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Her Dirty Revenge

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Just one night was all it took for Xiomara’s life to be torn into pieces, everything she had, her family gone and her friends, everyone turned their back on her and it was as if she never existed She was left with just one thing, a baby, as young as she was about to have a child she couldn't even tell who the father was. And then, Upon giving birth, her baby was taken away from her and was given up for adoption, she wasn't even given the slightest opportunity to see her baby. Using the last energy to fight, she was caught up in a fire outbreak which almost ended her life. Twenty-five years later, Xiomara resurfaced again, within the past few years she had worked on herself, making herself stronger and more powerful and now she was ready. Ready to take everything she lost. Ready to have her own pound of flesh. Ready to find her lost child and make everyone that hurt her in the past pay dearly for it. But finding an unidentified child won't be easy neither will finding an unknown enemy be easy, she was in a battle where she has no idea who her enemy or enemies were. What could possibly go wrong in her revenge Plan? And Love does it really conquers all?

CHAPTER 1 A Hundred Thousand Euros

The loud echoes of his groan filled the large dark empty room, he was in a lot of pain and was on the verge of losing his consciousness but the two thugs won't stop hitting him, running away or fighting back wasn't even an option, his hands were cuffed above his head and the number of men in and outside the room outnumbered him.

Steps of a female high heel shoe were heard approaching, as the steps approached, the pace at which the thugs were hitting him increased as if the steps were a trigger.

Every step of the way, every thug she walked passed made sure to show respect by bowing to her.

The door swung open, giving way for her cherry perfume which automatically refreshed the room, giving it a more conducive air to breathe in.

Xiomara walked flawlessly into the room, walking 5cm behind her were Luca and Yvette, the highest-ranking bodyguard she had.

"Stop!" She said immediately she sat down on the big cushion which was specially meant for her while  Luca and Yvette took their position behind her, one at the left and the other at the right.

The two thugs stopped and prostrated before walking to the corner to stand with the others.

Xiomara's face curved with a short evil smile as she stared deeply at the young man by the name Almiro, his face was covered with bruises, and his clothes were ripped and covered with his blood which was already dropping to the ground, looking as if he would be giving up soon.

Xiomara closed her eyes as she puffed out smoke from her mouth and nose, she just had a mouthful of cigarettes and wasn't in the habit of swallowing the smoke.

"Don't I pay you well?" She said busy with her cigarettes. "Ple...ase" was the only thing Almiro could say at that moment. Xiomara's lips curved with a smile, "Please, what's that?" she gave him a cold stare that sent cold down his blood.

Almiro gulped down not knowing what to say next, Xiomara smirked as she dropped her cigarettes "I hate it when I'm being ignored you know" she said now looking at Almiro who was shaking like a weak leave blown by air.

"Make him sit" she ordered grabbing her glass of whiskey, the thugs quickly uncuffed his hands from the metal road above his hand and forced him to sit down before using a rope to tie him around the chair.

Xiomara gulp the remaining drop of whiskey in her glass before she stood up walking towards Almiro who was trying to catch his breath and subdue the pain he was in. Her eyes were fixed on him and a smirk plastered on her face.

"Does it hurt?" her voice was very soft and calm like that of an angel, no one would believe that the owner of the voice can hurt a fly not to talk of being a mafia consigliere.

"Please, please, don't kill me" he cried helplessly, to the point, begging for his life was the only thing he could do for himself even though he wasn't sure if they were going to spear him.

"Ahh, you should know I'm not familiar with those words, you've been working with me for a whole five or is it six years so I'm sure you know the rules" She paused flashing him a smile.

"And you should know that whoever comes into my dark room, isn't going to see the next hour but since I'm in my best mood today, I might make an exception" she blinked her eyes in the cutest manner ever giving him a charming smile while walking behind him. "Thank you so much, then....."

"Shut it" Xiomara snapped at him not allowing him to complete.

"I think you should understand the sentence better, there is a might there" She whispered into his left ear making him gulp nervously.

"Listen carefully! I won't ask you twice" She was now standing in front of him, keeping a very serious and scary face. "Who put you up to this?" "Nobody I was just angry so I...." A heavy resounding slap landed on his right cheek making him groan in pain.

Xiomara stared at her hand and saw a blood stain on her diamond ring, "Hey!, Do you know how much this cost?" She asked angrily showing him her ring not minding how much of an injury the ring left on his face.

"You were angry and you decided to kill my daughter, why? would that make you feel better huh?" Xiomara asked but all Almiro could do was beg for mercy. "I should just k*ll you"

"No... I'm sorry, please please, just this once, spear me please, My wife just gave birth, I haven't even seen my baby, please, please" he pleaded in tears.

Xiomara burst into uncontrollable laughter, "I didn't see mine either" she said as she stretched her hand, and Luca quickly gave her a well-loaded gun.

"You should have thought about them before betraying me, you know me too well, I don't let off betrayals," Xiomara said using the gun to touch his face making him shake in fear.

"Even if you don't tell me who put you up to this act, I will still find them and send them to hell I'm sure you would need a lot of company," Xiomara said.

"It was Assemblyman Borelli" Almiro blurted making Xiomara raise a brow at him. "I needed the money urgently, my wife suddenly developed fibroid and she's pregnant, I needed a lot of money for surgery, please forgive me" Almiro confessed in tears.

"How much did he give you?" Xiomara asked sounding very calm and compassionate making Luca and Yvette exchange glances at each other.

"A hundred thousand euros"

Xiomara chuckled staring at him 'You.. you have been a very good boy and you betray me for just a hundred thousand euros".

"Ya!" Almiro jolted at the pitch of her voice

"If you want to sell me off, do that for a good price, it's upsetting if you sell me off cheaply, you understand," he asked turning towards the other thugs and letting them know the statement wasn't just for Almiro.

She was a mafia consigliere and betrayal was something that was bound to happen, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, there must be a Judas who loved money more than anything in life.


"Yes Ma'am" Yvette answered immediately coming towards her.

"Use his phone and call the hospital, He needs to know how his wife and kid are doing, right?" she asked looking at Almiro.

Hot tears dropped from his eyes as she looked at Yvette who didn't hesitate to call the hospital, she wasn't going to let him off, today was indeed his last day.

"Put it on speaker" She ordered immediately after the call connected.

"You have just three minutes" She smiled at him.

"Honey, Where are you? everyone is already here, is the rain adding to the traffic?" Brenda his wife asked all at once immediately the call connected.

"Is it a girl?" he asked, he didn't have the time to answer his wife's numerous questions.

"Yes, and she looks just like you, your mum is here and she won't stop bragging," Brenda said over the phone smiling.

"Really" he tried as much as he could to hide his cracked voice and sound as if everything was okay.

"Yes, Do you want to speak with her" Brenda didn't even complete her statement before her mother-in-law collected the phone?

"Son, where are you?, you should come quickly to the hospital, your daughter looks exactly like you, your nose, your eyes, your big ears she has everything," The woman said beaming with a smile making Xiomara chuckle.

"Son are you still there?" she asked.

"Yes mother, I'm...." he stopped halfway trying to hide the sorrow in his voice, he just became a dad and it was a thing of joy and sorrow.

"Can you make her cry so I can hear her voice?" He managed to ask.

Brenda stared at her phone for a while getting suspicious of her husband's weird request but she simply waved it aside as nothing and pitched her daughter, the baby girl felt the awful pain and began to cry.

The baby's crying voice caused a stir in Xiomara's memory as she imagined how her own son's voice sounded, she sniffed smiling hard, if only she had gotten the opportunity to hear him cry.

"Time up," she said with mixed feelings and fired two bullets straight into his heart, the sound of the gun shattered everyone including Brenda and Almiro’s mother.

"Hello, Honey what was that sound?" Brenda asked sounding very worried, Yvette quickly ended the call without saying anything to them.

"That was poetic" Xiomara commented staring at Almiro’s lifeless body on the seat, a dead silence followed as Xiomara does the sign of the cross

"That's what you get for betraying me" she broke the silence, taking his wristwatch. 'This is going to be my trophy, hope you don't mind," she said staring at the old wristwatch that had some bloodstains on it.

"Yvette, make sure you send gifts to the little girl, drop a bouquet on his grave and extend our condolence to his family and you Luca, get me information on where congressman Borelli is, I need to pay him a visit," Xiomara said with a smile plastered on her face.

"Okay" Yvette and Luca responded in unison.

"Matt, take care of this neatly understand," She said leaving the room, she was done with her business there.

Chapter 2 Ruthless And Sassy

"To Borelli house" Her eyes were shut as she relaxed at the back of her limousine. 

Both Luca and Yvette gave her a sharp glance "Actually, he's out on a family vacation at his penthouse, we should visit him tomorrow" Luca said. 

Xiomara gradually opened her eyes and stared at Luca and Yvette, they were both seated at the back of the limousine with her while Foschi her private driver occupied the driver's position. 

"Family vacation huh?" she smirked "I love family vacations, especially when it comes with a surprise and unexpected guest"

"Don't you agree with me Luca?" she gave him a hard stare which could only mean one thing "Don't ever tell me what to do ever again". 

Luca gulped hard retracing his previous words to Xiomara, although he was suggesting they visit Borreli the next day but he made it sound like an order, Xiomara hates it when people order her around, especial


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