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Gwen's fantasy game with three billionaire

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Gwen Sanchez is a writer who loves writing reverse harem romance. She suddenly woke up inside her story and became an unknown character. Wanting to get out, she enters the most dangerous household consisting of dominant s*xy men. Tied with lies and hope, she'll be entangled in a sweet demeanor with the antagonist who sees her as a maid and nuisance. Knowing the flow of the story, she will use that to conquer her own story. Is she just a toy for them that is there to please their desires? Will she stay in that fantasy world with three handsome billionaire or choose to go back to her boring life? What will happen to her in the fantasy game?

CHAPTER 1: House of Camellia

Gwen’s POV

I grab my phone when my phone rings. It’s from my senior editor. “Hello, Ms. Ada? Is there a problem again?” I stood up and open the window. “Not really, its a good news then somehow bad one. A Japanese manga company that also produces anime’s are asking for your manuscript regarding your reverse harem story. You knew very well that reverse harem anime’s are making a sound in the market, right? So… they wanted to turn your romance story into manga and anime as well!”

“Really? Oh my gosh! That’s indeed a good news! I’m excited! You know that I love reading manga and watching anime, right? I would love to have collaboration with them. I’m in,” I said while fidgeting the curtain. I can’t explain the happiness that I felt at this moment.

“Okay then, I will inform them. But… here’s the bad news. They are asking if you can finish the whole story in a month?” My jaw drops and cough. “What?! A month?! Are you kidding me, Ada?” I heard her sigh. “Nope. So think about it. Call me when you made up your mind, okay?” I sigh and close my eyes. “I will do it. If I have to pull an all-nighter then so be it. I can’t lose this chance Ms. Ada,” I said. I heard her laughter. “That’s my girl. I will call them then and soon they’ll reach out to you,” she said and ended the call. I stretch my body and went back to my working desk. “Get back to work, Gwen!”

Days had past and turn into a death defying three weeks. I cough and sneeze. “Please my dear body, help me. Don’t give up yet. Let’s all finish this d*mn work. Just another week and we will relax for a f*ck*ng month,” I said and grab the ginger tea beside my table. But I keep on sneezing and my head is getting dizzy…

She wakes up inside her story

“Miss? Wake up miss! Miss!” I slowly open my eyes. What the hell, did I passed out because of overwork and cold? I blink a thousand times when I saw three men in front of me. “What the f*ck!” I stood up and look around me. Where the hell am I? In a greenery place… and on the road?! I look at my body, these clothes. It was still the same but when did I… “Ada! Don’t tell me you betrayed me and put me in a place where I can’t go back?! What the hell is going one?” They gave me that weird glance.

“We should be the one asking that. You’re in the middle of the road. We almost hit you!” I look at them. They look dignified, dominant and… arrogant or what? “If you wanted to commit suicide then do it somewhere else.” I frown and give them a p*ss*d off expression. “I already died when I became a romance writer,” I mumbled. “Romance writer? One of those hopeless romantic?”

I put my left hand on my waist and the other one is used for fidgeting. “First, I am not hopeless romantic. Second, being a romance writer is fun. Lastly, its still a job, *ssh*l*.” My voice became monotone. The other one sigh and grab my wrist. “Whoever are you, don’t dare jumping on the road and drag other people your stupidity.”

“Let me go!” I turn around and give him a flying kick. He uses hand hand to stop my attack. I blushes when I realize that I am wearing a dress. “But wait, when did I know such thing?!” I step back and slap my face.

“Agh, f*ck. It hurts! What the hell is going on? This isn’t dream. Where is my phone,” I said and tried to touch my body and realize one thing. “Someone should design a dress with… pockets!” I look at them. “Can I lend a phone then? I want to call someone to pick me up. Where is this place?” I ask. One of them gave his phone to me. I dialed the number and realize that I am still in United kingdom. It was says here that I am not calling a numbers abroad.

“Hmm? No such phone numbers? What the hell is going on?” I gave it to him and I breath deeply. “Raffa and Rahim, let’s go. Don’t waste your time with someone like her,” he said and walk away first. That name rings a bell! I suddenly notice their brooch. “It’s a brooch from the house of camellia! The one that I design on my story?! Oh no, please… not in gazillion years!’ I step back on the other side of the road and watch their car leaving this place. Then I notice their plate numbers, I freak out! “No!” I screamed in a low pitch. You gotta be kidding me!

It’s been three days and all the settings and places that I wrote on the story were the same. ‘Why do I have to enter in my story! What is this some kind of traveling sci-fi romance drama? What the hell, all I wanted is that opportunity!’ I sat down and hug my feet. At least I can be able to eat free food because of washing dishes. But where should I sleep again?”

“Ross siblings? Hmm…” I close my eyes and remember what chapter I might be. I snap my finger! “What is the date today?” I look around, I wish I can see a calendar. “Maybe I can use this chance to have a house to live!” I rush off and use a public bathroom. I sneak some clothes and went straight to the Ross’s HQ. I look around and when I saw the time. “I have to go!”

“Miss, this is not a good place for you. Your not…” I sneak out and leave that guard. When I hide this corner and saw him running at different direction, I was relieve. ‘I remember that I introduced them vividly on this chapter as the enemy of the main characters.’ I remember that a character named Robert is a businessman who hates Raffa. He will send a gunman who will try to kill him but Raphael will shield himself for his baby brother.

“Big brother, you have to be careful with your transaction with mister…” Raffa saw that. “Keep cover!” I grab Raffa and Rahim. They fall down the floor and I embrace Raphael who shield his brother. I twist around and push him down. Bangg! ‘Oh sh*t!’ So this how it feels to be shoot. This is a lot painful that I thought. I turn around and face the gunman. I ran off him, and kick give a kick. When his gun drops off I grab it and realize that its heavy.

“Too heavy,” I mumbled and I just take off the magazine and threw away the bullets. “Grab them!” Now I realize my real situation. I shook my head and my vision start to get blurry. ‘What the f*ck…’ I passed out.

“Deadline!” I arose from bed and shook my head. “Agh, what the hell,” I cursed. I touch my back and felt the pain. I am still stuck here? Then what should I do? Or maybe because… I blink when I saw those three pair of eyes. “Your awake, finally.” If I’m not mistaken, this is Rahim. He has these light brown eyes. In my story, they have three eye colors. Rahim inherited their mom’s eye color. Raffa got his green eyes from their dad.

While Raphael had blue eyes because he inherits his grandfather’s eye color. “It looks I’ll get stuck from here forever,” I mumbled and lay back. I groan when I realize that my wound is on my back. “Your the one on the road,” Raffa said. I just nod and close my eyes.

‘What should I do now? I thought dying here is a way to leave my won story. Maybe I will try the other way just like what I watch on television series.’ I gulp when I remember a drama who even show her nakedness in order to go back in her world but nothing happens. “I wish when I woke up next, I’m not in this world anymore…” I mumbled to myself.

“Good morning,” Rahim said as he sip his tea. I frown. I’m still here which pisses me off. What in the world is this?! This is not fun anymore. Am I being punished. “Here’s your breakfast. You have to eat now, you need to drink your meds.” Raphael’s voice were the coldest. I start eating and tried not to meet their gaze. I can’t believe I am staring on the fictional characters that I created.

After three days, the doctor told me that I can go home now. That hit me, my wound is still aching inside and yet I don’t know where should I sleep. Winter is coming already and the night is already freezing. “Get in,” Raffa said and opens his car door for me. “He said get in,” I look back to Raphael. I move away and walk straight. ‘I have to find a warm place to stay. Now I knew how it feels like to be homeless.’ I blink when I felt that someone grab my clothes. I turn around, I saw that handsome face of Raphael.

“He is talking to you, idiot.” I frown at him. “Be nice, that won’t hurt you,” I said using my monotone voice. “Ehh?! Me?!” I pointed myself. He nod, and now I realize that there are two car behind Raffa’s. “Just go ahead, I will take care of her myself, Raffa.” He nodded and he get inside his car. He opens his car and signed me to get in.

“Why would I?” I mumbled and cross my arms. His gaze were scary. “I’ll get in, I’ll get in. I’m sorry,” I hop in. He drove his car and Rahim followed us. It took as 30 minutes and their car enters the house of Camellia. I remember that the female lead owns the house of Rose and she had four men in her life. While Raphael’s ex-wife own the house of Lily. She is selfish and social climber.

“Welcome back, young lords.” I suddenly feel hilarious. I have written this story and I felt this awkwardness. “She’ll be staying in this household from now on. Give all the things that she needed. Make sure that she won’t kip her meals and her medicines, is that clear?” They all bow down. “Understood, Sir Raphael!” I grab his clothes and he look at me. I wave my hand and tiptoed. I better whisper it or I’ll be embarrassed. “That is too much, tell them that I don’t need such thing. Also, can I apply as a maid? My boss fired me and I need a job now. I’m still in f*ck*ng debt,” I reasoned out. I let him go and distance myself. “What is your previous job?” I sigh. “Romance writer,” I mumbled. “Can you handle any secretarial work? For three people?” he said. I stop and tried to analyze what he said. ‘Well I can do it, I guess. After all, I graduated BS secretarial in a famous university.’ I look at him. “Maybe. But why three people?” I ask. They walk away. “Use your eyes,” he said. Now I realize what he said. I heard a ruckus outside. I went out and saw a familiar scene. “Let him out! I will kill him! Come out Rahim!” He looks at me and grab my neck.

CHAPTER 2: Playful dominance

Raphael’s POV

We are about to open our room’s door when we heard that ruckus. I look at Rahim. “What the hell did you do again, Rahim?!” He sigh. “Don’t mind him. The butlers will take care of that bastard,” he said. One of the maids suddenly runs towards us. “We’ve got a problem! The missy had become his hostage!” My jaw clench and I look at Rahim.

“What the fuck,” he said and we all went down. He is holding her and a knife is on her neck. “You came down, Rahim. Good thing or else…” He move the knife on her neck and it starts to bleed. “Wait, don’t hurt her. You want me isn’t it? I’m the one your looking for!”

“What do you want? What did he do this time?” I ask. He scoff. “Act like your empathy is on me? Don’t give me that shit. Did you know that he seduced my fiancee and now our wedding is cancelled?!” I look at Rahim.

“Well, its not my fault that women are swinging under my pants,” he said. “Please, we will talk to your fiancee and help you. Don’t hurt her


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