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Scarlet Fang

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Life as it is can be cruel to some and kind to others. In a world where there is much difference between the high class( the capable) and the low class ( the incapable); the incapable only have to follow the rules a world like this had set for centuries so as not to be totally trampled upon by the capable ones. Lin Jin had chosen to believe this. She had the notion that life easily favours the rich and wealthy and makes it difficult for the poor to even breath talk less of to live due to her past experiences while growing up. The ones she had experienced from her uncle's wife and daughter, who happened to be her father's younger brother, the past experiences from her mates in high school as she had always been bashed by them simply because of her low status and her recent experiences from the Acting agencies who had refused to take her in simply because she isn't connected to any higher up. But, Lin Jin being a very determined lady vowed not to let the unjust rules the world had set stop her from achieving her goals. While hustling as a roadside store owner, she met a man whom she thought pretended to be the owner of a brand after a first meet conflict between them and later realized he was truly the CEO of a group of companies. (X-Liang group of companies). She assumed the CEO to be like every other high class who deliberately likes to show off their wealth and fame which made Lin Jin dislike him even as a CEO. Few years later, Lin Jin became an actress like she had dreamt to be and was secretly crushing on the CEO of the agency she was working with (Li acting agency) due to the good treatment the actors and actresses get from the agency courtesy of the "Mysterious CEO" even though she had never met or seen him before as the CEO had carefully kept himself well hidden from the public. Little did she know that she had actually been trapped in the world of the two CEO she thought were different.


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