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She couldn't believe what she was hearing at the moment. Was this some kind of joke or what? One thing was for certain though, this man never joked. She had known him for a month and she had never seen him making a joke or smile for that matter. The other staff had given him a nickname, he was known as Mr. Cold because of the coldness he emits wherever he was. She knew that he was a good man...

Chapter 1


She couldn’t believe what she was hearing at the moment. Was this some kind of joke or what? One thing was for certain though, this man never joked. She had known him for a month and she had never seen him making a joke or smile for that matter.

The other staff had given him a nickname, he was known as Mr. Cold because of the coldness he emits wherever he was. She knew that he was a good man; it was just the circumstances that turned him this way which was also one of the reasons why she developed a huge crush on the man even when she fully knew that he will never see her that way.

So after all that assessment, why was he saying these words to her?

“Are you joking sir?” she asked him as she staggered since she was standing on her two feet.

“I am not a person who just jokes. I thought you said that you will help me when I need help. Are you turning back on your word right now?” this man was a professional, how could he make her the assailant in just a second when he was the one throwing a bomb on her.

“I did say that but I never thought it will end up this way,” she said as she sat down on the opposite chair.

“You promised so you have to this for me or do you want to see those wolves eating me up?” he asked her with raised eyebrows and she understood what he was saying.

To be honest she didn’t want that at all. She would rather sacrifice herself and help him. This wasn’t a bad deal after all; she will have her own win too.

“So, I simply just have to marry you?” she asked him once more.

“Yes child, you marry me and become my lawfully wedded wife. I will take care of you and your family. You can still go to school like you were; all I need is for you to be by my side. I am not asking for much am I?”

He really was asking her for too much. He didn’t even love her and yet he wanted her to marry him. She was in love with him and would be happy to do that but there were issues she just couldn’t decipher on her own and needed a bit of clarification.

“Aren’t you worried about my age at all?” she asked him.

“You are already an adult dear and not a minor so I am not worried at all. Just think about it and give me an answer. I will accept whatever decision you make,” he said.

She looked at him and saw desperation in his eyes. A man like this wouldn’t come to her unless it was urgent. So she decided to make the biggest decision of her life that instant.

“I will do it, I will marry you,” she told him and she saw a smile on his face.

That was the first time she was seeing one on his face. He could emit such light with just a smile; she fell for him even more.

She didn’t know what was going to come in the future but she was going to face it head on. She also deserves her own happiness even when it meant to be a bit selfish.


Selena was happy she couldn’t believe that she had passed just after one try. She had been nervous about this exam ever since she started the lessons. But since she had passed and got her driver’s license now she can drive herself. He was going to be proud of her, she could see it.

Her husband was the only person who brought joy to her life especially with so many eyes on her. She remembered the day she visited her parents in her small village, the shock they had on their faces when she told them she was getting married.

With time she convinced them, she told them honestly that she couldn’t live without him and he was her source of joy. They have always wanted her to be happy so they finally agreed.

She was raised in a small village where everyone worked in either the plantation or the factory. Her parents got married after finishing high school and they conceived her. They were childhood sweethearts and to make her life better than theirs, they saved money.

She received all the love and care no other child could. They wanted her to attend a famous university and she got to do that. She wanted to make them proud so she studied like a maniac.

Because of her background, she didn’t make any friends at all which was not a problem for her. She knew why she came to the big city and having friends in a place you didn’t know was just one huge risk for her and she didn’t want that.

Even though she was married at eighteen she was still attending school and everything was not the same at all. It was the way they looked at her and call her names behind her back. It wasn’t a crime for one to marry another so why did they make it as if she committed a huge sin?

“Congratulations ma’am,” her driver said as she reached the car.

“I should be thanking you for all the help. I never thought in just a short period I would do it. Thank you,” she said smiling at the man.

“I’m just glad that I could help. Where do you want to go after this?” he asked her.

She pondered over the matter for a while before she reached a conclusion.

“Let’s go and buy something to eat first,” she said and the driver opened the door for her and she got inside.

She took a photo of her new license and sent it to her husband who was abroad for a business meeting. He didn’t open the message since he must be busy.

“How is your wife?” she asked the driver, the man who had been her driver ever since she agreed to marry her husband.

Richard was a good man and she liked him a lot, he cheered her all the time whenever she was depressed because of all those people who just couldn’t stop minding their own business.

“She is doing great. She wanted me to ask you if you still want those seedlings,” he said and she remembered it.

“I nearly forgot about it. I would love to have them. I am planning on making a garden behind the house. Some vegetable will do,” she said already seeing how her new project will pan out.

“That will be great, if you need some help please don’t hesitate to ask me,” Richard volunteered and she smiled.

“I will keep that in mind,” she said.

The car stopped at her favorite food mall and she happily jumped out of the car and rushed into the pizza den. Whenever she was happy she just loved having some.

She couldn’t afford to have it whenever she wanted it back then because she had to save but now she just buys whatever she wanted thanks to the card her husband gave her. Even though she wasn’t using the card the way he wanted her to do but she was doing her best in spending his money in her own way.

“Welcome, it’s good to see you again so soon Mrs. Sawyer,” the female attendant said as she stood in front of her.

“It’s good to see you too,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Can I get you your usual?” she asked her.

“Yes, and three more flavors too,” she answered.

“You must be having a feast,” Anne said as she created her order.

“I am celebrating, I finally got my driver’s license,” she said happily, she just couldn’t hide her joy.

“Congratulations, I am happy for you,” Anne said as she gave her the receipt.

“Thank you. Can I have some beverages and get one for yourself. You always talk to me when I come here,” she said feeling grateful.

“Thank you so much,” Anne said as she took the card to bill for the beverages.

After getting her receipts, Selena went to sit down on one of the chairs while she waited for her order to be processed. Just hearing someone calling her by her husband’s name made her heart flutter.

“What a coincidence, I didn’t think I will bump into you like this,’ a familiar voice said and she turned her head to look. It was her husband’s step sister; she really loathed that woman a lot.

“How are you?” she asked as soon as she saw her.

“I am doing fine as you can see. I can see that you came to squander his money like always. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Wendy asked her and she looked at her. She hated people like Wendy, people who were so full of themselves that they thought the world only revolves around them.

“How can I be ashamed when I am just spending what my husband makes?”

“I cannot believe this. I wonder where he picked such a shameless gold digger like you. It’s just a matter of time before he dumps you for another, enjoy it while it lasts,” Wendy said and left.

Chapter 2

She took a deep breath before shaking her head. She was used to this and she was not going to let anyone continue to push her around. Was it a crime that she wasn’t that good at taking that they all bullied her with harsh words like this?

She finally took her four boxes of pizza and a plastic bag containing her beverages, Richard helped her with the food to get to the car. All the happiness she had was now gone thanks to Wendy. One day she was going to get back at her for causing her so much mental stress.

Did she have to remind her that her husband was not into her? She was just holding on to that little hope and yet someone was trying to crush it down. They had been married for over a month and yet her husband had never laid his hand on her.

They shared the same bed and yet he treated her much worse than one would treat a sister. Maybe she wasn’t attractive enough and that is why he didn’t even bother to consummate the marriage.

She wiped away the tears tha


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