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Invading The Billionaire's Heart

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"Congratulations, Mrs. Jasmine. You are pregnant with quadruplets." The doctor said beaming. "I know your husband will not be able to contain his joy." "Huh?" I queried in surprise, my vibrating hands clutching on the paper tightly. "How's that possible? We only had a..." I held back my words, how could I have explained to him how we did it? ****** Jasmine, a twenty- five- year old job seeker whose mom passed due to a domestic accident when she was only eleven. At twenty, she drops out of college for job hunting so she could cater for her younger siblings as her father later got stricken with partial blindness. Jason, a hot CEO of the Bang and C*m industry, needs a marriage certificate to take up ownership of his father's modeling agency. Jasmine is suddenly sold out by her stepmother to Jason; a marriage bounded by a contract. After receiving a congratulatory message from the doctor, whispers of betrayal taint their union and pull them apart. Could the rumors about Jason be true? Will she ever forgive him?


In a hall where the staff members of the Bang and C*m industry are seated for a seasonal meeting, their eyes are glued to Maria, a mixed bred and director in the s*x foundation.

Jasmine, a disguised job seeker is leaning on a lustrous door rightly opposite the CEO's office.

She walks hopelessly through the gangway, fiddling with a certificate obtained from a Catering class at high school.

She is waiting for the meeting to come to an end, hopefully, she may be appointed as a waiter in the company's restaurant or anything else.

"The secretary, take that down immediately. Maria, you may continue." Says the CEO.

"I already did, sir." The secretary responds.

Maria calls on one of the staff in disappointment.

"Isla, you are not married yet and besides you signed up for this job why wouldn't you want to try out vaginal s*x?” Maria asks directing a stern look at Isla.

"With due respect ma'am, I'd love to keep my virginity for my future husband, I don't want to..."

"Isla! Your excuse is below reasonable." The CEO roars angrily from the podium interrupting her. Standing to his feet, he snaps at Isla in the most demeaning manner.

"You are fired! Gather your belongings and by next year be sure to stay off this premises." His dark glasses hide his actual facial expression.

Isla tries to plead. "Sir I'm truly..."

"Better you shut your trap!" He holds up his right hand, and whenever he does that, he means for any mother f*ck*r to zip it!

After a series of discussions, the staff disperses giving room for Jasmine to sneak into Maria's office.

"Hey, you again?" Says Maria in surprise.

The eyes of a few staff waiting to talk to the director dart to the door where Jasmine is seen fanning herself with a hand fan and rubbing her baby bump.

Maria, looking at Jasmine contemptuously, with furrowed brows, as if to say her worth.

"I would have asked the securities to throw you out but for your pregnancy. What do you want?"

"Oh ma'am, please have compassion on me and my babies, the doctor said that I'm pregnant with quadruplets. I need money to care for my babies."

"I thought I already told you yesterday that your papers are not complete. Can you excuse us? You are not eligible to work with us." Maria says with a frown.

"Do you mind hearing me out first?"

Nearly everyone is shocked, Maria is second in command to the CEO and no one dares to speak to her face.

"Such insolence!" A certain staff mumbles from the sofa where he is seated.

"Let her speak, if she has nothing relevant to express then I will have her thrown out for being ill-mannered."

Maria says and sits back on her chair, her eyes returning to the company's magazine.

"Thank you." She bows in a curtsey. "I'm here to prove that I have the capacity to take up any available job in this company. I studied Catery Craft at high school, here's my certificate ma'am. Also, I see videos on the website, of men banging pregnant beauties. I'm not different, I can undergo a physical screening ma'am."

She exhales and lowers the paper in her hand.

"What I need for this job is not in the paper, it's right here."

She attempts to strip but she is restrained by Austin.

"Congratulations Jasmine, you are hired. Submit your details to the head of the sanitary department, you are going to work as a cleaner. The pay is five thousand bucks weekly." Maria readjusts herself and leans on her armed chair.

"Oops! A cleaner?"

"Yes, a cleaner in charge of the CEO's office, the day you fail in your duty, you will have a cross to bear because I know he will fire you before you can explain yourself," Maria warns her.

While Maria is still speaking, the door opens and Oscar steps out with a briefcase holding the doorknob. The second guard steps out of the office holding out a carton of folders.

"Leave immediately, the CEO must not find you here."

Jasmine disappears through the exit.

Chapter 1: Panic

It was not the usual night in Perth. It was one of those nights when the cloudy skies gave way to thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning. The weather was as ice-cold, and every traveler took time to adorn themselves properly to keep warm.

From a distance, two eloping lovers are waiting at the seaport to go aboard.

A lady raced by the shore in the dark panting, her arm being held up by a masked and muscular man, he helped her with going down into the boat using the ladder. 

Escaping from her wicked stepmother although she was barely dressed was her priority.

Yes, her stepmother had set her box of clothes on fire.

She gazed around. "But I don't like this boat." She wiped off sand particles from her face with the back of her palm and combed the tail of her hair with her fingers.

"It's just an old little piece of shit! This is risky, are you sure we are going to sail safely ashore"? She queried.

"We are ru


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