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Last Drop Of Love

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What is marriage without love? If only she knew she would be tied down into a marriage with a man who doesn't love her, she wouldn't have threw his money at his face or cried when she spoke out to him in anger. But now there is no backing down, she has to play the role as his wife when she knew his heart belongs to another. Would anything change or would she end up leaving? Would he let her leave or keep her by his side to watch how she crumble? Let's dive right in to this fantastic story!

Chapter 1

"D*mn it."

Triffany sat down at her room desk going through her laptop, with disappointment on her face.

"No hope this time?" Tanner her little brother who sat behind her asked her. Triffany shakes her head without looking at him. "What do you do now?" His little voice sounded soft.

"I'm confused too." She touches her forehead as she spins the chair around to look at him. Just then her mother came in with a glass of water and some vitamins.

"Triffany, here your vitamins," Laura said, paused and looked at her daughter's worried face. "Still the same news?"

"Yes, mom... I'm not going to gain any employment, ten applications yet no good news." Triffany gave out a heavy sigh.

Don't worry you'll get one soon." Tanner comforted her.

"How long is that soon?" Triffany asked searching their eyes for an answer but they both kept silent. "I guess it would be long." She rests her head on the desk.

Just then an email pop-up as Tanner pointed at her laptop. "Triffany see you got another email."

Triffany raised her head immediately as she looked at her mom and brother before moving gently to her laptop. "Let me take a look, this better be good news." She opened the message and read it. It was yet another failed interview.

"Mom, I'm not going to submit any other application, I'm just going to remain jobless and get married someday to a wealthy man who's going to love and treat me like a queen." She blurts out.

Laura hit her back almost immediately. "Is that all you have to say?" Triffany whine in pain. "I hope it hurts. How can you sag that?"

"Why won't I? I spent four years in the university studying and now in out no company want to employ me....what else should I say?"

"From what I discovered, men nowadays don't like jobless ladies, they love classy girls," Tanner told his sister. Laura looked at her little boy in surprise.

"You're still a little boy of ten years, what do you think you know, you still have a long way to go." Triffany couldn't agree with him.

"Mom I'll I not right?" Tanner asked his amazed mother.

"Who taught you that."

"I have brains mom." Tanner smiled

"I'm sure you do." Laura touched his hair. "Unlike your sister."

"Mom!" Triffany calls out upset laura will say something like that as Tanner burst out laughing. "Tanner you too, you're in support." She sighed. "Talking to you both is just so annoying, please leave my room now, I need peace," Triffany told them.

"Mom I guess she needs to reflect on how she spent her four years in the university and try to fit it into her current condition. Tanner said while heading to the door as Triffany scorn. " mom I better leave now cause she's about to blow up." He said finally before running out of her room.

"Mom how can he be so annoying. This is not helping me.” Triffany said with a furrowed brow.

"Have some vitamin and rest, I'd be downstairs, don't think too much." Laura pets her shoulder before leaving the room.

Triffany took the vitamin and lay on her bed. "I hate all these companies, do they think I need a job?" She paused and signed. "I need a job but not in your company either, rejecting my applications. I'm not even interested in your company!" She spoke to no one but herself. "My bed is much more comfortable than those chairs in your offices." She sighed as she whispered. "But I need a job!"


Carlos Zack a rich well-known billionaire sat down at a reserved table at classic Paige hotel waiting for his girlfriend Kelsey Devin. A waiter walked up to him.

"Sir, would you like to place an order now?"

"I'm waiting for someone, we would place our other together," Carlos told him with a smile.

"Okay, sir." The waiter stepped aside.

At the other end of the hotel, two female waitresses whispered to each other. "I wonder who the lucky lady is?"

"Me too. I heard he is the heir to the famous Glammaly estate." The waitress said while looking at Carlos at the far end.

"He's very handsome, matched up with riches... If only my wish could come true, I'd be his wife." She smiled

"Don't tell me you're daydreaming again, you better wake up, your just a waitress." The other reminded her.

"I know, it would never come true." She sighed.

"Let's just continue with our work." She said finally as they moved to their post to continue working.

Carlos checked the time on his wristwatch. "She should be here soon." Just then Kelsey Davin walked into the hotel wearing a beautiful red dinner dress, with her hair curled and packed backed, she wore makeup which made her extremely gorgeous, she spots Carlos who waved her over, as he pushed a chair for her to sit before returning to his.

"So I'm late, have you been here for long?" She asked

"No, I arrived a few minutes ago," Carlos said staring at the beauty in his front.

"I got to round up a few things at my office," Kelsey told him as she kept her purse on her laps.

"You must be so stressed up." Carlos took her hands with his as he gently touches them.

"A night rest will do. Have you placed an order yet?"

"Was waiting for you." He signals the waiter, placed their order and were served, expensive and delicious meals.

"Have you heard from your parents?" Carlos asked her as they ate.

"Yes, they called immediately after they got to Paris. They must have settled in now. Kelsey took a bit of her meal

"Okay, I'm glad."

"How is the production process coming up?" Kelsey asked

"It's going okay but there might be a little holdup." Carlos sipped his wine.


"My secretary quit, he moved to the states to further his education, so the production is delayed a bit." He told her with a little stressed face, just thinking about work made him a bit tired.

"I thought you had an interview to employ new people for the company," Kelsey said.

"Yes, but his result came out a bit late, he quit after the result was sent out. I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do, but I'm going to find a solution soon. I'm okay just seeing your beautiful face right now." He said with a smile.

"There you go again with your sweet words." Kelsey blushed. "I'm glad I'm being a help to you."

"Let's eat up and recover our strength, for other days work," Carlos told her. They both smiled and ate silently.

Chapter 2

Gabby Zack, Carlos junior sister sat down in the poolside of Carlos mansion with Carlos friends, wearing her bikini suit eating watermelon as they gist.

"So who's in for a hot female gist," Gabby asked as she sat up.

"Gabby we've heard a lot already." Eric one of Carlos friends told her. "And it's high time you start having female friends."

"Hey!" Gabby raised her hand to silence him. "Pork your nose in your business. Female friends my butt, they are all backstabbers, I don't need any friends.

"We've also heard that countless times." Garret chipped in with a smile, he loves teasing her.

"Gabby they don't ruin your friendship, you do," Eric told her with a straight face.

"Eric, you've said that countless times too." Gabby sigh and relaxed on her sit.

"Girls are just tiring to talk to." Blake shakes his head.



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