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I manipulate the CEO with mind-reading skills

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The art of mind-reading, featuring the irascible and haughty magnate alongside the chilly and dignified executive secretary. James Anderson, an imperious and authoritarian CEO held in awe and distance by all in Oakwood City. Within three years, he had driven away hundreds of secretaries, earning the title of a human powder keg. Emma Reynolds had initially sought to exploit with cunning when applying for the position, but she could never have imagined the depths of this domineering CEO's innermost thoughts. On the surface, the imperious CEO appeared proud and noble, a prodigy among men whose every word was worth millions. In reality, the imperious CEO had a fondness for strawberry milk and indulged in junk food favorites. Emma Reynolds couldn't help but wonder: "This seems to be headed in the wrong direction??" As time passed, the imperious CEO veered further off course, embarking on a path of seeking out his secretary for matters of importance, and indulging in intimate moments with her even when idle - a downward spiral.

Encounter with the Arrogant and Dominating CEO

"How could someone have eyes that look like this?"

"Every part of her is beautiful, but her eyes are a bit intimidating."

"Nice figure, even though her eyes are a bit scary, it's all the same in the dark."

Emma Reynolds listened to the diverse evaluations of her by passing employees with an expression on her face.

She was born with a pair of cat-like eyes, different from the usual black-brown color. Sometimes, her pupils would also resemble those of a cat, turning into vertical lines. These eyes, so different from ordinary people, brought her disdain from society but also endowed her with a unique ability - telepathy.

She enjoyed listening to the secrets of others' hearts, but most of what she heard were the ugly thoughts of humanity, making her disdainful of people.

And today, her purpose in coming to this company was to listen and find out what dark side might be hidden in the man who made the entire Oakwood City tremble. She also wanted to see if she could use this man's hand to accomplish some tasks.

The Human Resources Manager personally came to greet Emma Reynolds. When he saw Emma Reynolds' eyes, he had a brief moment of astonishment. But he quickly adjusted his expression, "Miss Reynolds, isn't it? I have reviewed your resume and find it excellent. You can start right away."

Although that's what the manager said outwardly, his thoughts were different.

"At last, someone is willing to be the secretary of that powder keg. I hope this one can last for at least three days, the next unlucky one doesn't have a safe landing yet."

Upon hearing the words of the HR manager, Emma Reynolds became even more interested in the man she had yet to meet. What kind of person could dismiss over a hundred secretaries in three years?

The manager led Emma Reynolds up to the top floor in the elevator and knocked on the office door.

A deep and magnetic voice came from inside, "Come in."

"Mr. Anderson, your new secretary has arrived."

Emma Reynolds looked at the man in front of her, who was busy with the files, and even though she couldn't see his face clearly, she found him very attractive. He had a well-defined nose, thick eyebrows, sharp eyes, and involuntarily tight lips.

James Anderson continued perusing the documents, without even giving her a proper look, asserting his authority by casually throwing something on the ground: "Newbie, memorize this thing well, know what you should and shouldn't do, or else just get out."

The manager glanced awkwardly at Emma Reynolds, praying internally that she wouldn't be scared away by James Anderson.

Emma Reynolds picked up the document from the floor obediently, "Okay."

James Anderson paused for a moment while flipping through the file. A woman? He disliked female secretaries the most, not out of gender bias, but because nine out of ten tended to throw themselves at him, with the one remaining going straight to his bed.

James Anderson lifted his head, intending to find an excuse to dismiss Emma Reynolds. However, at that moment when he saw Emma Reynolds' eyes, he choked on his words.

Emma Reynolds observed James Anderson with interest, wondering what he would say about her appearance - unlucky? Scary? As she pondered, she heard James Anderson's inner thoughts.

"What a cool sister!!!"

A smile froze on Emma Reynolds' lips, momentarily thinking she was hallucinating or her telepathic ability was malfunctioning.

"Sister's eyes are so cool!!! How can someone be so cool!"

Although she had a rich inner world, James Anderson's disdain was evident on his handsome face, "What's your name, newbie?"

"Emma Reynolds."

James Anderson responded casually, "Oh."

"Emma's name is also lovely!"

Seeing that James Anderson showed no signs of anger towards Emma Reynolds, the manager sighed in relief, "If Mr. Anderson thinks Emma is suitable, shall I take her to her workstation now?"

James Anderson hesitated for a moment. He really disliked female secretaries, but those eyes were quite intriguing...

"Seven-day trial period, we'll figure the rest out later."

"Seven days should be enough, a good excuse to dismiss her later."

After James Anderson finished speaking, he lowered his head, as though unwilling to look at Emma Reynolds again.

Emma Reynolds looked down, thinking seven days was sufficient for her too.

The HR manager led Emma Reynolds to the secretary's office, which was just a wall away from James Anderson's office.

"Here is a phone. Every time it rings, it's Mr. Anderson calling for you. Go to him immediately, understand?"


"Although Mr. Anderson has a bad temper, if you work hard, the company will not mistreat you! So, please don't leave soon after starting. He really can't find a secretary, and he doesn't want to be one himself!"

Emma Reynolds nodded, "Understood."

After a few more instructions, the HR manager let Emma Reynolds familiarize herself with the surroundings. Emma Reynolds had just sat down when the phone next to her rang.

She walked briskly to James Anderson's office, "Mr. Anderson, do you need something?"

Leaning back in his chair, James Anderson had a look of arrogance, "As a secretary, don't you know you should proactively provide your contact information to the boss? What if I suddenly need something and you're not in the office, how can I reach you?"

"Add him on WeChat, and then I can sneak a peek at his friends' photos, to see if I can find out where he bought his contact lenses."

Emma Reynolds smiled, realizing he thought her eyes were due to contact lenses.

She teased him, "Mr. Anderson, it's your rule that female employees cannot add you on WeChat." The first rule on the document he threw at her was that women shouldn’t add him on WeChat.

James Anderson hesitated, "I didn't say add on WeChat! Is adding on Facebook not okay?"

"Oh no, how could I forget about this!"

Emma Reynolds gave a slight smile and offered the overbearing CEO an avenue: "I seldom utilize Facebook, would you mind if we exchanged WeChat information instead?"

James Anderson let out a disdainful hum and pushed his phone towards Emma Reynolds, displaying his WeChat number.

After scanning it, Emma Reynolds inquired once more, "Is there anything else, President Anderson?"

James Anderson waved his hand dismissively, "You may leave."

"Very well."

As Emma Reynolds exited the room, James Anderson eagerly accessed her Moments, only to find it completely empty, much to his disappointment. How could he uncover the link to Mia's contact lenses like this?

Even from the adjacent office, Emma Reynolds could discern his anxious inner turmoil, prompting a smile from her. This man was far from the tyrannical CEO - he appeared more like a boy in a man's guise.

The Dominant CEO who Loves Strawberry Milk

"President Anderson, if you choose this proposal, I believe your company's profits will double this year!"

In the meeting room, the partner expressed the company's future development strategy generously, hoping to gain James Anderson's approval.

Although James Anderson appeared to listen attentively on the surface, he couldn't stop yawning in his mind.

【What a great way to sell dreams, why not join a pyramid scheme at home? I'm so tired, how long will this salesman go on for?】

If it were any other partner painting such grand illusions, James Anderson would have already shown them the door. However, with this one having some connection to the Anderson family, he couldn't afford to be disrespectful. James Anderson gritted his teeth and patiently listened to him.

Seeing him struggle to stay awake, Emma Reynolds softly asked, "President Anderson, would you like some coffee?"

James Anderson absentminded


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