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His perfect obsession

His perfect obsession

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Oliver Cowell an affluent dreaded Mafia lord, forcefully abduct Kate Fallon in exchange for the money her uncle borrowed from him but couldn't pay back. Little did he know that he is slowly falling in love with Kate Fallon, his debtor niece. What will be Kate's fate from now on, and how will she cope with a monster like Oliver. Stay tuned. Oliver Cowell an affluent dreaded Mafia lord, forcefully abduct Kate Fallon in exchange for the money her uncle borrowed from him but couldn't pay back. Little did he know that he is slowly falling in love with Kate Fallon, his debtor niece. What will be Kate's fate from now on, and how will she cope with a monster like Oliver. Stay tuned.

Chapter 1

Oliver Cowell is a 25 years old billionaire who doesn't have sympathy for other people's feelings

He is a ruthless Mafia billionaire Lord, feared among people in America and the world because of how ruthless he is.

He has a dark heart, he is Rich, and has enough money. He is considered one of the richest people in America because of how affluent he is.

He is perfectly built with a muscular body. Not only that, but he is tall, 6 foot tall, his hair long, dark brown eyes with small glasses and a perfect smile.

He does what he wants and nobody can question him, or they'll get to his bad side.

His expression is always unreadable, as though he is always comfortable.

The only thing that can make him feel uncomfortable is when someone tells him what to do or how to live his life.

Just as his parents are bugging him to marry Yvonne Anderson, whom he can never marry because Yvonne is a slut, and he can't marry a prostitute.

He walked along the corridor and stopped at a door, his anger is tempered, he is so angry.

He opened the door forcefully as he stared at the tiny figure in his front lying on the bed sobbing as he balled his fist angrily.

“You are on it again,” Oliver said harshly.

Kate stood up fast as she turned around trying to hide her tears, she was wearing an oversized T-shirt, pajama shorts, and sneakers.

Her face looked red from crying, her blonde hair is messy and dirty. She wiped her teary greenish brown eyes with the back of her hand.

She didn't have time to say anything before Oliver spoke.

“Don't you ever get tired from crying, he asked coldly looking at Kate. He slowly walks toward the blonde lady and takes a deep breath before talking.

“You know, I have warned you to stop doing this” he spat. He grabs the blonde lady's wrist and pulled her up to him. He was holding the blonde lady tightly by her waist. She could barely see Oliver.

“Please, she pleaded

“You are my Katie, don't forget that” he growled, tightening his grip and making the blonde lady wince.

“I'm s-” Oliver put his index finger over Kate's mouth. His dark brown eyes darkened.

“Don't make me repeat myself” he whispered menacingly while staring at Kate with so much anger.

“Let go of me” Kate screamed trying to break free, but Oliver was stronger than her.

“You are mine, and you are going to obey me, he spat.

“Please let go of me!” Kate begged while tears were running down her face. She felt like dying. She couldn't help it. Her body was betraying her every time Oliver got angry at her. She had no choice. She was just a slave.

Oliver let go of her and stormed out of Kate's bedroom angrily, as Kate sighed in relief. She fell to the ground and started crying hysterically.

Her whole body was shaking. The Blondie curled into a ball as she held her head between her knees and tried to calm herself down.

After she was able to control herself, she got on the bed and hugged a pillow to her chest, and thought about her pathetic life

it's all her uncle's fault, he borrowed money from Oliver and couldn't pay him the money, and in exchange, Oliver took her with him

She could be free again only if her uncle pay Oliver his money, but where can he see such a huge amount of money from?

She is paying for her uncle's sins, while he is there enjoying with his wicked wife and spoiled children.

She cursed the day her parents died In that ghastly car accident, that was the beginning of her miserable and pathetic life.

The beginning of her suffering and sorrow

Her stay in Oliver's house has been miserable, Oliver had been harsh to her, he treats her like she was his thing.

Her uncle has two daughters Oliver could take with him but instead, Oliver chooses her, how long will she remain here with him?

She cried more, she couldn't control her tears anymore.

Her tears made her whole body ache. After crying for hours, she finally falls asleep.


Oliver remained silent as he watched Yvonne blush madly, he ignored her.

His parents were seated in front of him. They have been talking for almost an hour now. He remained quiet, but was boiling in rage down his spine.

Hearing all the things his parents were saying, they called him out for this nonsense, he looked at the cheap girl smiling at him as his rage tripled.

He couldn't take it anymore.

“Dad, I'm not interested in marrying Yvonne" Oliver suddenly interrupted them. Yvonne turns to look at Oliver, surprised.

Yvonne turned to look at Oliver's mother, who was also shocked.

“What did you just say Oliver?” his father asked him, not believing him.

“Dad, I'm not interested in marrying Yvonne, she's so cheap and not my spec, I mean she has plenty of flaws, but most of them are superficial and shallow, she doesn't respect me, she's constantly whining about everything. Why would I want to spend my life with her? I have my plans. " Oliver calmly said but coldly.

“You don't have a say on this, this is to make the gang stronger, our gang and her father's gang are one of the best in America, his father said.

But Oliver wasn't buying any of that, there's nothing his parents are going to tell him that will make him marry Yvonne.

“Dad, my no is my no, I won't marry Yvonne, never will I, I said in rage, I am so angry right now, how can my parents choose a wife for me

“Well until you bring us a wife, you are marrying Yvonne….his mother said with an angry expression in her eyes. Oliver sigh deeply.

“No! Mom, he said loudly. His voice echoed throughout the room.

"I'm not marrying her, he said affirmatively

“You don't have any other choices or do you have a girl who will put up with all your attitude, his mother asked

“Yes, I have a girl whom I love. Oliver said all of a sudden, making all their gaze focus on his.

Chapter 2

The quietness filled the room as Oliver speak, they couldn't believe what he was saying

“You are lying Oliver, there's no girl that put up with all your attitude, his mother said laughing.

“We both know love isn't on your agenda, his father added as Oliver scoffed

Oliver knows he doesn't love anyone, but then he had to make his parents stop their silly plan about him marrying Yvonne

He doesn't even want to marry anyone, he loves being single and isn't concerned about women or anyone at all

He would rather marry a dog than marry Yvonne Anderson.

It was only his parents who wanted him to get married, he didn't want that, he has no interest in marriage. He would rather keep on living a simple life.

“Who is she, his mother asked

“Is she from a rich family and a noble home, his father added

Oliver became bored with their many questions as he stood up, cutting them off

“I'll bring her home


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