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In love with my cousin

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"How am I supposed to kiss you? How do I make love to you knowing perfectly well that you are my cousin?... did you think that through?" Kathryna was confused about her cousin's revelation. Alvine Parker, not knowing what to say, immediately pulled her in for a kiss. Kathryna, not expecting the action, didn't know how to react to the sudden change of situation. A tragic accident turned a calm and quiet Alvine Parker into an arrogant and ruthless young man. His quest for revenge takes the best of him. He trusts no one except his cousin Kathryna Parker. What happens when he falls in love with his cousin? Will Kathryna reciprocate the love?

Chapter 1 Not again Mum..

Kathryna quietly walked through the door and headed straight to her room. On reaching the staircase, she heard the voice she wished to avoid this night "Where are you coming from young lady?" Mrs. Parker said fiercely.

"I'm a grown-up now, mum ..." Kathryna retorted to her Mum.

"I just want what's best for you, Trina "Camella said to her daughter.

"Mum, I'm really tired right now. Good night...". As she was about to pass by her Mum, her hand was gripped.

"Are you walking out on me again? "Camella said with bloodshot eyes ."Do I have to remind you time and again that I, Mrs. Parker Camella I'm your mother, Kathryna.?"

This is the drama Trina wanted to avoid but seems like luck was not on her side. She hated returning home every day but had no choice. Sometimes she feels like running away from home but her beloved father won't survive it for a night.

Trina always had to deal with this nagging and tantrums but Mrs. Parker never knows when to stop until Trina gets p*ss*d.

"Mum I'm not ready for your drama tonight huh," Trina said, raising her voice a bit.

"You can not raise your voice at me, young lady, "said her mother. Trina was already running out of patients but her mother never really does know when to stop until Trina gets angry to the point she can't avoid not getting into a fight with her mother.

"Mum, can we not do this every day? Can we not just ignore each other and pretend like we don't know each other? "Trina said with a voice full of exhaustion. She was getting to the point of not taking it anymore.

"Until you learn to obey your mother then we can live in peace. But since you think the things I tell you to do are useless then I won't give up till you play by my rules! Mind you Kathryna, all I'm doing is for your good. But you, my daughter know not to see that." She let go of Kathryna's hand and turned around heading to her bedroom but stopped and looked coldly at Trina then altered those words that Trina always hated to hear. "I wish Owen was still here . He always did as I said and never doubted my decisions ". Miss Parker said with a lot of sadness.

"I thought maybe you would comfort me so that the loss of my son won't affect me much but turns out your heart is made of stone". She ran upstairs straight to her room almost in tears. The loss of her son was something she couldn't still believe till today.

Trina remained on the staircase in a gaze. The reason she never liked picking up a fight with her mother, she always brings in the death of her brother. Making her feel guilty and sad all over again. Memories of the past were the things she hated the most. Do all mothers behave like this towards their daughters? Trina had to think that her mother never loved her. "Sigh" and snapped out of her thoughts and headed to her room in slow steps.

Trina entered her room still in a dazed and confused state. She shut the door behind her and went straight to get a shower. Sometimes she hated the fact that she was born into a wealthy family, it might sound funny but she always envied those middle-class children. Though they barely have enough but live very happily without any fear of someone threatening their existence.

She took off her clothes and remained in the bathtub for over thirty minutes. She loved the feel of soaking herself in the bathtub. She thought of what her Mum said earlier and with a deep sigh got out of the water.

She put on her pajamas and got out of her closet.

"Are you done, my princess? "

"Father you are back in the country already, this is the shortest of your trips," Trina said smiling she didn't want her father to see her in a bad mood. So she acted like everything was fine. Her father kept looking at her like he was looking for something in her eyes.

"Father, how was your trip? Hope the investors didn't give you a hard time" Trina said, avoiding her gaze from her father.

"Everything went well, Kathryna. You are a terrible actress, you know that right? " Mr. Parker said with worry in his heart.

Although Trina knew her father would quickly notice there was a problem, she still had to try.

"Isn't it obvious father?" She said with a deep sigh.

"Kathryna I know you don't want to get married yet but you can get a boyfriend right?... So that she can stop bordering you huh? I just want us to be happy '' Mr Frederick said with sadness evident in his tone.

"She fixed a blind date again father...After I told her I'm not ready yet but your wife never listens to me " Trina said with a lot of frustration. " I'm a grown-up now..father and capable of making my own decisions but your wife won't let me be"

"Can't you just let her have her way, Kathryna? All I want is peace. Is that too much to ask of you two?" Mr Parker always avoided his wife because she is good at causing a ruckus all the time.

"Let her have her way?? Father, I can't. It's not going to happen. I can't let her run my life. I'm not Ow...." Trina was getting furious already. She just hates talking about her Mum and her nagging.

"Kathryna! "Mr. Parker stopped her before she could finish her words.

Trina put her head down and said apologetically "I'm sorry Father. I'm just so angry right now. I didn't mean to bring back old memories "

"It's nothing my princess..father understands you perfectly well, him!" he said gesturing for her to come to hug him. Mr. Parker hated his wife's behavior but had to deal with it. What could he do anyway?.

Trina got into her father's arms and buried her head in his chest. This is why she loved her father more. Even though he is hardly around, he always makes up for it. The duo remained in each other's arms. Mr. Parker kissed his precious pearl on the head.

" Good night darling 'Daddy ' loves you hmm," he said smiling.

Trina chuckled with laughter " I thought Mr. Frederick Parker hated being called 'Daddy ' Hmm looks like someone missed five-year-old Kathryna huh"

"Let's put it that way then" he also laughed a little. Little did Trina know her father just wanted to see her smile.

"Good night daddy, love you too"

"Hey only Mr. Frederick Parker can use that name ok," He said getting up.

"Oh. I see " Trina said with a soft smile.

"Yeah sweet dreams, we'll talk business tomorrow, ok?" he said, retreating out of the room.

"Sure 'Boss' copies that, " Trina said with a salute. She blew him a kiss as he closed the door to her room pretending to run after the kiss. Trina laughed and took out her phone

Chapter 2 More important than a contract

Trina looked at her phone screen, thought for a moment then smiled to herself. She pressed the dial bottom and the call went through.

The phone rang twice and on the third ring ,the person on the other end picked up the call and placed it close to his ear .

The person remained silent without making any sound . Trina didn't alter a word either . After a few seconds, Trina decided to break the silence but the person on the other end thought so too.

"You aren't going to say anything? '' they both asked at the same time.

"But Brother haven't called me for a while now so I thought that maybe I offended you again " Trina tried to explain to him.

She was really anxious about her most loved cousin. He had never been so distant from her to not call for more than four days . Almost a week, they talked almost everyday. That's how close they were to each other. But he hadn't bothered to check up on her


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