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Forced Marriage to the Secret Billionaire

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“ I can make you forget everything by pleasuring you in ways you didn't even know existed! ” He whispered before leaning down to nibble on her earlobe. “ Ple-Please… ” She pleaded, dragging her nails down his bare back without caring about how she didn’t even know his name. ___________ When Sara Lexington decided to loosen up a bit by getting drunk and ended up giving her virginity to a stranger, she didn’t expect to be forced into a marriage with him. She offered him money to back out because he was a nobody and a man she didn't want. But, he refused and he must face her wrath. What happens when this nobody husband turns out to be someone Sara couldn't even imagine in her dreams? Will she accept him or will she continue to make his life hell as she promised him on their dramatic wedding day?


loyce akinyi

Review after half of the novel

One of the most interesting books I have come across ,I really admire the unconditional love Sila has towards Sara and their interaction is mind blowing I wish the author could have wrote more chapters and give us more in depth relationship between Sara an Sila while young,and also about Sara's parent relationship not an overview and Sara story while still young after her mother's death what really happened to her, generally still a very good book to read bravo

December 29, 2023

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