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In love with my monster

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Jane was r*p*d by Christopher son of the wealthiest family in the country, five years later fate brings them together as Jane landed a job as Chris's personal maid to at his parents mansion, she soon starts to live there alongside her son that she had from the r*p* incident Unknown to Chris he adopts his son and takes very good care of him which is unlike him because he became cold after the r*p* incident because of the guilts he carries about, he stops at nothing to look for the girl he had wronged Jane and Chris fall in love with each other and ended up getting married despite all odds, but Jane finds out that Chris was the guy that r*p*d her that night on their wedding night She leaves the mansion alongside her son who's name is also Chris She returned two years later with another child she was pregnant with before she left the mansion to get justice and also avenge her parents death that were killed by Chris's mom in the past But her love for Christopher supercede the hate in her heart, she ends up forgiving him but still ends up getting Justice for her parents

Chapter 1

It's been five years since the incident that shattered and almost took my life,five years of learning and unlearning,fine years of constant toture and nightmare. You must be wondering what am talking about right.

"Jane! Jane!! Jane!!! wake up" Cassie said almost whispering,Cassie is Jane's best friend they've known each other almost all their lives,12 years to be exact,Jane just turned 16 and Cassie is 10 months older,they both met at the orphanage they currently live in. Today they had both plan on escaping the orphanage they were tired of life here,apart from the food that's never enough and the rag they wear called clothes,not like they were complaining or something,they were really grateful to these people that have taken them in all their lives but they really wanted more,they want a better life,they want to go to school and experience and enjoy life and the orphanage won't let them leave unless someone comes and adopts them or marry them off,so they thought and now it was time to escape and Jane won't just wake up,what a bad sleeper Cassie thought

"Jane wake up for God's sake it already 2 am it's times to go don't you want to leave this place" "allow me sleep a little more will you,just leave me alone" Jane said with her eyes half closed,she really was a bad sleeper,Cassie pulled Jane ears so bad that she almost passed out "ouch ouch alright fine I will get up" Jane said "better for you now hurry up wear your slippers and let leave" "ain't we going to take anything" "no you dummy we can't take anything if not they will realize we are gone before we can even run far now just hurry up" "alright am done let's go"

The girls sneak fast the other girls in the room there were almost 20 in each room,Cassie had stolen one of the gate key duplicate yesterday when no one was looking,how she had managed to do that Jane still wondered,they successfully got passed everything not like they were any security of sort except old grumpy mr jack but he must be sleeping soundly by now,not like anyone would have thought that two teenage girls would try to run away,so why stay awake?

"Cassie are you sure we should do this?" Jane said from behind "don't tell me you are scared" Jane nodded looking horrified "Jane we are doing this and there's no turning back,don't worry we will be fine I promise" Cassie takes Jane's hands and squeeze "alright ready here goes" cassie said "alright let go"

Cassie opened the gate and the two girls rushed out, Cassie locked the gate and threw the keys back into the compound,now there's really no turning back now,the two girls looked at each other and left,they had no idea where they were heading to but they have saved enough from the little errands they run at the community service every year, whenever some rich folks come around the orphanage and gives them items some always give them money,well Jane is always lucky with that one you cannot just resist her charm,she's just too sweet,which makes everyone wonder why she was never adopted and of course the money Cassie always sneak into her pocket,she's a wild one.

Even though the money won't last more than a month they plan on finding a job by then,they can pick up their pieces going forward.

Everywhere was still dark but they had to leave they had no phone or any means of communication not like they had anyone to communicate with,but Cassie had a torch she's always ready,she put it on and they used it in navigating their way

"Cassie what's the plan" Jane said "well I don't really have a plan but we just have to keep walking till we are sure we walked far enough then we can find a place to rest okay?just follow me" "yes madam". They continued walking for almost 2 hours. "Cassie am tired" Jane said with her hands on her knees "I am too but we have to keep going" Cassie said almost panting "okay but just a little bit more what's the time?" "it's 2 minutes past 4 once it's 4:30 am we will stop okay?" Jane nodded.

"Ouch ouch" Jane wailed in pain,Cassie stopped in her track and looked back "Jane what is it" she quickly ran over to her and saw her bleeding on the foot "it really hurts ouch ouch ahh ahh" she continues shouting as tears flowed down her cheeek,she got cut by a broken bottle or glass "sorry Jane now what do we do,we have to find a place to hide come on Jane hop on my back" Cassie carried Jane on her back and in about 15 mins they found a spot it was an alley there was nobody in view,Cassie laid Jane on her back,she tore her skirt and used it in wrapping the wound to stop the bleeding."Jane stay right here I will be back I need to buy some medicine so you don't grow a fever" "no Cassie you can't leave me here there's no body here am scared" "I won't take long I promise,just don't move I will be right back" "alright" Jane nodded "please Cassie come back" "I will I promise and I won't take long" with that Cassie left

Chapter 2

' how could she do this to me?' Christopher has been asking himself this question for the past 12 hours. Angel the girl he loves with all heart and very being had betrayed him,he caught her in bed with his so called best friend and she didn't even feel remorseful whatsoever,he had gone to discuss some business deals with Carlos,when he caught them fucking each other,,their fathers were business competitors but that didn't stop their eldest sons from becoming friends since they attended the same high school,college and also studied the same course, Christopher's father Daniel Smith owns the biggest aviation company in the industry he his a multi billionaire,and he had always warned him against been friends with Carlos,says he's his enemy's son and he should be his enemy too but Chris hadn't taken his father's words to heart but he was right after all, only an enemy will betray a friend by sleeping with his woman and not just any girl the


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