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Heartless Billionaire: The Stolen Smile

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“Do you have a boyfriend?” Asher's voice resounded in Olivia's ear as she looked up at his face. Her lips parted and she gently nodded her head. “Yes, I do.” She said softly. “Now we will have to find him a new girlfriend.” His voice was deep and it made her blink. “Because I want you.” Betrayed by the love of his life, Asher Lincoln, an arrogant and possessive self-made Billionaire was pushed to anger to make a rash decision to get married to the first lady he set his eyes on and it happened to be Olivia Parker, who fantasies getting married to her best friend who she has hidden crush on, but Asher used the debt her father owed to his advantage to make her his, he made her his wife, only that there was no love between them both, it all became a hassle when Olivia Parker found out his reason for the marriage, but it was too late as he wouldn't let her go nor love her. What would her fate be when she has no say in her life and no escape from the marriage? Read to find out how it all turns out!

Chapter 1

It was busy and crowded as a young lady in pointed white high heels made her way out of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Her red luggage which she held in her hand rolled behind her as she pulled it along with her.

Her red dress danced at each step she made, her lips painted with red lipstick as a smile spread through them, and she inhaled the fresh breeze that ran through her face.

Not only that, but her eyes were covered with black sunglasses and her long brown hair bounced at the step she made.

She stopped, halting the luggage along with her, she glanced around the airport and drew a sharp breath.

“It changed.” She softly said and adjusted her sunglasses. “I wonder if coming back here is worth it.” She said to herself.

“Olivia!” She heard someone scream her name and she turned around in that direction and there she was, in a yellow top and blue Jean trousers, her friend Chloe Jade.

“Chloe!” Olivia screamed out in excitement as she took off her glasses as she abandoned her luggage and ran toward Chloe who ran towards her and they both embraced themselves and began to spin around with joy.

“Oh, Olivia, it's so good to see you after three long years!” Chloe said as she pulled her into a tight embrace again.

“I missed you so much, Chloe!” Olivia broke down in tears. “I thought I was going to die while missing you.” She sobbed.

“Me too, it felt like I was missing a rib.” Chloe began to sob too.

“You both never cease to amaze me, you still act like this.” A deep voice said behind Chloe, recognizing the voice, Olivia quickly raised her head and her eyes dilated as she pulled out of the embrace.

“Lawrence?” Olivia mouthed as her face turned pink to the young, handsome man who was standing right next to them.

'He has not changed a bit' Olivia thought in her head as she stared at Lawrence.

Yes, he became more handsome, but he was still the same, the same as she had seen him the first time she laid eyes on him.

His looks had been one of the reasons she fell in love with him, his smiles had added to the second reason, and his smart brain, who wouldn't fall in love with him?

“Hey Ollie,” He called her by the pet name he only calls her. “Welcome back to Seattle.” He said in his intoxicating voice, and Olivia's lips parted.

'His voice is still as charming as ever.' She thought in her head as she stared at him.

“Thank you, Lawrence.” Her lips parted in a smile, he was her best friend, and she had a crush on him.

Chloe turned to Lawrence. “I thought you were going to wait behind and show up like a surprise to her as we planned.” She said, since they had planned to surprise Olivia.

She had not notified Olivia that Lawrence would be coming along with her to welcome her.

“I couldn't stay back, more especially after I remembered how you both usually cry and act stupid whenever you meet,” He glanced at Olivia. “And I was right to show up, you were both crying and causing a scene.” He pointed from Chloe to Olivia, who was still standing there and blankly staring at Lawrence.

“What do you expect, when it's been three years since I set my eyes on her.” Chloe jutted her chin and then turned to Olivia, but she paused her lips when she saw Olivia ogling at him.

She smiled, since she knew Olivia had had a crush on Lawrence since high school.

“Olivia,” Lawrence called out, pulling her out of her thoughts as he looked at her. “You are all dolled up,” He pointed at her outfit.

Olivia quickly tucked her hair behind her ear and adjusted her dress. “Isn't it pretty?” She asked, raising her brows curiously as she waited for his remark, glad that she had dolled up like this, who knew Lawrence would show up here?

His forehead furrowed as he glanced at her dress that stopped right above her knees. “You shouldn't wear short dresses like this, you would only get yourself cold or attract guys who are lustful to yourself.” He told her.

Olivia closed her eyes momentarily. 'He is still the same as I knew him.' She thought to herself.

“Come on Lawrence, this dress is beautiful, and it suits her perfectly, you look so lovely, Olivia.” Chloe flashed her a smile.

“Thanks for the compliments, Chloe.” Olivia smiled back.

Lawrence scoffed. “You even paint your lips now.” Lawrence raised the corner of his lips as he gazed at Olivia's lips.

“I think I am the right age to dress up the way I like and paint my lips as I wish!” Olivia was infuriated now as she raised her voice and Lawrence was taken aback and so was Chloe.

Chloe blinked, and then she smiled as she glanced at Lawrence. “See, Olivia isn't that girl you once knew and scolded.” She said with a chuckle.

Lawrence exhaled sharply as he shook his head. “What can I say? She became more stupid and stubborn.” He brushed past her and walked over to her luggage, and he grabbed it.

“Oh, come on, Lawrence, that's not a way to welcome her, you are being so harsh again!” Chloe gritted her teeth as she frowned.

“Let's go, rather than talk about how dolled up and stupid you have become, your parents are waiting,” Lawrence said and walked ahead of them as Olivia watched his back with a shattered heart.

“Aish! What is wrong with him all of a sudden?" Chloe said as she gazed at Lawrence with a frown.

She turned to Olivia. “Don't pay much attention to him, he acts up sometimes, let's go,” Chloe said and linked arms with Olivia.

“You have to tell me all about your stay in Hawaii and the men there,” Chloe told her with a smile and thrills.

“Sure, I will fill you in, and you have to fill me in on everything that has happened here too,” Olivia told her as they walked behind Lawrence.

“Leave that to me, I downloaded them all into my memories and would share them all.” They both chuckled as they headed out of the airport and towards the car Lawrence had brought.

Chapter 2

Lawrence pulled over at Olivia's family apartment parking lot, and he turned to the two girls who had been talking nonstop in the back seat.

“We are here.” He announced to them and stepped out of the car, they both got down and Olivia glanced at her family house.

She had grown up in this building since she opened her eyes as a baby, they had not moved, and it had been a happy place for her and her family.

Not until she went to further her education in Hawaii, but something about the place changed.

Lawrence took out her luggage from the boot and walked over to her. “Would you stare at it all day like you haven't lived here for many years?” He questioned her when he saw her staring.

Olivia turned to him and exhaled softly. “Perhaps it's because it's been three years since I saw the building.” She softly said.

“What are you talking about?” Lawrence shook his head at her like she was stupid and walked ahead of her, heading inside t


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