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Journey Through Worlds: An Uncommon Boss' Tale

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A cross-border adventure that subverts imagination! The female protagonist Xiao Han holds the key to fate and instantly shuttles through the bizarre multiverse, transforming from an unknown cannon fodder to a dazzling boss on various world stages: she is the enchanting queen of light and shadow, the domineering CEO strategizing in the mall, and the mysterious hegemon of the world shaking the world! Xiao Han, with his unparalleled intelligence and courage, repeatedly rewrote the established laws of the world, challenged the dilemma of life and death, and reversed the world! Every journey stirs the heart, every rebirth is filled with warmth and passion, and even the heart pounding emotions intertwine, immersing you in the thrilling vortex of stories that cannot be extricated! Inviting you to witness together how this female boss, who changed her fate against the heavens, wrote a legendary epic about courage, wisdom, and true love in countless time and space gaps, taking you on an unprecedented journey through the storm and experiencing a truly extraordinary life adventure! Are you ready? Now, let's start this journey of time together!

White Moonlight Substitute (Part 1)

In the clean and bright hotel room, a woman in a white suit paced back and forth while talking on the phone. She looked anxious and distressed as she said, "Are these fans in China crazy? Why won't they leave you alone?"

"Sigh, I should have stopped you from accepting that interview."

"Now, not only did it trend on social media, but even the sponsors who supported the event before are talking about terminating contracts with you. Isn't this bullying?"

Xiao Han, leaning on the soft sofa, replied, "..."

Instinctively rubbing her temples, she didn't wake up to a strange, unfamiliar environment when she opened her eyes. On the contrary, she remained calm, as if she had experienced such scenes countless times before.

From the woman's words, it could be inferred that she was Xiao Han's agent – the current predicament seemed a bit challenging.

Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. The woman in the white suit put down the phone to answer the door, while Xiao Han took the opportunity to go to the bathroom.

In the mirror, a face belonging to a young girl with fair and clean skin, shoulder-length jet-black hair, and a hint of natural curls appeared. Without any makeup, her pure and natural appearance gave off a touch of coldness in her eyebrows and eyes. She looked like she was in her early twenties, and her outstanding features were quite impressive.

But this was not her.

As if hearing Xiao Han's inner thoughts, a cheerful voice echoed in her mind, "System 9526 is online. Nice to meet you, dear host."

After hearing the familiar and lively voice in her mind, Xiao Han's eyes instantly cleared up, and she finally remembered her true identity.

—She lost her original memories very early on, bound by the current system. She became a time-traveler, moving through various worlds to complete tasks, taking on roles to fulfill others' desires or wishes.

She didn't care much about her past or origin. Deep down, she had a feeling that as long as she continued her journey, she would eventually discover everything.

System 9526 had accompanied her through numerous world travels. Despite mostly serving as a mascot, it held a special place in Xiao Han's heart.

Now she found herself in a new world. "Host, would you like to proceed with the storyline?"

"Let's go," Xiao Han nodded without much hesitation.

The next moment, information about this world and the memories of the original owner flooded into her mind. After reviewing it all, Xiao Han raised an eyebrow. This time, she was playing the role of an archer in a romantic drama world, derived from a romance novel.

It turned out that the original owner, Ye Zhining, had been an archer since the age of sixteen, participating in various competitions at home and abroad. Although she had a promising future, in this world derived from a romance novel, she was just an unfortunate cannon fodder affected by the romantic relationship of the main characters.

In the original storyline, the male and female leads met on a popular variety show. One was the top-tier star, Huo Ling, and the other was a newcomer, Yan Yi. Their accidental collaboration on the show gained immense popularity, and the fans quickly labeled them as a national couple.

As they spent more time together, their relationship deepened, leading to a sweet and romantic storyline in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Ye Zhining, the so-called White Moonlight, had a brief appearance in the narrative.

Shortly after the couple gained massive popularity, paparazzi revealed Huo Ling's high school crush – Ye Zhining. The fans, especially those supporting the main couple, couldn't accept this revelation, leading to a wave of backlash.

Ye Zhining became a scapegoat for the fans' dissatisfaction, facing unjust criticism and even receiving death threats from extreme fans. Despite not knowing Huo Ling personally, Ye Zhining's career took a hit. The public's opinion turned against her, causing her to fail in a major competition due to the immense pressure.

In the end, her character faded away, and she met an unfortunate end overseas, forgotten by many.

Coming back to reality, Xiao Han observed the scene outside the bathroom. The woman in the white suit, her agent Cui Xi, had an unpleasant expression as she threw a gift box tied with ribbons into the trash can.

From the original owner's memories, Xiao Han confirmed Cui Xi's identity. Cui Xi had discovered Ye Zhining's talent in archery and had encouraged the original owner to pursue a career in sports. Later, when Ye Zhining faced a setback after her mother's death, it was Cui Xi who encouraged her to return to the competitive scene.

Seeing Cui Xi's frustration, Xiao Han couldn't help but feel sorry for the original owner's misfortune. However, she remained calm and collected.

"What's inside that box?"

Knowing the content from the memories, Xiao Han still asked to fit the original owner's character.

Cui Xi suppressed her anger and suggested, "You don't need to look. It's just some rubbish sent by those crazy fans."

Xiao Han had already seen everything in the memories. However, to stay in character, she asked, "Shall we release a statement on Weibo to explain?"

Shaking her head, Xiao Han replied, "No need. We haven't done anything wrong, and we don't need to explain. But..." Xiao Han's eyes narrowed, "keep these things. We'll use them later for legal action."

Cui Xi, surprised by Xiao Han's decisiveness, agreed to handle the situation. Xiao Han continued her archery practice, impressing everyone around her, including Cui Xi, with her outstanding skills.

In the following days, Xiao Han prepared for the archery competition. Despite facing challenges and difficulties, she remained focused and determined to succeed. The pressure from the fans and sponsors didn't shake her resolve.

As Xiao Han aimed her bow, she thought about the importance of this competition. Failure was not an option. Losing here meant missing out on international events related to archery for the next two years – a fate she couldn't accept.

Archery, a sport that required precision and concentration, became a tool for Xiao Han to familiarize herself with the body she now inhabited. Each movement was deliberate, every shot carefully calculated.

Cui Xi, witnessing the dramatic improvement in Xiao Han's performance, couldn't hide her amazement. The archery coach, who had praised Ye Zhining earlier, was now stunned by the dozens of arrows hitting the bullseye.

Feeling a surge of confidence and satisfaction, Cui Xi couldn't help but think – to hell with those blindfolded sponsors.

White Moonlight Substitute (Part 2)

◎ The Appearance of the Big Boss's Aura ◎

After gaining confidence in Xiao Han's competition, Cui Xi naturally paid no attention to fan opinions or brand concerns. As long as her athlete performed well in the competition, everyone would have to acknowledge her brilliance, begging to collaborate with them.

Cui Xi swiftly handled the termination of contracts, even negotiating substantial compensations, all of which were invested in this competition.

Other matters were also well-organized, ensuring their athlete had no worries.

On the other hand, these days coincided with the new drama's launch ceremony for Huo Ling and Yan Yi. Just sitting together was enough to make the CP fans ecstatic, considering they were co-starring as the romantic leads.

["In and out of the drama, overflowing CP feelings. The crew really knows how to choose."]

["Huo Ling is so considerate, passing the microphone to Yan Yi."]



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