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Guarding The Mafia's Prince

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Cathalina Frances Valeria is a well-known superior agent in Italy. She was trained well and capable in her job, doing missions like it was just a piece of cake to her. Aside from her thrilling profession, she also does modeling internationally to the point that every man flocked their feet to her. Despite being a Valeria heiress and prominent in her capabilities and enticing beauty, she is wretched and despondent. Until one day, the director of her organization gave her a mission. A mission that will change her life and norm. A mission that can lead her path to a mafia heir. A mission that will make her heart at stake for Guarding the Mafia's Prince.


In a fun park where children are playing, there was a boy who was just watching other children playing. He just watched silently, not wanting to stand up or talk to his fellow children.

He was only out now because there was only a limited number of days he could go out. His Daddy states that he was not allowed to go out because it was dangerous. He did not know why, but because he was an obedient child, he did not have a choice but to follow.

His father is a well-known business tycoon in a prominent company. His mother is a doctor at the hospital they own. He is an only child. His parents are too devoted to work that they were not interested in making another child rather than him.

He was not unaware that his parents had hidden identities. He was naïve all his life. Going outside was treated as a dangerous trap where he could fall.

Sometimes, he would get to the point to imagine himself being a prisoner in his own house. He would want to ask why he is not like the other children that can roam outside. But because he didn't want to make his father angry, he just let it go.

All his life, he only wanted to be free. Even for a moment…

His gaze was averted as he looked to the side. He noticed a dispute, led by a furious girl. He frowned when he saw her whole face and found himself amused by her beauty. She had long eyelashes, her sharp nose was just right on her little face. She had gray eyes that were sharp and dangerous. While her lips were as red as a rose.

That girl is mysteriously beautiful, hmmm.

He found himself feeling his beating heart. Why is it beating abnormally? He looked at the girl and did not realize that he was walking toward the throng. He saw how the girl's fist clenched and was about to throw it at the children if he hadn’t had a grip on her. His lips parted because the girl in front of him fell with great force.

Aww, that hurts ...

The girl was feral and ire when she stood up from her fall on the ground. He glared at her for almost hurting another child. Inside their minds, they were killing each other.

"What do you think you are doing?!” the girl asked, irritated at him.

"You almost killed him!” the boy said and pointed to the boy who was crying while running away with other children.

"It was his fault for teasing me,” the girl murmured at him, thinking that it was not her fault if she almost punched the boy in the face.

The boy just shook his head indulgently. For some reason, he thought that he didn't know that this is how it feels when talking to someone. The girl was glaring at him, but before he could even say something, the bodyguards that were guarding him outside the park were approaching already. He guessed that his daddy is looking for him now.

"You're going home?" the girl asked, maintaining a stoic, mean gaze. “Are you on a curfew, then? Pffft,” she teased sardonically.

"Yes, because Daddy must be angry,” he said formally, not wanting to respond to her sassy attitude.

He was embarrassed because she might make her laugh because of his parents strictness, but instead, she was shrinking her eyes. She took a step forward, making him widen his eyes a bit. What is she doing?

"Won't we meet again? Aren't we friends now?" she said.

The boy bit his lip. He gazed at his approaching bodyguards and looked at the beautiful girl again. Without answering her, he removed the star-shaped bracelet as a pendant. He immediately hooked it on the wrist of the girl who was shocked and unable to move at what he did.

"When you want to remember me or want to see me, just look at it. I don't know when we'll meet, but I promise you that I will scold you the next time I see you for almost hurting a child," he said and stared at her for a while, remembering her face.

"This is beautiful,” the girl commented, and couldn't help but marvel because the bracelet was so beautiful. She looked up at him and also thought of a souvenir to give. "If you want to see me too, just hold this bear, okay?" She handed over the sentimental stuff toy that her Mommy had given her. "My nickname for you is Tan-Tan!"

He also thought of a name he wanted for the girl, and when he thought of something, he chuckled. "I want to call you Kat-Kat, then!"

The bodyguards have already gone to him and pulled him away. Kat-Kat, the girl he met and got into a brief dispute with, watched him going away while the bracelet he gave to her was shining like her porcelain skin. The girl smiled and waved her fingers.

The boy thought that even though they fought, they also had a casual conversation. The wind emerged out of nowhere in the middle of the park, making the girl’s hair blown away. His lips parted as if the world spun around so slow to make him remember her face and name.

And he promised himself that when the outside world is not dangerous for him anymore, he will find her. His Kat-Kat.

He got into the van and sat in the backseat. He watched the girl looking at the vehicle with her glowing eyes, and after a while, she turned her back with the bracelet on her wrist. When she vanished from his sight, he looked down at the brown teddy bear and slowly embraced it with his small hands.

Chapter 1

Tristan’s Point of View:

After my girlfriend Amara and I photoshoot, we immediately changed our clothes. I went to the dressing room assigned to me. This is how my life always goes: to have a photoshoot and come back to the company. I only get to be with my friends once because I’m always with Amara.

My girlfriend and I have been together for a long time. Maybe we have reached five months and I can say that I am happy with her. Her beauty is simple but bold. We met when we were in high school and I was fascinated by her beauty. Plus the fact that she’s so smart that I didn't even know and I suddenly liked her.

It was difficult to obtain her, but because I am a dedicated admirer, I was able to get her. She, like me, works as a model for her mother's company, and I make a lot of money from it. I also run my own business. I have my own company and can say that I am successful in life at the age of 23.

Now that I am old, I no longer nee


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