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Husband mafia Mr. Arthur

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Arthur a handsome man who never felt love finally fell in love when involved one night with Jeslin. After Arthur's scandal with Jeslin spreads, Arthur finds out who Jeslin is. It turned out that she was an errand girl from Andy Li. Upon learning Jeslin is Andy Li's bait, Arthur gets angry and imprisons her. Will Arthur still love Jeslin?

Chapter 1 Debt pay girl

"Jerrry... Jerry."

One of the prominent businessmen named Jay Li shouted loudly in front of a simple house in a countryside far from the capital. And soon, get the owner out of the house.

"Mr. Jay," said Jerry nervously, and he went down.

Jay lifted his leg and kicked the old man.


"Listen, loser, pay off your debt!" said Jay, shaking Jerry's chin.

"I haven't had a master. I-"

"F*ck him!"

When the bodyguards were about to step up to chase Jerry, suddenly there was a scream from behind them.


Everyone looked in the direction of the voice, and Jay smiled in Jeslin's direction.

"Who is he? Dare to interfere."

"I'm his daughter."

"Oh yeah, so brave you little rat, will you pay your father's debt?"

Immediately, Jeslin kissed to hear Jay's question.

"Son, go!" says Jerry.

"No, Dad. I'll stay with you."

"Don't play most of your dramas. Pay or I'll kill you!"

"But I haven't had a master."

Jay can't hold his emotions anymore.

"Guardians, you stupid man!"

Jay's guards chased Jerry to the point where Jeslin couldn't stand it, and he screamed.


"What do you want, a little rat, before your father dies?"

"Please forgive my father, sir!" Jeslin bowed her knees in front of Jay.

Jay saw Jeslin bent on his knees, which was a good idea.

"Okay, I'm sorry, but there's a condition!"

"What is that, sir?"

"So my son's a slave."

"What!" shouted Jerry, surprised.

"That's your debt, and you can be with your father while you're with my son. How?"

Jeslin looked at his father, and Jerry gave him the code not to accept Jay's offer.

"Yes, I'm ready, sir."


"Wow, a nice name for a cheap lady. All right, tomorrow morning the guards will pick you up."

Jay left them and took a luxury vehicle out of the village. Meanwhile, Jerry and Jeslin hug each other and weep together.

The next day, Jerry's door was knocked on by somebody, and when it opened, it turned out

"You guys, you have to hurry now!"


Jerry went in and found his daughter in the kitchen.

"Who's daddy?"

"They're coming, Jeslin, stop! Don't you be their prey, Jeslin?"

"No, Dad, I promised you; I don't want you to suffer."

"But son?"

"Jeslin's all right." His words convinced Jerry not to worry.

"I'm sorry, son."

"You don't have to apologize; we're going together."


They both got out of the house and got into Jay's guard car.

"Get out," said the guard.


Jeslin and Jerry came out of the car and walked into the house like a palace.

"Jerry, from today on, you're my son Andy's slave with your daughter."

"Yes, sir."

"Now it's up to you what they do, Andy.

"Okay, Dad."

"Bring the woman into my room!" said Andy, pointing at Jeslin.

"Okay, sir!"

When Jeslin was in her room, she was so fascinated by her beauty. And no doubt the door was closed, and someone locked it in the back.


Andy Li smiled and grabbed Jeslin for about an hour, and when Andy was satisfied, he left Jeslin in his room and got out of the house.

Jeslin, who pretended to be still asleep when he was kidnapped, now cries after the madman's will.

"Oh, my God, I hate you, Andy Li and Jay. One day I will avenge you."

"God, help me!" he said again, begging.

Whereas elsewhere, in the midst of heavy rain, a handsome mafia car stopped at a mini-market. That handsome man was the focus of the visitors. And when he bought a drink, suddenly there were a bunch of criminals at the mini-market.

"Lift your hands!"

All of a sudden, everyone fell in fear, and the three criminals began to act.

The handsome man heard a scream of someone watching him, and, unwittingly, the man fired a shot right in the legs and hands of the criminals.




"You call the police now!" the handsome man ordered.

"Okay, sir," said one of the nervous workers.

And a word of thanks to that handsome man from a mother whose child was abducted.

"Thank you, handsome sir."

The handsome man smiled and left the mini-market.

That handsome man is Arthur Jason, the only heir to Jason's group and a notorious member of the evil mafia of his enemies. A lot of people are looking for a job and a fortune because he's the richest man in the country.

Arthur got into the car, and he was heading back to his home. On the way, there was a phone call from Rico, his personal assistant.

"Hello, Rico, what's wrong?"

"Sir, somebody's basement is on fire."

"How come you checked the CCTV?"

"Yes, sir, it's Jay."

"Okay, you're sending people to watch Jay's residence."

"Okay, sir."

Arthur switched off the phone and turned the car back into his basement.

"D*mn it, I'm going to kill him!"

The bodyguards in front of the basement were surprised that Arthur had returned within minutes—two hours—from his home.

"Good morning, sir!"

"Afternoon, where's Rico?"

"I'm here, sir," said Rico from behind Arthur.

"Is the fire completely extinguished?"

"Yes, sir."

"All right, let's go in!"

"Yes, sir."

He went in and looked at the room after looking at it. Arthur saw a little thing near the window that looked like a tablet drug.

"This is their spy, Rico."

"By checking our members, somebody must have betrayed."

"Okay, sir."

After finding the spy, Arthur gets a call to see if there's a corrupt hotel in the neighboring town. Arthur hurried to leave the place, following Rico.

"Follow me, Rico, to the next town. He's trying to take office money."

"Okay, sir."

Somewhere else, for the third time, Andy made Jeslin helpless, put the beautiful woman to sleep, and Andy Li cleansed himself and soon came out to see Jeslin still asleep, and he called Rommi.

"Let's go to the club; I'm sick of that ugly woman."

That speech sounded clearly in the ear, turning someone up.

"D*mn you! I'll repay all my pain!"

Chapter 2 Become bait

After calling Rommi, Andy Li now goes out of the room to the club. Upon arriving there, Andy Li was spending time with his wants. Whereas elsewhere, Jeslin met her father in the guest room.

"Dad, I'm sorry, Jeslin." Jeslin cried at Jerry's feet.

"Son, why are they treating you so badly?" asked Jerry, confused to see his daughter crying.

"No, but Jeslin is a slave to their lust. Jeslin regrets my father's acceptance of Jay's offer of that rotten man."

"Patience, son. Maybe this is God's way for us. I'll try to get you out of this hell."

"Not you, but Jeslin will get you out. Jeslin's going to find a way to be free."

"I'm sorry, son; if it wasn't for our debt, we wouldn't be


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