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Lin Jin: Trapped In The World of The Mysterious CEO

Lin Jin: Trapped In The World of The Mysterious CEO

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Life as it is can be cruel to some and kind to others. In a world where there is much difference between the high class( the capable) and the low class ( the incapable); the incapable only have to follow the rules a world like this had set for centuries so as not to be totally trampled upon by the capable ones. Lin Jin had chosen to believe this. She had the notion that life easily favours the rich and wealthy and makes it difficult for the poor to even breath talk less of to live due to her past experiences while growing up. The ones she had experienced from her uncle's wife and daughter, who happened to be her father's younger brother, the past experiences from her mates in high school as she had always been bashed by them simply because of her low status and her recent experiences from the Acting agencies who had refused to take her in simply because she isn't connected to any higher up. But, Lin Jin being a very determined lady vowed not to let the unjust rules the world had set stop her from achieving her goals. While hustling as a roadside store owner, she met a man whom she thought pretended to be the owner of a brand after a first meet conflict between them and later realized he was truly the CEO of a group of companies. (X-Liang group of companies). She assumed the CEO to be like every other high class who deliberately likes to show off their wealth and fame which made Lin Jin dislike him even as a CEO. Few years later, Lin Jin became an actress like she had dreamt to be and was secretly crushing on the CEO of the agency she was working with (Li acting agency) due to the good treatment the actors and actresses get from the agency courtesy of the "Mysterious CEO" even though she had never met or seen him before as the CEO had carefully kept himself well hidden from the public. Little did she know that she had actually been trapped in the world of the two CEO she thought were different.

Chapter 1

Po-ho! Po-ho!! Xiang Li coughed. He had been in the board room having meetings for hours and had even forgotten to consume a bit of food, not even water.

His throat felt dry and at this moment, he needed to hydrate himself.

Ye Mufan 'his driver' already knew what his boss wanted and he was well aware that he doesn't have to wait for his boss to mention it to him, lest he was ready to face Xiang Li's wrath.

Ye Mufan hurried down from the driver's seat after he had parked at a side of the express road and walked to a nearby store to buy water for his boss to drink.

Few seconds later, he came rushing back with a bottled water in his hand, he passed it to Xiang Li, who quickly collected and opened it, he gulped down some volume from the bottle and instantly felt a relieve in his throat.

He looked at the bottled water in his hand and his expression changed slightly like he had just remembered something and turned to Ye Mufan.

"Which store did you get this water from?" He asked calmly giving Ye Mufan a questioning look.

Ye Mufan already knew he had entered into into trouble with his boss' question. 'Should I tell him the truth?' he asked inwardly.

'Jeez!!, he might loose his Job this night! But still, it was due to rush and concern for his boss, he had failed to strictly abide by his boss' rule". "Ye Mufan! You're st*pid!!" He thought and cursed at himself.

Xiang Li calmly waited for Ye Mufan's reply as he watched him with his beautiful but misty eyes.

At the end Ye Mufan spoke while stuttering. "Bo-Boss!'s the store back there ( he pointed towards the direction) that was the only store opened by now, and I know how much you needed to hydrate, tha-that's why I rushed down there, I'm s....."

"Shut up!" Xiang Li snapped but was calm.

"Take me to the store!" He ordered Ye Mufan.

"Yes-yes! Boss." Ye Mufan rushed back to his seat and reversed back and had almost gotten to the front of the store when Xiang Li ordered again.

"Stop!" He got down from the car and walked directly to the front of the store, he scanned the exterior and found out it was just a roadside store, with a narrow interior structure, the person inside will hardly see a customer directly, except the person walks almost close to the entrance.

He looked up at the small banner at the top of the store entrance and saw "HOPE PROVISION STORE", he stylishly mocked in his heart. 'Who would name a provision store (Hope)?' and even written in English, is this store owner trying to act like an elite or what??, Anyways he careless about stuffs like that'. He broke His thoughts purposely and choose to deliberate on the reason he had come to the store.

His expression had already turned ugly seeing what the store is like, he turned to look at Ye Mufan who had already come down after him and had hid almost half of his body at the other side of the car fearing what his boss might do to him.

"Come here!" Xiang Li voice sounded calm but carries authority.

Ye Mufan couldn't refute, he crept out of hiding as he trembled. He knew how much his boss detest buying consumable goods or food items from road side stores, 'but he had made this mistake already for the second time! Will the boss spare him at all this time?" He felt sick instantly.

As at when Xiang Li had called Ye Mufan to come over, Lin Jin had heard a man's voice In front of her store and felt it could be the man who came in earlier to get water and had unknowingly dropped his I.D card on the floor due to the rush.

She took the I.D card from where she had kept it and walked out to see if it was the same man.


"How long will I keep mentioning to you not to get me stuffs from a road side store?!" Xiang asked in a pissed manner.

"Ye Mufan! I think you're actually tired of driving me around!" Xiang Li said coldly.

"Boss please! Please!, Boss please! I still want to work with you...ayii!...ayii!...ayii! He pleaded and acted like a wailing kid.

"I'll only pardon you today, cos' this is actually my product." He lifted the bottled water in his hand and affirmed to Ye mufan.

"If it happens the next time, I won't sp...."

"What will you do?!" Lin Jin interrupted him as she snapped.

Xiang Li turned to look at the lady who had been standing inside the store at the entrance not too far from them.

He was shocked at her gut to speak to him that way!.

"Who are you?" he asked raising his right brow slightly.

"I should be the one asking that ok? Who are you to talk to him that way?" She said pointing to Ye Mufan.

"And who are you to say this water brand is your product huh?" She asked while frowning.

Xiang Li chuckled and didn't know what to say. 'Who is this lady that is so bold to talk to him in this manner? And even claimed he lied about his product!!' Xiang Li stared at her not knowing what to say.

Ye Mufan trembled more at Lin Jin's remark as he decided to clear the air, Lest his boss take out his anger on him again.

" Miss! You actually misjudged, I made a mistake and my boss was only scolding me, he didn't do anything wrong."

Lin Jin glared at Xiang Li with disdain and later passed the I.D to Ye Mufan.

" Don't let him keep bullying you just because you work under him, you're also human and deserve to be treated like one!" She said to Ye Mufan like a mother gaurding her son.

Xiang Li remained speechless while Ye Mufan secretly observed his boss' expression in fear.

Lin Jin turned to leave, but considering Xiang Li's personality, he won't allow the lady walk out on him like that without clarifying something.

"Miss! Do you really think I lied about the brand of this water?" He asked with a smirk.

"Of course,... Why would the owner of a product dictate where his stuffs should be bought even if it's his own brand? Someone like you does not worth having a good brand like this, I'm sure the owner of 'X waters' will never have such childish mentality!, You only said that to gain passers by's attentions, I know people like you!" Lin Jin bashed him with words.

Xiang Li couldn't believe his ears, 'he had only asked that question to make this Lady understand his connection to the brand, yet he was bashed again!' Xiang Li felt so embarrassed for the first time in the twenty nine years that he had lived.

"Who does this lady think I am??" He questioned inwardly.

While he was still on his thoughts, he heard Lin Jin warned.

"Also, don't you ever come back to my store, if I should see you here, I'll really kick your a*s!"

Xiang Li: "...."

Ye Mufan: "?"

She turned and entered into her store leaving Xang Li chocked with words while Ye Mufan seemed to make his presence a non-existence knowing his boss might bounce back at him.

Xiang Li realised how much of an insult he had been fed for the night by the "Miss store owner" as he had already named her in his mind, he walked straight to the car and entered without saying a word to Ye Mufan.

Ye Mufan hurriedly entered the car and drove off, stealing a glance at his boss through the rear view mirror.

"I guess your eyes are weary, they are tired of seeing!" Xiang Li who had noticed Ye Mufan glances on him asked scaringlingly.

Ye Mufan comported himself and drove his boss home in eerie silence.

Chapter 2


( Lin Chen and family)

Lin Jin was just getting home, when she met her father Lin Chen outside the house sitting and looking dejected.

"Dad! What's the problem?" She asked concernedly.

Lin Chen raised his head to look at his daughter who had just gotten back from the store with stress written all over her face.

He shifted his eyes away from her to avoid his daughter noticing the tears that had gathered in his eyes.

"Your mother had been indoor crying for almost an hour now, I don't know how else to console her, I have tried all means I could use, she just kept crying." He explained forcing back the stubborn tears.

"What happened while I was at the store?" Lin Jin asked her father worriedly.

Lin Chen sighed. " We've been asked to move out!" He replied sadly.

"What?!!" Lin Jin felt dizzy hearing the news.

"Could it be that the world was tota


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