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While Jester was drinking alone at the counter bar, there was a man sitting in the corner who caught his attention. When she felt dizzy, she went outside to get some air, but the strange man secretly followed her. A handsome body caught her when she almost fell. Because she was too drunk, she fell asleep in the arms of a strange man. It was not a choice because he didn't know where the girl's room was. So, he temporarily took her to his room to ensure her safety. But when he lay down on the woman's body, she suddenly vomited. He was forced to take the girl to the bathroom to clean her dirty body. When he put the woman down on the bed, he couldn't help but stare at the gentle face of the woman, and he was suddenly attracted. When the drunk woman moved, his hand was caught, the reason for his body falling on the woman's body and his lips falling on the woman's lips.

Chapter 1: Beginning

“No, Uncle Felix. Please have mercy on me… Mamaaa... Help me!” shouted a girl.

She begged her foster father, who was too drunk on alcohol, while trying to take off her underwear.

“Shhh… don't make noise, I won't hurt you and Mama Isn't here to help you. It's just a moment, baby…" said the drunken demonically.

“Don't… uncle. I don't want it! Help me… somebody, help me.”

The ten-year-old girl fought to protect herself, and she was shaking with fear.

When Carmen got closer to the door of their house, she heard the cry of her only child. She ran to her room and saw that her live-in-partner was trying to kiss her poor daughter, and she was not wearing anything underneath.

“You animal, Felix! What are you doing to my daughter?!” she asked angrily.

At the same time, Carmen picked up a piece of wood and hit him. But the man grabbed it and hit it back on the head. This caused her to fall and hit her head on the floor.

“Mama… .” She approached her bloody mother at the same time.

“Jester… run!” Even though Carmen's pronunciation was broken, she still tried to speak to her poor child.

“I won't leave you, Mama!” a little girl began to cry, and hugged her dying mother.

He was about to get closer to where the mother and daughter were, but the girl quickly stood up and ran towards the kitchen. He followed her to strike, and the foster father was shocked when the little girl met him and suddenly stabbed him with a knife.

“Your animal! You hurt my mom. I will kill you."

The foster father hit in the side, and he bent down, and she repeated the stabbing. So, Felix's heart was hit and it caused his immediate death. She immediately returned to her mother to help her, but her mother was already weak and almost struggling to breathe.

“Mama, I'm going out to ask for help.” The poor child was about to stand up, but the mother grabbed her hand.

“N-no need. I don't think I will last long,” Carmen said softly.

“Don't talk like that, Mama…" she replied while wiping her tears.

“Listen carefully. Mama loves you so much. Forgive me, I almost ruined you. My poor child, be kind and get on with life, take care of yourself and your grandma. Promise me, that you will be kind.” Carmen caressed her poor daughter's face.

“Mama… please, don't leave me, you'll live, mom. What will I do if you're gone?” she's tears continued to flow.

“F-forgive me-----” Carmen's hand fell at the same time, and her eyes slowly closed with tears.

“Mama, wake up! What about me? Mama, wake up… mama.” She ran outside to ask the neighbors for help.

“Help me. Help my mom. Please…” she screamed.

The neighbors immediately came and asked why her hands and clothes were bloody? The three men went inside and found two dead bodies. They check for pulses, but both are lifeless. So, they stopped messing with the bodies because they might be blamed, and they immediately called the police. The authorities arrived immediately and are investigating if anyone saw the incident. But everyone denied that they knew anything about what happened. Since Jester has no other relatives in the village, she was temporarily brought to the Department of Social Welfare and Development. There the policewoman questioned her and she narrated the whole incident. Because she is still a minor, she cannot be locked up, and she acted in self-defense. While taking care of the corpses, Jester first stayed in the care of the (DSWD). And also called her grandma who is in Cebu.

FROM then on, she grew up with her grandma. She became friendly, and studied hard. Endured poverty and worked hard so that she could fulfill her mother's wishes. Even though she didn't promise her mother before, she worked hard to achieve what her mother wanted.

She grew up with his closest female cousin, Divlen . But their status is different because their parents are wealthy. Because Jester is smart, she gets a scholarship to high school. She also became a working student at the school they attended. Even when she went to college, she remained a scholar. Until they graduated from the Criminology course and entered the National Bureau of Investigation. She and her cousin were admired in the field of gun handling and martial arts. They fear nothing, so many in their department like them. But none of them dared to approach because they were afraid of the bravery of Inspector Jester Navarro and Detective Divlen Jacutin.

“Partner, aren't we going home yet?” Divlen asked her cousin, who had been staring at her mother's grave.

“What time is it?” she asked back to her.

“It's three o'clock,” she replied.

“Alright, get in the car first, and I'll follow,” she ordered.

“All right.”

She was alone at her mother's grave when he spoke, “Mom, here I am now, I have fulfilled what you dreamed for me. I'm sorry if I didn't make a promise to you before. Because I want to do it in action and not just in one word. Mom, I lost you because of me because you protected me. I salute you, you are the superhero of my life. I love you so much. Furthermore, I promise, no one can oppress me.” Her tears fell at the same time. She left her mother's grave with tears in her eyes. Because until now, what happened to her and her mom is still vivid in her memory.

“Partner, where are you planning to go today?” Divlen asked.

“Let's go back to the hotel first, so we can rest. After all, our meeting is five o'clock in the afternoon," she replied.

“Okay,” she agreed.

After resting, they got dressed as partners, to get to their meeting early. When they arrived at the NBI headquarters. They immediately went straight to Chief Gary Villanueva's office, and before entering they knocked first.

“Come in!” And both enter at the same time.

“Good morning, Chief Villanueva!” they greeted and saluted the exalted one.

“Good morning! Please sit down."

Chapter 2:First Mission

The two of them sat in front of Chief Villanueva and handed over the two envelopes, and they immediately opened it. Records and a picture of a man inside, and they read its files.

“His name is John Mel, half-Chinese and half-Filipino, thirty-five years old. It's hard to catch that man, so I expect Inspector Navarro and Detective Jacutin to catch that person!” Chief Villanueva explained to them.

Inspector Navarro read John Mel's files carefully, they found out that he owns a big gambling and also pushes illegal drugs.

“Alright, chief. We'll take care of it as soon as possible,” Inspector Navarro said.

“I hope so, Inspector Navarro,” he replied.

“Don't worry, chief. We'll handle it.” Detective Jacutin said.

“Thank you to both of you.”

We have to leave, chief.” Inspector Navarro. After the conversation, they stood up and saluted him.

They start investigating with John Mel, and they learn that he likes to hang out


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