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It started with a contract

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Hazel is aged 25. She is a young lady who has a dream of working in big companies. She hates being cheated on. She is also crazy as well. Employers keeps turning her down because of one thing or the other. Finally she was offered a job by the person she insulted, embarrassed and punished. Mark is the C.E.O of M&K company, along with his only friend Jack. he is grumpy and rude. He doesn't condole any form laziness or inactive workers. His parents has being disturbing his to get married soon because he is not getting younger. He is 30 years of age. All of a sudden his parents threatened him to bring a wife in 2 weeks time or they retrieve everything from him. He felt the threat was empty. Not until he was told to get married before he can sign a multi billion contract. He decided to have a contract Marriage, he tried a lot of things but they didn't work. The only option left is for him to propose to Hazel and let her sign the contract Marriage papers without her knowing. What will Hazel if she finds out about it?, What will happen in their relationship?.

Chapter 1


The taxi stopped at M & K company. I paid the taxi driver and rushed out immediately with my bag hung on my shoulder, I adjusted my skirt walking at the same time, raised my hand, my eyes moved to the wrist watch tied to my wrist.

"12 minutes more". I said and a sigh escape her lips.

"Good morning Ma".  I greeted the receptionist.

"What do you want". she replied almost Immediately without raising up her head.

"I applied for a job here and I was asked to come for an interview". I explained to her.

"Yes the interview is over, we ve gotten someone for the job". She said picking up a pen.

"That can't be, you sent me a message for me to be here today by 10:00am, I am even 10 minutes early". I half yelled at her.

"I am so sorry there is nothing I can do about it". She said, bluntly.

"Thank you" I said in a shaking voice... I turned towards the direction of the door, I walked out my holding my file closely to my chest, tears started gathering up in my eyes bag. "How many times will I get rejected this year?. Am I not qualified enough?. Am I living with badluck?.Why do I have to get rejected always?". I questioned myself at the verge of tearing up. "Maybe she doesn't want to pick me for the interview". I concluded.

My name is Chris Hazel. I am a graduate of  prestigious college here in Las Vegas. Life haven't been fair on me. I have never set my eyes on my dad, according Mom, she said I lost my father at a young age. We were living fine until my Mom started developing some signs and symptoms. She was hospitalized. We discovered that she has kidney failure, we spent money on medications and treatments since we don't have the money they required for the surgery. She died few months back. so painful, I lost someone so dear to me. I was lost in my own thoughts when someone bumped into me causing the file in my hand to fall.

"Is something wrong with you, are you blind, can't you watch where you are going". I yelled, venting my anger on the person.

"Hey, watch your tongue, you are just bluffing disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of this place. He said adjusting his glasses.

"You are such a big fool mister man, instead of you to apologize, you are here exchanging words with me, if you really know how angry I am right now, then you will apologize immediately."

You can do nothing. He said coldly, it got me so angry. I slapped him hard on his face, causing the glasses to fall off his face". I left him standing.

Earlier That Morning


"Holy sh*t" I said, after checking the time. I sluggishly got up from the bed. I went into the bathroom to brush, bath and I was getting dressed for the day. My phone started ringing. I checked the caller ID, it turns out to be my Mom.

"Why is she calling so early. I wondered before picking.

"Good morning Mom" I greeted her, I put the phone in between my eyes and my shoulder, moving my feet to the table, with my brief case in my left hand and packing my files into the bag with my right hand.

"Good morning my lovely son, hope you had a great night". She asked.

"Yes Mom I did, what about you"

"To be frank with you, I didn't." She said in a lower tone. I know she is up to something.

"Why Mom, are the maids not taking care of you enough?, tell me so I can get a new ones for you." I said, hooking the gold wrist watch to my hand.

"No they are taking good care of me, they are more than enough, don't get new ones please".

"Then what is the problem, or is it Dad?".

"No, I am worried about you son".

"How Mom I am doing very fine".

"You are not doing fine at all, you have everything but still yet you are incomplete".

"How?, I am complete because I have everything I have ever wanted". I checked myself in the mirror.

"You are incomplete. Like I said earlier, because you don't have a wife and children. Mark you know you are not getting any younger. you will be 30 this year."

"Mom I have told you before, I am not ready for a marriage now, I am happy being a Single". I started heading downstairs.

"If you are not."  Leave the boy to decide for himself". I heard Dad's voice from the background. "You are supporting him instead of me right Jac". She replied angrily. I chuckled.

"You can't keep pestering him to bring a wife when he is not even ready". Dad said raising his voice a bit.

"Mark don't mind your Mom, she is just being naughty." Dad encouraged.

"You call me naughty, you won't do that again," she said hanging up.

"Dad is in trouble today". I said, dropping the phone on the dining table, resting my brief case on one of the chairs.

My name is Mark, I became rich at the age of 23 years old with the help of my Dad, he willed all his properties to me. having such opportunity does not make me to feel relaxed, I work day and night to achieve my goals which I did achieve. I love being on my own.

Good morning Sir. The maids greeted coming out one after the other.

"Here is your breakfast Sir" A maid said placing a warmer on the table, another came bringing plates, cup and others until the table is filled with what is needed. I was served.

I picked up the cutlery and started eating.


"Good morning Sir". They muttered greetings to me as I walked past them but I don't bother gracing any with a reply, and just walked into my private elevator and pressed the button for my office floor.

In a few seconds, I was on the highest floor, my office floor, I walked into the office and took a sit. I picked the intercom and buzzed

my receptionist, who can running in the next second.

"Yes Sir." the receptionist said as soon as she walked in.

"Tell the secretary to meet me in my office right now."

"Sir she is not here yet". I checked my time immediately she said that.

"This is 9:00am. She should have been here since 8:00am. Tell her to report to my office when she comes. Check around anybody that is not here yet, prepare their sack letters. Anybody that comes for the interview should be told to go home. He ordered in a monotone voice.

"Okay Sir". She bowed and left.

I dragged the laptop towards myself. I started typing something on it.

I am also a very strict disciplinarian. I don't joke with my work and I do not condole any form of laziness and helplessness.

"Good morning Sir. I am sorry I came late. I was caught up in the traffic. She said fastening her talking speed.

"You know the rules here. you are fired"...

But Sir... She started but I cut her off. "Don't let me repeat myself, you know what I can do if you let me". I yelled.

"I am sorry sir" She said, with tears tickling down her cheek.

"Get out of my office right now".  I shouted at her.

She left sobbing. "Today is a bad day for me."  I said grabbing my keys. I went to the receptionist. "Give all late comers their sack letters. Then contact the people we sent for the interview to come for the interview tomorrow." I said leaving.

On my way home I met a lady who made my life miserable, after she left I quickly ran into the car preventing people from seeing me.

I got home very angry, how can that girl humiliate me in front of the people, how dare she disgrace me.  "I, Jac Mark, you will surely pay for it". I said beating the left side of my chest with my fist.

"Hey man what's up". My friend Jack greeted and he sat on the couch. don't even know when he entered. I stared at him in dismay.

"What happened why are you not returning my greetings." He said after noticing my face expression.

He noticed I was not interested in any talk whatsoever. "If you chose to keep silence that's your choice, anyways what can I eat here I am famished". I refuse to reply. "I think I will have to do that myself". He said getting off the couch, heading to the kitchen.

"Whatever, I am not in the mood for all this your nonsense." I snapped.

"You don't sound alright what is the matter". He asked, sitting down".

"You are very early to ask the question". I said ironically. I rolled my eyes sitting beside him.

"I am sorry, I was just feeling hungry.  But no more, tell me what is the problem". He quickly said.

"I won't tell you, go get your food and eat" I said angrily.

"I have apologized, okay I am sorry again" He said leaning closer his eyes.

"I am still adamant about telling you".

"Okay if you are not ready, then I am ready to share mine". As he was about to speak, I spoke up...

"My Mom called me early this morning"...

"Why, is there any problem".

"Don't cut in again let me finish before you say anything okay". I sound a warning to me.

"Okay Sir. He said joining his lips together, giving me a funny look. I couldn't hold back the laughter. I bursted into a boisterous laughter.

"What's funny?, you ask me not to interrupt you, but here you are laughing".

"Okay let's be serious". I said, adjusting my sitting posture.

As I was saying, she said the same thing she always say... I explained everything to him.

"Oh My God".  he said, laughing very hard.

"Why are you laughing, I am telling you something hurtful and you are here laughing at me such a good friend.  I am done here". I  said in finality, I stood up

"Okay I will stop laughing. come sit. Let's talk" I dragged him back".

"Better, you are the only person who always have his way of  pissing me off. I hate you Jack".

"I love you very much Mark. sit let's talk my hater". He laughed.

"You know I can't hate you, my best buddy".

"Aaawwnnn, I am flabbergasted". He said blushing.

"Who's the aaawwnnn for, you always over react". I said shaking my head in disappointment.

Apart from my parents, Jack is the only person  I am cool with, we have been friend since when we were very young. Jack knows everything single thing about him.

"That's me, let's talk  I will be asking few questions here. Note you must answer me correctly". Jack said, putting up a serious look.

"Mr questionnaire, I asked for your advice and not your questions remember". I told him with a confused look.

"Did you feel she is angry about something". He said totally ignoring my complaint.

I think she is angry about something or someone because I could recall she said "You are such a big fool mister man, instead of you to apologize, you are here exchanging words with me, if you really know how angry I am right now, then you will apologize immediately."

"I think at that point you should have left her there when you know you can't apologize. you are at fault man.". He said resting his back .

"Are you judging me?, Are you now taking sides with a total stranger you completely know nothing about, I should have known you are my enemy since all this years". I said standing up.

"You always hate it, when you are being corrected or when your mistake is being pointed out, suit yourself man". He said walking away.

"Come back here. This is my house I have the final say". I yelled

"Too late, I am spending the night here". He shouted from upstairs.

"Holy sh*t, this guy is driving me crazy. He never listen to me".

"You lady I don't know anything about you but you are going to pay for what you did today, expect your doom". I said smirking.

"I remembered Jack, you are not spending the night here, go get going".  I shouted, rushing upstairs.


Ding dong, a sound came out of the bell. "Yes who is it".  A voice came out of the the house.

"It's me". I replied the voice. The door was opened immediately.

I walked in going straight to my room. "Hazel how was the interview". I ignored the voice.  on getting to my room, I pull my clothes immediately, I went into the bathroom to take a shower, I felt so relaxed.

"Hmmm, I am now as beautiful as Hazel".  I said checking myself in the mirror after taking a shower and putting on a plain gown.

"Hazel come here the lunch is ready". I heard Anita's voice.

I live with three of my friends. Anita my best friend, Lois and Sandra.

Lois and Sandra travelled yesterday for something known to them.

"My stomach started rumbling. why now?, I hope this doesn't disgrace me someday". I rushed downstairs.

"You are not going to eat any thing unless you answer my question".

"Go on I am seriously famished right now". I mumbled, placing my left hand on my stomach, with a frown.

"Do you get the job?". She asked, smiling, expecting an answer". I opened my mouth in shock. I wasn't expecting that. What am I going to tell her for me eat now.

"Yes I got the job".  I lied. That's the only thing I can think of right now, if not she won't allow me eat. my stomach rumbles again this time more louder.

"Excuse me, I want to eat". I said pushing her slightly aside.

"Sure you can". She drag out the armless chair for me, she started serving me, she gave me huge portion of the food. I started feeling guilty for what I said, I will tell her after eating I concluded in my mind.

"This food is so delicious".  I said, with my mouth full of food. I prefer her cooking to any other person's.

Hey, stop talking before you choke on your food. She said and we both laughed...

I packed the plates in the kitchen, "thank you". I shouted from the kitchen to the living room.

"You are welcome". She replied. I chuckled Washing the plates.

"Please can I talk to you". I said to Anita who was watching a programme. She moved her gaze to me.

"Before you say anything,what is the name of the company, how much is your salary?, are you going to be paid food and transport?. answer me why are you keeping mute".  I am very excited to know.

"Eehhnn, eehhnn". I stammered can't find the words to use.

"Talk to me, why did you seems so lost, speak up". she said, looking me in a weird manner.

Okay, okay I will tell you, she gave the look, tell me immediately... I didn't get the...  My phone started ringing, my heart almost fly out from my body, it was relieved by the caller.

"Excuse me I will be back".  I said standing up to receive the call.

"Good afternoon"

"Good afternoon, you are Miss Hazel right".

"Yes I am, but who am I speaking with"

"We want you to come for the interview tomorrow and we are sorry for today's inconvenience, thank you for understanding, bye." The person from the other end said without a break. She ended the call afterwards.

Chapter 2


A smile appeared on my face.

"Why did they ask me to come today in the first place, I pray I won't go back the same way I would go tomorrow. I am very happy right now".

I gathered courage as I head back to the sitting room, I sat down, I held her hand. "I am sorry for lying to you, I wasn't offered a job". I broke the news flinching my head on the chair.

What! she exclaimed, opening wide her mouth, Why did you have to lie to me.

"I am sorry, I wasn't even given the chance to be interviewed". I said pouting.

"Start talking". She said, giving me the look "Don't lie".

I went to the receptionist when I got there...

"Unbelievable, you did all that".  she said laughing hard.

"He looked down on me, he doesn't know the stuff I am made of. He thinks he can do that and go Scott free impossible, I hate being cheated on".


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