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He's a temptress

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Akram is a ruler known to be very cruel, he likes to change partners is typical for Akram, who incidentally is a ruler, and women are only to satisfy his lust when he wants it. Even so, many beautiful women, even those from the artist circle, exalt the figure of Akram to be their woman. But this is no different from Elina, let alone worship Akram to make herself his woman; Elina is even more willing to die than be with Akram. The figure of Akram, who cannot be denied and whose curiosity continues to haunt him until he achieves his goal of getting Elina's heart and body.

Chapter 1

Torrential rain fell, drizzling down onto the earth amidst the dark sky, which was busy struggling because it was split by lightning, accompanied by a roar that rattled the window panels of Elina's rickety, rented house.

Elina jogged past the terrace of her house, which was soaked with leaks all over its miserable side. He hurriedly opened his bag, looking for a minor key that should have been in one of the pockets of his backpack.

It was bone-chilling cold at night in this silent city tonight. This was all exacerbated by the heavy rain that never stopped from early in the morning until the sun picked up the sun at night.

Elina's hands were shaking uncontrollably; her thin body was still not used to enduring this cold air. What he wanted most now was to find the d*mn key before rushing into the house to take cover on the roof that didn't drip water on his sopping wet body.

Unfortunately, there was no chance for him to rest; he could only go home to change clothes, then had to leave again to work another night shift.

Elina is used to living alone, alone and struggling with her strength to improve her life. He grew up without knowing who his birth parents were, without knowing who his origins were, in a rickety orphanage in a small town attached to the city where he is currently seeking his fortune.

Her life at the orphanage was full of struggles; she had to learn to share and resist her heart's desires and never felt like having new things she bought for herself.

Yes, living in an orphanage with only a few donors, he and the other children must be content with getting used goods to equip themselves.

When Elina graduated from high school, she got the chance to live independently. Her orphanage mother gave her a diploma and a little money to help her survive before finding a job. Her pocket money may be small, but for Elina, who is used to working hard from an early age, that money can become a stepping stone that catapults success.

Learning to be efficient, Elina uses her money to rent a small, rundown rented house in an alley jostled with other rundown houses. Elina deliberately chose a location that was far away and hard to reach to keep prices down. His strategy worked because he got a fair price for a house that, although frail, was decent enough to be a place to go home and take shelter.

The rest of the money he earns he uses to enroll in computer and English courses, a piece of knowledge and skill that he can use for a better future. Luckily, a kind-hearted orphanage alumnus helped him apply for a job as a caretaker at a convenience store near his rented house. Elina uses the money from her career to survive and pay for her courses. She took classes during the day and crossed the clock by working other hours, continuing to work hard to maintain her independence.

Elina knew that she had to fight for her future. Because he is alone, he has no one to look up to or complain about.

Who else should he depend on if not himself?

It has been almost two years since he broke away from the orphanage that raised him, and he lives independently. He had completed both courses three months ago and was now struggling to find a better job than being a caretaker of a small supermarket on the outskirts of town.

Elina wanted to be like the career women she often saw when running the supermarket; these women usually stopped by after work to buy something. Their appearance is clean and tidy, and they spend a lot of money to purchase trivial things like snacks and beauty products without even batting an eye.

Peace of mind in life is what Elina wants. He never had grandiose dreams. She wants peace of mind when living life, including not worrying if you have to spend money to buy something, the same way that career women feel.

Their condition is, of course very d, different from what Elina feels. When she gets her monthly salary, Elina must immediately sort out her needs so that she doesn't end up starving in the middle of the month without a penny. Rent money is paid at the beginning of the month, then Elina will separate cash for food and her living needs. Only for primary needs, the money is barely enough, trained him to endure hunger when he saw that his wallet was running low at the end of the month.

And that anxiety always accompanies him, worrying about whether he can survive until the end of the month, worrying about whether he can still eat until the next day. All of that is even more tiring than his relentless hard work.

That's why Elina's dreams are not grandiose. Just buy new clothes or shoes, or even sit in a cafe while sipping coffee with various unique names that make your mouth water. It was quite as simple as Elina wanted.

Unfortunately, the level of education that he has, plus two types of courses that show his additional skills, still cannot compete in the rigors of the arrogant world of job seekers. For three months, with so many digital application letters to companies that needed administrative staff, no one called him for an interview and assessed his abilities.

Elina knows that even university graduates have a hard time finding jobs nowadays. And I realized that he was not comparable to them. That thought almost made him give up, drove him no longer eager to find a job, and started to accept that perhaps for the rest of his life, he would only make it to the job ladder as a caretaker of a small supermarket on the outskirts of town.

However, maybe God is still a little kind to him. One of his friends, who alternated shifts with him in charge of the supermarket, suddenly whispered an exciting job offer to him.

Sachi is quite pretty and two years older than him, and they've worked together for over a year as supermarket clerks, although they don't get along because their schedules, as opposed to shifts, mean that it's rare for them to work the same hours and spend time together.

Maybe seeing how hard Elina was trying to find a job, Sachi finally fell for it and whispered to Elina to join her in doing additional work, which was tempting. Work is done early, but Sachi guarantees it is not dangerous. Even though the location is in a famous nightclub in the middle of the city, Elina doesn't work as a night girl accompanying guests to drink and dance like Sachi but instead works as a toilet cleaner.

Yes, as a toilet cleaner. Sachi says the job pays well, almost twice the salary of managing a supermarket, although it requires more strength.

Chapter 2

Sachi said that an acquaintance of his who works as a supervisor in the cleaning service department of the club asked him to help find someone to fill the job that was constantly being left out. All of that is because being a toilet cleaner at a nightclub is a tough job. At night in nightclubs, many drunken visitors forget themselves. They were too drunk to properly clean themselves and clean the toilets they had used, not to mention the many people who vomited and vomited from being too drunk there.

Sachi doesn't hide anything when he offers the job to Elina, and despite hearing it all, Elina still sees the job offer as a great opportunity and is determined to take it.

Work hours at the club were from eleven at night to four in the morning, making the time perfect for Elina to take the job. He planned to take on two jobs at once. In the evenings, he would clean the club's toilets, then come home in the morning to take a short nap be


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