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Jason the billionaire mafia

Jason the billionaire mafia

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Jason is an influential 24 years old billionaire, he is very rich and feared likewise. He's the head of the mafia gang of the dark blood empire. He has a keen eye on the world's largest Colgate industry, which was said to have the world’s records and assets under its wings. The prominent owner is dead and now, the Colgate industry holders needed someone strong and proficient to own the company. However, someone else came into the picture. Stella. The owner of the Colgate industry was her father’s late friend, the deceased man had imprinted her name as part of the deal in the Colgate industry and so; a war began between Jason and Stella. None was ready to back down with a fight as they both prove their worth, metals, and intellectuals on who to own the Colgate industry.

Chapter 1

"Ohh my goodness! I hoped I didn't wake up late today?"

I woke up to the brightness of the sun, moving with my car along the road, It was a young good-looking man, so handsome and his beauty was like he got it from another planet.

Moreover, his handsome face was polished, obviously with distress. He kept on tapping his hand on his car horn, and his aura was in great turmoil.

Although he was driving, his mind and heart were far away from him and so many thoughts were putting his mind in chaos.

“Why?!" He shouted out so loud.

"Why in the world must she reveal herself now?!" He asked no one in particular as he was burning as he remembered what happened an hour ago.

"Mr. Jason, we've all decided to hand the Colgate industry over to you by next month but things have to change now," said an old man in his sixties with a white beard and gray hair.

Hundreds of officials had sat in a large hall, and they were all busy giving their opinions about the almighty man sitting on the tallest chair in the room —Jason.

He (Jason) was already happy that the officials already accepted him but he was confused when he heard the last words “Things have to change now”

"What are you talking about Mr. Kang?" He had asked the aged man, trying to understand what he had meant by the things that had to change.

The man shifted in his seat and cleared his throat " Mr. Jason, what I'm saying is, a young lady who also has the right to this company just arrived last week and she is ready to compete with you for the Colgate industry " The man explained, lowering his head, gently expecting the angry words of him (Jason) but another man spoke up to support him.

" Yes, Mr. Jason. The lady is also capable and has all qualities to head the Colgate industry and according to the will, the late owner gave her the go-ahead to fight for this Colgate industry after his death. So, we can't just push her aside,” The man explained, and he handed over a file to a huge guard dressed in a black suit behind him.

"Give this to Mr. Jason," he said to the guard man who took the file from him and paced to Jason.

"Sir!” He respectfully said and handed the file to Jason.

Jason had collected the file and opened it, he read through everything in the file in minutes and his once calm look turned gloomy.

“What is this?! Why would the late director write this for her? Everyone here knows I'm the most capable for this position so why bring in a strange woman as my competitor?" Jason asked with his eyes hunting through the officials.

The officials looked at each other, they were not pleased with the situation either. They simply nodded and turned to face Jason back.

"Mr. Jason..." one of them spoke up after he placed his eyes glass down “We all here don't want this either. How sweet would it be if we can just resolve this matter peacefully? My advice is to meet the new lady and talk with her. You two should conclude and tell us your conclusion in our next meeting or what do you think Mr. Jason?"

Jason bent back so he could speak to the microphone, for all the officials to hear him.

"Why don't you all, old heads gather your silly selves and go to her to advise her to step down?! You are all old for nothing!" He wanted to scream and say but he knew that would only complicate the matter.

He simply clenched his fist to suppress his anger and cleared his throat “Ok, everyone. I will do that and we will tell you our decision in our next meeting," he said with a fake smile to impress the officials.

The officials also smiled back thinking he was understanding them, he won them over again and the Officials couldn't help but be proud of him and wanted him to be the head —but little did they know that the person they were busy praising was boiling with anger deep down in him.

Jason was so angry that he felt like destroying the whole conference room right then, but he tried his best to suppress and control his anger so he wouldn't lash on the old men in the room as that would only decrease his chance of winning the Colgate industry .

"If I may ask, what is the new lady's name?" Jason asked the official with his pretentious smile still plastered on his face.


{Back to the recent}

Jason rolled the steering, and he packed at the side of the road. He opened the door and stepped out of the car.

“I'm feeling so hot!" He raved, pulling off his suit which revealed the shirt he wore inside of the suit.

I don't just get it, I mean where was she all this while I've been fighting for the company? Why is it now that I'm confident of winning that she now has to show up?!

Like… What the heck did she think of herself? A mere lady? Does she even think she can stand against me??!

She wants to compete with me over the company huh?

He smirked, stepped out of the car, and walked to the beautiful river he knew to be around the niche. Placing his suit on his shoulder, he pocketed his hand.

"She must be a Joker!" Jason seethed again, now ruffling his hair.

For a moment, he stared at the river right in front of him, as he suddenly yelled “Fuck!" He yelled so loud as if he was expecting the river to wash away his anger, his mind wouldn't stop repeating what the officials said.

*She is capable* The word kept ringing in his brain and no matter how hard he tried, he was not able to get over it.

Jason couldn't take it anymore, he mindlessly threw his suit into the river —he was losing his mind.

Why did the strange lady appear now of all time?? Like why?! Why?!

Jason walked back to his car, he rested his back on his car as he placed his arms on his chiseled chest while watching his suit drown away in the water.

The coldness the water was giving off felt so compatible with his being, and he felt at home while looking at the ocean.

The feelings he was getting from the ocean were lively and great, the coolness of the water was slowly melting his anger.

Jason was already mesmerized by the beautiful water that got him oblivious to everything happening around him. He had even forgotten his problem, and his full focus at that moment was on the ocean.

He had always been a lover of water since his childhood, and it had become a habit of his to go near water whenever he was sad or angry. So, like always, the water was doing its wonders.

Unexpectedly, a car parked beside his car, and a man dressed in a suit alighted from the car. The man rushed to him, and he bowed slightly “Boss, there is a woman by the name of Stella waiting for you at the office" reported the man.

“What?!" Jason was perplexed, he could remember the name "Stella" vividly.

It was the name that had been hunting his peace for hours and now the real person is out to see him? He couldn't believe it!

"You mean Stella? Like... are you sure she is Stella?" He asked, digging through the man's eyes as he just wanted to be sure.

“Yes, boss. She said her name is Stella” the man in the suit replied.

"Like, how does it look?" Jason inquired and the man in the suit beamed shyly remembering the lady he saw about thirty minutes ago.

"She looks godly” he replied truthfully, but the answer robbed Jason the wrong way because that wasn't what he was expecting his man to say.

He was expecting things like “She is feisty! She is cold! She is aloof and not godly.”

Jason wanted to throw his car key at the man but he thought against it and pulled away from his car, he opened the door and penetrated inside through the river's space.

“Will you just stand there or follow me?" Jason said to the man when he realized he wasn't following him and just stood there staring at his car.

The man in the suit who had realized his mistake immediately after he complimented the strange lady, wanted to change his words but that might have put him in trouble. So, he had just kept quiet and expected his punishment. But then, he was surprised to see his boss in the car when he raised his head.

"Is he not going to punish me? Are we going already??" He mumbled to himself as he rushed to his car which he had brought with him, and turned on the engine.

With a surprised look on his face, he drove after his boss!

After a few minutes, two sports cars entered an ineffable company –the company was so significant that there was no doubt it would contain thousands of workers in its domain.

The company building was very exquisite, and it was full of numerous workers. Seeing the two sports Cars, twelve burly men flew to the car.

Jason parked in the parking lot, while the other man parked right beside him. They both alighted from their cars, but Jason was now pulling a suitcase with him.

The huge men who were awaiting bowed respectively.

Jason simply nodded his head at them, and he handed his suitcase to one of them “Drop this in my private room!” he said to one of them and he walked indifferently to his office.

Jason was a multimillionaire who had different big companies in different parts of the country, but he always had a private space where he relaxed in each company he had.

The burly men quickly walked away, while the other man in his suit followed his boss behind him with a stern look on his face.

He knew whoever the lady was, his boss wasn't on good terms with her and even the mention of her name irked his boss.

Thus, he rushed beside Jason “Boss! Should I just attend to her for you? Seems you don't want to see her,” he said with his head bowed.

Jason halted in his tracks like he wanted to think about what the man in a suit had said, but he only muttered a quick "No" and strolled away toward the elevator.

He took the elevator and got to his office floor in no time. Tasha, his secretary, was already panicking in front of his office and she immediately walked to him when he saw him walking toward his office.

"Boss!" Tasha bowed. “I tried to stop her from going right into your office but she was too stubborn and even threatened to kill me if I didn't let her in!" She hurriedly explained with fear all over her face, she was even trembling in terror.

Tasha took a few steps back in fear that Jason might lash out at her, and her eyes were now getting moist with tears. This was one of those moments she wished she could quit her job, and find peaceful work but the pay was just too enticing!

Jason looked at his secretary who was shivering in fear and smirked “So, Stella is feisty after all huh? Let's see how this Stella looks!" He muttered to himself and stormed past the secretary and entered his office without any hesitation.

“Thank your destiny the boss is not in the mood to punish anyone today," said the man in a suit as he quickly rushed after his boss.

The secretary slumped on the floor as she held her chest, and wiped the single row of tears on her face.

Jason entered his office and met a lady sitting in the large sitting room inside his office, he stared at the lady's back for a while before he cleared his throat to alert her of his arrival.

Stella turned and smiled at the mysterious man she had always read about and heard about, the multi-billionaire whom everyone was wary of and feared.

She was quite surprised that he looked even more handsome in real life than in magazines and Tv! “ I know you always look cold but what I'm seeing here is just a pretty face!" She murmured to herself as she stood, walking majestically to him.

“Hello, Mr. Jason?"

Chapter 2

Stella moved stylishly to Jason, and since Jason would just stand there and won't come to her she was ready to go to him, and so she did.

Immediately she got to Jason's side, she stretched her hand for a handshake with a professional smile on her face “Hello, Mr. Jason!” She greeted me sweetly.

Jason glared at the hand for a while like it was disgusting, he made a despicable face and moved back a bit “Who are you?" He asked, pretending not to know her.

Stella was shocked by his reaction, this was the first time this kind of thing would be happening to her. She had always gotten special attention and ogled because of her beauty but Jason not only cared about her beauty but even disconcerted her. Most especially in front of his man!

She was furious and she wished she could smash his face right then, but she knew better not to cause a scene.

Stella slowly retracted her hand, and her sweet face immediately turned aggressive and cold. If


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