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“Father what is the meaning of this?” Emerald yelled “I didn’t pick you dear, he chose you “ Emerald the second daughter of a successful businessman is forced to marry a vicious ceo for the sake of family business. Feeling lost, Emerald who has being in a coma for one month due to an accident woke up to this saddening news

Chapter 1

“Father what is the meaning of this”. Emerald yelled with teary eyes

“You’ll do as I say”. Pedro, Emerald’s father, a successful businessman. He has three daughters and a son. Nothing matters more to him than business.

“And if I don’t?” Emerald stared daggers at her father

“Then I’ll disown you!! I mean it “. Pedro shouted at the top of his lungs

“Pedro…” Marilyn Emerald’s mother stepped in. She’s a gentle and soft woman who doesn’t like violence.

“You stay at of this” Pedro gave her a stern warning

Marilyn walked up to Emerald, trying to reason with her

“Dear please, just listen to your father” she pleaded

“You know very well I dislike the idea of an arranged marriage. I cannot marry someone I don’t love and all for the sake of my own father selfish needs?? For the family business?” Emerald sobbed

Emerald who has being in a coma for a month due to an accident is deranged after finding out that her father willingly gave out her hand in marriage just to close a deal with the ceo of M&U company.

“What is going on? Did I hear that right?” Capri, Emerald’s elder sis who had rushed downstairs due to the noise from the argument suddenly butted in .

“Emerald is getting married to Mr Williams of M&U company?” She asked

Marilyn nodded

Capri gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Capri’s eyes darted as if something went through her mind. Then she suddenly spouts out

“But I’m the first daughter. Why is Emerald marrying before me, am I not supposed to get married first?”

Her remark shocked everyone

“Yes true, why did you pick me instead of Capri?” Emerald turned to their father and said 

Their father who already had his back turned to them, turned around to face them and spoke

“I didn’t pick you dear. He chose you”.

Emerald didn’t understand why, why would someone she’s never met choose her to be his bride out of the blues ?

“But father…”. Capri tried to speak up again but was cut short by Pedro

“ enough…”. His voice thundered

“Mr Williams will be here for lunch tomorrow, all of you do well to respect yourselves and don’t disgrace me”. He said with authority

He left living room brusquely.

Capri turned to Emerald and scorned at her

“Why do you always get the good stuff huh? Why would you be the one marrying a rich ceo?” She asked in an angry tone

“Good stuff?, you call this good stuff? I just got out of the hospital just to find out I’ve being used to exchange a business deal and you call it good stuff?” Emerald said

“Oh please, spare me the drama. All I have to say to you is, I’m the first daughter and I’ll be the one to marry mr Williams”. Capri hissed and walked away


Emerald was lost in her own world

What on earth is happening ?, how could this happen ?

How could she be getting married?

She laid on her bed as her head filled with questions that nobody could provide answers for

Mr Williams ceo of M&U company, a cold and vicious critic. Rumor has it that his staff never dares cough in his presence, he fires them without mercy.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as her head was clouded with unanswered questions.

She cried herself to sleep hoping she would wake up from this hell of a dream.


The bright ray of sunlight blasted Emerald’s puffy cheeks as she had her eyes closed.

Emerald slowly opened her eyes then shut them back almost immediately because of the ray of sunlight from the window.

She got out of bed feeling sore, her eyes were a little bit swollen because of all the crying.

Emerald was still finding it hard to understand.

How could someone she’s never met want to marry her?

She stood up from her bed and walked towards the mirror. She thought about how her day was going to play out

“Definitely bad” she said to herself

As their father had said, Mr Williams would be coming over for lunch

Emerald cursed her fate. suddenly something crossed her mind

“What if I make him dislike me? I’m sure rich men have high expectations of their wives or soon to be wives…”. Emerald thought out loud

“ I can make him dislike me and go for Capri, at least she won’t mind marrying a total stranger as long as he’s a rich ceo”.

Capri and Emerald never got along, Capri has always been on Emerald’s toes. According to her, Emerald always gets the good stuff since they were kids. So because of this they never meet eye to eye even though they are literally sisters.

Emerald smirked as she thought she could kill two birds with one stone.


“Boss, you have you eat something. You haven’t had anything to eat since last night”. 

A man sitting in the drivers seat of a car with his boss at the back spoke. He looked like he’s in his late 20’s

Williams opened his eyes and looked up.

He gave him a cold stare through the rear view mirror

“ since when do you care so much about my diet?” He asked in a calm but venomous tone

“Sorry sir”. Zach the driver and also Williams assistant apologized immediately

Williams closed his eyes and suddenly asked

“How is she doing?”

“She’s getting better, quicker than I expected, she no longer uses a wheelchair”. Zach replied

Williams just hummed at his reply

“Drive. We have a lunch meeting to catch up on”. Williams said with his eyes closed

With that, the car drove off into the busy road.


Emerald sat on her windowsill basking in the warmth of the weather.

She had hoped today would turn out to be a dream.

Emerald’s hope shattered when she spotted a black rolls Royce cullinan driving into their villa.

Her heart pounded. Mr Williams has arrived.

Chapter 2

     “Welcome, Mr Williams, it’s a pleasure to have you “ Pedro gave Williams a handshake as he laughed loudly

Capri came down looking all dolled and wearing a rather seductive dress

“Hi, Mr Williams, nice to meet you again” she bit her lips, looking at him seductively and stretching forth her hands for a handshake but he ignored her.

Feeling quite ashamed and disrespected, Capri sat down next to her dad.

“Emerald is always late” Capri said again as she giggled sheepishly.

Emerald finally came, looking pale as a ghost.

She went straight to the table without looking at anyone nor exchanging any formalities. She tried her best to avoid eye contacts

“Shall we eat?” Pedro giggled

Gary, the family chef, brought the delicacies for that afternoon. Immediately he put the food down, Emerald started gobbling on it like some hungry pig.

This was one of her attempts to make Williams disgusted

All of a sudden she choked. ‘ shoot’


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