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I Married a handsome CEO instead

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Synopsis : Ashley was forced to marry a crippled old man to save her mom's life. When she woke up the next day, she saw a stunning man beside her, she clutched onto him tightly and kissed his forehead. "I want to continue living in this dreamland, there is a handsome Man here! She murmured half sleep. She touched his chest " oh my God, he has broad shoulders and chocolate abs, she thought and momentarily licked her lips. " Holy heavens, don't let me wake up, I'm just going to stay married to him here in my dream! All these thoughts were going on in her head. Ashley opened her eyes slowly and saw a man beside her, he wasn't the man she married. "Hey beautiful" his hoarse and deep voice came through. Ashley shoved him and he stumbled to the floor. " Ouch…. my waist" he moaned in pain. "Help!. There is an intruder here!

Chapter 1

"I can't marry him!, you can't force me to marry an old crippled man, I won't!" Ashley yelled, without hesitation she stood up from the sofa, clenching her fists. They were mandating her to a ludicrous task! 

She rolled her eyes and glared at her dad, stepmother and sister who were seated in the living room.

"You have no choice! You better do it, you will pretend to be Alexis and marry Mr Elrod, I won't say it again" Jared coldly said, he was void of emotions.

"Dad, do you hate me that much, I have never been a bad daughter, why do you choose to treat me like this" Ashley pitifully let those words out, she was trying hard to control her emotions. No matter what she did, her dad never acknowledged it.

"I don't have the time for this, will you marry him or not? " Jared sternly asked, not minding his daughter's feelings.

"Over my dead body! Ashley shrieked and started walking towards the door.

"Stop there! You ungrateful b*tch! Elena interrupted, she stood up from the couch and approached Ashley." You can't marry him? Your dad is only asking for a little favour and you can't comply! Aren't you taking more than you can chew, You should be grateful, it's the Elrods we are talking about here. They are capable of footing all your bills. So stop being stubborn! 

" In that case, let Alexis marry him! Why do I have to be the scapegoat? Ashley retorted and Elena landed a slap on her cheeks before she could finish.

"You disrespectful thing! How dare you say that? Alexis has a future, she is going to be a lawyer and save us from trouble! You moron… Elena scowled at Ashley, she had never wanted her to be better than her daughter.

"It's not my fault I'm in law school you know," Alexis smirked and shrugged. She sipped a glass of water unbothered. After all, Ashley could always be the scapegoat. 

Ashley stood there while her left hands were on her cheeks. She was stupefied. Those words " Alexis has a future! Kept replaying in her mind" Whose fault was it that she was expelled from Law school?

" You are being ridiculous! You can take away my happiness, but Alexis has a future and I don't? Ashley composed herself to seem unaffected by the slap and the attitude her dad portrayed.

"I won't repeat myself again! And don't test my patience!" Jared snarled and frowned at her.

"I have repeated myself countless times, and I will continue, in case you have a hearing issue! Ashley pouted, folding her hands and reverberating her eyes in disregard.

" Ashley! Jared hurriedly stood up on the couch and pointed his fingers at her.

" Then forget about your mom's surgery! Jared glared at her cold-heartedly.

" Dad! " Ashley couldn't believe those words, was he actually willing to do that?

" you have pushed me to the wall, you don't have a choice! Marry him and I will pay the bill at once". Jared lowered his voice, wanting to convince her.

"When did you become so cold? Ashley glanced at her father, now she struggled not to let tears down her cheeks.

He had already forfeited them long ago, but she never thought he would be cold enough to seize her happiness and threaten her with her mom's life if she debated about it.

Ashley's mom had been her everything, she couldn't afford to lose her.

Ashley couldn't bear to see her father's face, she felt like pouncing on him at the moment. Seeing that she didn't have a say, Ashley angrily walked out of the house.

Ashley had moved out of their house after her father brought his mistress home. She moved out with her mom and they rented a small apartment and stayed there. But her father funded her college fees until she was expelled, he cut ties with them completely.

He never called or contacted them but when Margaret, Ashley's mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, he had accepted to pay for the surgery, though he hadn't fulfilled his promise, Ashley kept her hopes up.

Ashley was filled with joy when she received a call to come to their mansion instantly. She thought he had eventually made up his mind to give her the money. But then he began to utter gibberish. Anger filled her heart.

" Miss, your mom has stayed long enough, she needs to get the surgery done right away! I'm afraid she might lose her life if she stays longer" The doctor adjusted his glasses and kept his eyes fixated on the computer in front of him.

Ashley was seated in his office. " Doctor, for how long can she carry on, I will see if I can gather the money for her surgery." Ashley rubbed her palms and bit her lips, she knew her mom might not have much time again failure to get the surgery done.

" Probably, two months, miss, you've got to find a way to save your mom" the doctor looked up at her.

"Can't the surgery be done? I will surely pay the money, no matter the cost" Ashley pleaded, she seemed desperate.

" Are you sure you are willing to do whatever it takes?" The doctor questioned and smirked.

With a glimpse of hope, Ashley momentarily replied "Yes I can and I will, I will do anything I can for her" Ashley shifted the chair to get to her knees.

" No, No you don't have to," the doctor retorted and moved towards her before she could kneel.

Ashley decided to sit, The doctor slightly stroked her cheeks " I will have the surgery carried out"

Ashley's eyes glittered, "Oh my God, thank you so much, doctor! Streams of excitement quivered through her body.

" But in return, The Doctor caressed her cheeks, stroking his fingers slowly from her face to her neck.

His hands reached out to the first button of her shirt. Ashley didn't need a soothsayer to notify her of what he wished for.

The Doctor unbuttoned the first and whispered to her ears, " I want you in return, right here and now" he demanded and winked at Ashley. 

Ashley slowly shifted his hand from her shirt and looked up at him. It was a hard decision for her. Would it be okay to risk her virginity to save her mom's life or should she decide to choose the other route? 

When the doctor saw her stillness He went back to his seat "What do you say? Ashley cooker?.. 

Chapter 2

" I will marry him, but I have a condition " Ashley was seated in the living room with Jared and Elena.

"Should you still be giving conditions? Elena clashed back, but Jared clutched her hands as a sign for her to stop talking.

He fixed his gaze on Ashley and asked

" which is?

" The surgery needs to be done in two weeks, My mom requires surgery immediately " Ashley uttered.

" Are you out of your senses! We aren't money-making machines." Elena enunciated with a grimace.

" Okay, deal " Jared didn't have a second thought about it, he had the money Anyways and many more. He had just been indifferent to Ashley and her mom.

" you have to keep your promise " Ashley had already become doubtful of him but either way she had no choice.

"I will. Get prepared, the wedding is in two days "

" what!


Ashley placed her clothes in her


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