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Scott is a 34-year-old, closed-hearted, cold and arrogant man. Years ago, he decided to put his promiscuous life aside and decided to be CEO of his father's billionaire companies. A past disappointment in love hurt him deeply. Nothing and no one could warm his heart. He threw himself into the dark world of pleasure and nearly drowned. Other bodies gave him pleasure but he remained unaffected by feelings. Until she appeared... His new trainee Tais, who never allowed herself to love a man, she only used their bodies. She is a 20-year-old woman, intelligent and empowered, ready to face life's obstacles. However, destiny challenged him, putting a domineering man, with a cold heart and a mysterious past in his path. It was just one look and everything changed. She doesn't want to give her heart away easily. He is afraid of getting hurt. Their chaos complement each other in this so nefarious and dark world. Both will discover a strong love that surpasses all past fears.

I achieved !

My name is Taís Andrade, I am a Business Administration student at a college in Fortaleza, I am 20 years old and I applied for a position for a super top internship at a reputable company in the field of Administration in the United States, which is very recognized and respected. I've been studying English for 3 years and I'm already fluent in the language, as well as in Spanish and Portuguese, my native language.I live in a student dormitory that is close to the college, where only those who managed to get a place and have good grades live there, a feat that my roommate Diana and I achieved.After waiting all week in agony to find out if I passed that internship, the day of the result finally arrives.I look at the website and when I see the name of the scholarship winner, my mouth drops open.I was selected first!I'm in the student republic and Diana arrives from her Physiotherapy course, just as I'm jumping up and down with happiness and asks:— Friend, what's going on?- I achieved!!! Diana, I'm going to that dream internship in Seattle! My God!Diana is perplexed and screams happily."Ahhhhhhhhh, oh lord!" I'm sick with happiness!We cuddled wildly as we jumped up and down excitedly. Then Diana looks at me and warns me.— Friend, let's go to sleep, tomorrow we have a test. When we're done, let's get drunk and celebrate!I wink at her very excitedly.- Exactly!I look out the window at the starry sky and silently thank God.My life will change from head to toe.In the morning, we wake up and go to college. Today is the day of the last exam of the semester and I'm looking forward to it being over soon. Upon entering the classroom, my hot teacher, Henrique, clone of actor Sam Claiflin, looks at me. I know he's super into me, but I don't try anything because it's unethical and I've never been with an older guy either. He comes up to me and speaks."Hey, Thais..."- Hello teacher...— I saw the result of the selection process, congratulations!I end up getting embarrassed but thank you."Okay, I really wanted this!"— I'm sure you'll be a success, Taís, although I'm sad that you're going to leave us...— Lol, it will only be 1 year teacher, soon I'll be back.“Okay, good luck there.- Thanks!I sit down to take the test and Maicon, a rich playboy I was sometimes with, whispers in my ear.— Taís, I'm going to miss you... Shall we go out today, one last goodbye?I decide to treat him indifferently. Maicon had deceived and deceived me, saying that he liked me, but in fact, he was dating a famous actress who is on the rise and was always hidden from me. A flea in my ear tells me he did it because I'm poor.A few hours later, I finish taking the test and hand it to the professor, who looks at me longingly.I'm a stunning brunette, "cinnamon brunette", I have long black hair, honey-colored eyes, full lips like Angelina Jolie and a few months ago I lost a few pounds, getting a sculptural body, and my GG butt has always attracted the attention of men.Henrique sees me leaving the room and speaks.— Taís, when I finish collecting the evidence, can we talk? – he speaks softly with that São Paulo accent, so no one can hear.- OK teacher.I go towards the halls, where there are some chairs and ottomans and I sit there. A few minutes pass and I see my hot teacher coming towards me. Then he comes over and says."Hi... yeah... I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight?"- I would love! But it gets a little complicated, we are student and teacher...— I know, but next week you're going to the United States and you're going to spend 1 year away. Let me say goodbye to you, Taís?I look at my delicious teacher and sigh.Henrique is too handsome, he's 37 years old, a spectacular smile with deep dimples, blond with blue eyes, like I said, the clone of actor Sam Claiflin. He is from São Paulo, but lives here in Fortaleza, where he teaches at some institutions.I think about his proposal and speak.— Okay, but let's go to a quiet and private place, I don't want any problems for us!"Okay, I'll talk to you on the cell phone." - he says looking at me horny.Then he walks away.I look at his luscious body and think aloud.- Is today...

My teacher

The day passes quickly and at night, when I go home with Diana, I decide to rip the ruffle over the hot teacher's invitation and she freaks out.- Ahhh! Taís, what are you waiting for, woman? My God, college girls are killing that man! He's so hot!— True, lol, but I like his gentle and polite way better.— Hmm, that's fine, you don't care much for beauty and blah blah, but you're going to have to stay with this man, my friend! He is not of God!— Take it easy, Diana... He's my teacher!She looks at me with a sarcastic face and says:— It doesn't matter, you won't see him anytime soon my friend, enjoy! Do it all offline!"But Diana, we're just going to dinner!"—Hmm, don't be fooled, dear, he wants to have something else for dinner! This man's hunger for you is not today!We burst out laughing and continued talking about my date.


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