. He's really really tall and his blue eyes were so light blue that I don't even know what shade of blue it is anymore.

"Who are you?" He asks.

The man standing before me right now is totally different from the helpless broken-hearted drunk man lying on my floor last night. His eyebrows are furrowed and his facial is impassive but strong.

Plus, he's insanely handsome.

Chapter 2 KISMET


Translation: Fate

Origin: Turkish


He is taking my breath away.

He is very handsome. Very very very handsome. Manly handsome. Scruffy handsome. Goodness. Look at him!

His facial beard is making him even more mature and hot. And damn his light clear blue eyes are to die for. It's so blue that I think it's almost colorless. I'm lost for words to answer him because he's oozing with sex appeal. He's ridiculously hot. His eyes are not heavy-lidded anymore. His very intense and penetrating stares are making my morning awkward.

Very awkward.

"I..." I trailed off.

Recover Savannah! Quick! I thought.

"I should be the one asking you that because you're the one who's in my property. You're invading my space." I said with my arms crossed together while raising my eyebrows at him.

He looks around as if he's looking for something or someone. Maybe he's looking or hoping for Catherine to be here. He looked over the other sid


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