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Love after Divorce

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My parents forced me to marry Him for their business. I never wanted to do it. Three years later, I can finally be free! The time has come for me to seek my happiness, do what I always wanted, and not think about my parents or have them hovering over me. Once I manage to sign the divorce papers, I will leave this country and never return... My name is Mason, and I'm currently 34 years old. Three years ago, I got married because my parents forced me to. I have always loved the same woman, the one who isn't and never was my wife. Today, I am finally free, and I can be happy with the love of my life. I have everything planned; everything is going to be perfect... Or so I thought. What happens when you realize you no longer love the person you thought was the love of your life? Is it possible to get back with an ex-partner? Is it possible to start having feelings for my ex-wife?



Review after half of the novel

I like it.. but it is hard to collect coins. it takes so much of time to collect the coins.. and that makes me loss of interest on this.. at first it release every episode for one hour but now the episode open by seeing 3 Ads.. Watching ads make me disappoint. Overall the concept or the story is good ..the way the author describes/narratives the story in detail is amazing.. but in some days I will lose total interest because of ads or coins

May 8, 2024

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