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Hiding The CEO's Twins(English)

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Shanbri is just a simple girl but her boyfriend Kenji Yael is a billionaire CEO. Despite that, they still love each other unconditionally. Until one day, Shanbri found out that Kenji Yael is already engaged to another girl. Shanbri got hurt so she decided to leave her boyfriend and go to a far place but before that, she gave herself to Kenji Yael as a token of her love for him. Later she found out that she got pregnant with Kenji Yael's child but she decided to hide it from him. But, after 4 years they saw each other again because Kenji Yael will be the new boss of Shanbri. Will they clear the misunderstandings in their past? Will Kenji Yael know the secret of Shanbri? Will they fight for their love? And, finally have a happy ending with their twins.

Chapter 1 DATE



Today is Sunday and Kenj and I are here at the mall. We are going on a date because we didn't see each other for two days because he was busy at the office and I was also busy at work.

I work in a company here in California. Kenj wanted me to work at his company but I didn't want to because we might get caught there and people would gossip about him.

Our lives are simple. We are not rich and we are not exactly poor either.

My parents are both public teachers but I didn't follow in their footsteps because I wanted to take a different path.

Anyway, Kenj and I held hands while walking around the mall. People look at us, especially women.

What's new? It's always like that when I'm with Kenj.

There is no denying that my boyfriend is really handsome.

Tall, dark, elegant body, piercing nose, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, red lips and my favorite of all, his gray eyes.

I just heaved a sigh, my boyfriend is really perfect, I don't know what made him like me hehe.

I am beautiful. That's what my mother said hehe. I am not tall and I have long black hair down to my waist.

My eyes are narrow and have kissable lips. That's what Kenj said. He said my lips are his favorite so he wants to kiss me always hehe.

I dress simply. I only put powder and lip tint on my lips. I have white skin and my body is just typical and not so s*xy.

Kenj and I met at his company when I interned there. He is the CEO and owner of the company. Isn't it that my boyfriend is really wealthy? Hehe.

But it wasn't his money that I liked. I loved him because he cared for me even though he was grumpy at times, he always made me feel that he loved me and he didn't judge me even though we were in different status in life.

According to the employees at his company, Kenj is said to be a playboy and does not take women seriously.

It is said that his girlfriend is different every month but none of them have been introduced by him to his family or his fellow businessmen. Only his friends know about his flings because they are all playboys.

At first I was in doubt whether to answer Kenj or not because of what I heard about him. Maybe he's just playing with me and won't take me seriously.

But Kenj didn't stop courting me. Even though it was hidden because I didn't want anyone else to know, especially in the company, he proved that he was serious about me.

He changed and he always sends me flowers and chocolates. He also sends me food every day because he doesn't want me to go hungry.

Sometimes he calls me to his office and we eat lunch together there. It's not often because I don't want his secretary to wonder and spread it around the company.

Our 1st anniversary is coming up and the only people who know about our relationship are my best friend, Trish and my parents.

All his friends know is that he has a girlfriend but they don't even know my name because I don't want him to tell them.

At first he didn't want to agree, he wanted to introduce me even to his family but later I forced him too.

I just don't want his friends and his family to know that he is in a relationship with someone who is not his level.

I'm not ready yet. I still want to be successful and when I achieve that I will allow him to introduce me. I hope we will still be together when that day comes.

Hays, I just heave a sigh at the thought.

"Babe, our anniversary is approaching. Where do you want to celebrate?" Kenj asked me sweetly.

"Ahmm, the important thing is that we're together hehe," I cutely answered him and put my hand on his arm.

"No, I want it to become memorable because it's our 1st anniversary," he refused and fixed my hair which was messed up. I just giggled there hehe.

"How about we go out of town?" he suggested and his gray eyes sparkled.

I immediately shook my head. "Let's just stay here. I know you're busy with work and I'm also busy with work," I denied him.

I know he does a lot in the office because he is the CEO of their company.

"It's okay. My assistant is here and you can file your leave. Come on it's just three days babe if you want," He insisted on me.

He still has puppy eyes. Kenj only does this sometimes because he is usually serious.

"No need for that, let's just celebrate here, Kenj," I said and he frowned.

"Fine, if that's what you want," he surrendered but his muzzle lengthened.

"Ah Kenj let's eat I'm hungry hehe," I begged him to change our conversation.

"Alright. Where do you want to eat?" he asked me and my eyes immediately lit up.

"M*do hihihihi," I answered him excitedly and gave him puppy eyes.

"Again? You're always eating there. It's not really healthy, babe," Kenj said and looked at me.

He doesn't want me to eat fast food because he says it's not healthy.

"Okay, please. That's what I want. Please babe?" I insist on him.

I'm sure he won't reject me, especially since I called him babe.

I don't call him that because it's too cheesy so sometimes he gets mad at me because I only call him by his name.

"You really know my weakness babe," he said and still shook his head.

"Hehe, is that okay babe?" I asked him again and put my arm around his neck.

"Okay, I'll agree on one condition," he said and stared at my lips.

Oh no! I seem to know what he wants to happen.

"A-alright w-what's that?" I stammered at him and got a little nervous.

"Kiss me first," and a smile appeared on his lips. I looked around and people were looking at us.

I immediately removed my arm from his neck. We might even be told PDA here.

"H-huh? Here? There are so many people. Kenj. Maybe later," I shyly told him. I feel my cheeks turn red.

"Okay. No kiss, no m*do," and it's like he's still teasing me. I was annoyed with him.

"Tsk. It's up to you. If you don't want to, then I will go there alone," I told him and turned away from him. I'm going to let him take care of his life.

"Wait babe! I'm just kidding okay," he chased after me and grabbed me by the waist.

I knew it, he can't stand me either. I just smiled, the smile of success haha.

"So, are you okay with where we're going to eat?" I asked him and I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Fine, fine. You're my queen so you're the one to follow," he answered and just sighed.


It was seven in the evening and Kenj and I decided to go home. We were also tired because we played in the timezone and watched a movie.

He took me to the apartment I was renting.

"Thanks for today, Kenj," I simply told him.

"You're always welcome babe. Won't you let me in," he asked while grinning.

I was nervous because of that. My boyfriend is really naughty.

"A-ahmm n-no, maybe you're t-tired," I stammered back to him.

"I told you to just live with me." He was still smiling.

"I don't want to!" I screamed at what he said. I immediately took it back.

"I mean it can't be. You know what others can say," I answered nervously.

"I don't care," Kenj said firmly.

"If you don't mind then I cared about it and we've already discussed it Kenj." I said firmly.

He has been inviting me to live in his condo for a long time but I don't want to because we are not married yet, what will people say to me, right?

"Haha. Just kidding. You're so serious babe." The fool laughed and shook his head some more. I hit him on his arm.

"Tss. Go home now. Get some rest, I know you're tired." I was pushing him to his car.

"Alright, alright you don't need to push me." And he willingly approached the car.

"I'm going," he said goodbye and honked his car.

"Alright. Be careful," I said and waved him off.

He got into the car so I turned around and was about to enter the apartment when he suddenly called me.

"Babe!" he chased after me and approached me.

I looked at him in wonder. What is the problem with this man?

"I forgot something," said Kenj.

"What is-" I didn't finish what I was going to say because he quickly kissed me on the lips. I was shocked by what he did.

"Bye babe! I love you. Dream of me." He winked at me. He ran to his car and immediately started it and drove away.

I couldn't answer and I was frozen in my place. That's really crazy, what if someone saw us? It's embarrassing.




I entered the apartment and dropped my small bag on the sofa in my living room.

The size of this apartment is just right for me. I'm the only one living here, but sometimes Trish, my only best friend, spends the night here. Because I'm not very friendly.

Trish has been my friend since college. We are in the same class and we both interned before at KY Villamor's Corporation, the name of my boyfriend Kenj's company.

Because his full name is Kenji Yael Villamor, his parents' company was named after him and later it was bequeathed to him. His nickname is Yael but I want to call him Kenj so he agreed.

I drank some water before entering my room and lying down. Today was tiring but happy because Kenj was with me.

I was about to close my eyes but suddenly my cell phone rang.

Has Kenj arrived at his condo so quickly? I was surprised and looked to see if he texted.

My eyes


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