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Innocent love

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Once upon a time I have everything and now nothing. Rich, beautiful to miserable and lost. He's my everything now nothing. I lost everything in one night. He take my breath away with a single smirk but now no one here for me. My love My life My relationship But I found so many truth. We're liar. Playing with him or her. Dark Scary Truth want sacrifices and now I'm the one who sacrifices my love for them. He never know about my deal. I left him in darkness where he still fighting with his demons. His family playing with him and the one I love the most is on bet. Love Or Family I choose family and he choose me for paying what I had done. Revenge We met years later but holding a dark side. Both broken in love want each other to hold. I have a past that still haunted me In present. Losing everything I found my shine again. But he's the one I know in past. He changed and played with me and I let him. Again fall for him one of my biggest mistake and I do that again. But what if that shine came in your life for destroy you? He hurt me but gave me a life that I never expected. Forever But now war the only one way I choose this time. This time I'm going to win him over them. Nothing going to stop me not even my past or My present He need to know about his past and our future but he's in danger in his safe life. I have no choice again but just one leave them alone. He's going to hates me when he find out my past. I tried to hide but my demon let him see me. The real rose with shores Then how I let him fall for me again where i can gave him just pain. He need to live alone without me. Without my Innocent love

Chapter 1

Oh my god

Stop staring


“Stop fucking him with your eyes.” Shit! She saw me again while watching her brother but what can I do? He’s so handsome. Tall with a broad shoulder. The moving muscles of his body make every woman’s heart bleed. His long dark brown hair is tied behind his head but it’s silky and smooth I can feel from here. My hands want to touch him with every inch of my body.

Not today


He turns like he saw me watching him. His dark green eyes shining in the light. Running his eyes on every window like he’s searching for something. But then he turns and is busy with his work. Like they ignored me again. Disappointment falls again in my eyes or my heart. Again, he ignored me.

He lied

He betrayed

“No, I’m here just you know fresh air and look at the flowers...”

“Oh no, there’s nothing wrong watching flowers with a handsome bee who runs around on flowers.” Jessie knows about my every move on her brother.


She knows how much I feel for her brother. The day they’re coming as servants in my house. I stand far away from him. He looked straight into my eyes and my world went upside down.

My father hired them for work when I’m five years old. My memories never fade away because I remember him from the first day. These dark green eyes took my breath away. There’s something beautiful about us. He’s my first Male friend and maybe lasts. His mother is Mrs. Laura, our main head cook but it’s like she hates me. When I’m around her son she behaves differently and she watches me with narrow eyes. When there’s no one around me she yelled at his son.

On the other hand, Mr. Carlo is always a wonderful and loving person. I really enjoyed his company. He’s like my father. He gave me a flower every day and wished me a good day. There’s so much difference between his parents. One side is very soft and the other like a hard rock.

“Well, there’s not just you who’s eating him, see around.” Jessie jerks her chin toward the main gate and two girls in fewer clothes watch him. I hate girls because they always throw themselves on him but I know him very well. Ronald always mines and no one takes him away from me. Maybe we’re different in level but love never saw levels.

Love sees heart and soul in which people are always ready to bleed.

“Shit! you’re hearing your heart. You know, tell him...”

“Tell him what and who’s him?” My heart stops beating for a second. He’s here standing behind us. When he came here in the room? Am I so busy gawking?

Never mind

“Tell you that she’s in love with you.” The words out from her mouth and my heart skip a beat. Oh no. No.


“Jessie can you...” Before he completes his word Jessie gives me a small wink and out. It’s just me and Ronald. His footsteps are coming closer and I’m frozen in my place. My hands shook and it’s going cold with sweat. The heat of his body touching my back.

“My little Rosee posee turned around.” Shit! He starts calling me Rosee Posee when I’m six and he’s ten. He always likes my bodyguard in front of everyone but alone he distracts me with his weird things. He pulled my hair and made me cry. But when I started crying he gave me chocolate and candy because he hates my tears.

When I’m in my first period he gave me a bunch of flowers and made me smile. He’s always my first. My first kiss. It’s my birthday when he gave me a shiver with his kiss and then he stopped kissing me. Between these years we’re never on the same track when I found him with other girls. Obviously, he had sex but it’s doesn’t matter for me now. I lost him years ago and now they’re just memories.

“I’m just here to invite you to my birthday party.” Without turning I showed him an invitation because if I turned, they saw me again crying for him. He saw me weak again and I don’t want him.

“You’re eighteen.”

“Like you forget.” With a little push, I found my space. Closing with him is like a warning for me.


“Please don’t. It’s a beautiful day for me so don’t ruin it. Come and go.” I lost my tracking when he pulled me against him. His heavy smell of flowers and sweat running around his body hit my nose. His naked chest calling me for touch.

“Tell me we’re the same. This is just a misunderstanding and you know I’m always yours my Rosee.” Rosee How simply he lied? It’s not a misunderstanding. He lied to me. He fooled me.

“Just misunderstanding? I saw you with her.”

“And I saw you with him.” He whispers against my shaky lips while I’m busy goggling his chest.

“I thi...”

“What the hell happened here? Jesus Ronald.” We both jumped with a voice and it’s Ronald’s mother. Ronald pushed me away. Oh yeah, how can I forget he’s a puppet for her mother.

“I told you to stay away from rich bitch. She is always looking for a chance when she throws herself on someone and when she needs to be complete then you’re just trash.” She said everything while watching me. How negative is she about me?

“Mom it’s not...”

“Miss Rose, I think your mother is calling for you and it’s time for you to stop running around my poor boy.” I’m waiting for something coming from Ronald’s mouth but nothing. He never takes a stand for him or me. He’s just her mother Ronald. Putting my distance between us I jerk away from my arm from his grip.

He never knows how his mother is ruining his life.

Chapter 2


"Here, my girl.” My mom, Mrs. Lilly, is working on my birthday party. She’s a beautiful and stunningly growing woman. We’re very similar, with a face not in our thoughts. She hates the Parker family, which means Ronald's family.

My mom is an entrepreneur. She loves flowers; that’s why she started a business with her own perfume. When I was a child, my mind was always curious about flowers, and here I’m thinking of taking one step further in the perfume business, but my dad says you need to complete your studies first.

"Mom, I told you I wanted a simple party, but this is...” There is so much decoration and so many guests. I told my mom I wanted just my friends, but she invited me to the whole college. She doesn't like to show off, but it’s her love for me.

“This is what? Oh, come on, my girl, it’s not a big deal, and it's better for you to take it as a habit because.” Oh, there she is again, giving me lectures on parties and class society.

Blah b


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