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For the sake of love

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The best story for a the first time lovers. The to get a new book and the person I was just wondering if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time and I will make sure to get the bonus room forward to seeing you and the family are doing well and that you have a great day and I will be there at me and I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the receipt for the sake of the day and I will be there at me your address and

Chapter 1

Angelica's parents arranged another date for her, this time it is from a well known family they are the richest in the town whom their son William wants to get married. they are owing a debt to this family, it happened when the parents of Angelica got married.

they arranged a blind date again this time, Angelica was happy to go on the date she had been longing for it after she allowed her friend to marry on her behalf she regretted it.

I can't wait for this man, though i have not seen him in person, but i heard he have all that i desire in a man, his is tatoos super handsome and wealthy.

They met themselves at the shop, got to know themselves better and George told her what his family said. My family demands that you come to our house after the date to stay for days as their culture demands.

One Monday evening William was coming back from work and he decided to stop by and see Angelica, he was surprised to see a cute but shy lady he said, hello how are you doing? I'm fine she replied please is Angelica at home? I'm William by name, oh no she went to the supermarket to get some groceries. What is your name he asked? oh I'm Rebecca, a sister to Angelica, you are welcome to have a seat.

thank you George said with a smiling face.

I have found the one l love but how can l make it known to her okay l know what to do he said within himself. Please, are you single? yes but why do you ask? oh nothing l just like you.

you said like! Please leave me. You are getting married to my sister and you are here saying this. l know but l don't like her is you l love my parents wanted me to get married to the first daughter of Adrian family that why, l was forced to go on the date when l met her she was not the one l liked is you, l saw you the day l dropped your sister home after the date and l begin to like you. Please come to my house and pretend to be Angelica. My parents will not know because they have not seen you before and Rebecca agreed to go.

When he got home the same day he called Angelica and told her that she will not come again. He is going to a program and they agreed to make it after the program. She didn't know he was making plans for her sister to come.

It was on Thursday evening, Rebecca packed her clothes and prepared to spend the night in George's family house.

When she got there she was given a separate room and there she was arranging her clothes, inside the warm room, there was one person lying on the luxurious and soft big bed.

The man was entangled in a nearly transparent black veil, and a beautiful bow was tied at the end of the black veil, which just fell on the woman's lower abdomen.

The skin is smooth, and the figure is beautiful.

Her palm-sized face was blindfolded by black gauze, and her nervousness could be seen from the tight silk quilt hands.

With a "click", the door opened.

The visitor was silent, and the sound of footsteps was hidden on the carpet.

Hearing the slight sound of the door opening, Rebecca turned pale with nervousness.

Then someone reached out and stroked her, his fingers not smooth, with a rough layer of calluses on the pulp.

Su Rebecca was so frightened that he trembled violently.

"Ah!" Rebecca murmured, almost crying.

With a crying and nervous voice: "Please, please... let me go."

She was like a nervous little rabbit, begging with red eyes.

"Regret agreeing to this marriage?" A low and magnetic male voice came from Rebecca's ear.

Although this voice was a question, there was no joy or anger in it.

Rebecca's body trembled more and more.

Tonight, she is here in place of her sister. The Bryan and Adrian families are about to marry to ensure that the daughter of the Adrian family is clean.

Adrian Linda was not perfect, but she was clean enough that the Adrian family forced her to come.

The person who examined the body was not the eldest young master of the Bryan family, but just a bodyguard, gardener, cook or lower class of the Bryan family.

The Bryan family did not agree with this marriage, so they deliberately made such a request to humiliate the Adrian family.

In order to climb up to the Adrian family of the Bryan family, even if they knew that there was a fire pit in front of them, they had to jump into it.

Adrian Rebecca was the one sent in by Adrian Kelvin, and she was not prepared for this at all.

"I, I'm afraid, can you...can you give me some time?"

After she finished speaking, her small chain was pinched, and a man's extremely indifferent voice came from her ear, "No one can talk to me about conditions."

Although she couldn't see the appearance of the man in front of her, she could feel the powerful aroma of the man.

Feeling his breath getting closer, Adrian Rebecca was so frightened that tears fell.

"No..." Adrian Rebecca said unwillingly, struggling to escape from this place.

"Do you think you have the qualifications to say no? Miss Adrian, recognize your identity." The man's domineering and powerful words floated in her ears.

That voice seemed to be cold to the depths of the bone marrow.

She could hear the contempt and disdain in it.

"Feel aggrieved?" The man increased his strength, and her chain was pinched to the point of pain.

Adrian Rebecca could feel the chill on the man's body through the black gauze, and he didn't know whether it was cold or trembling from fright.

She gritted her teeth and said unwillingly, "If I could choose, I would definitely not come!"

If the Adrian family hadn't been kind to her and adopted her helplessly since she was a child, she wouldn't have come here today instead of her sister.

The little woman's stubborn expression caught his eye, and the man smiled mockingly, "Since the women of the Adrian family want to climb up to the Bryan family so much, then don't put on such a wronged look, you are not worthy!"

Saying you don't deserve it, Adrian Rebecca clenched his fists.

The man, like the storm outside the window, showed no pity, Adrian Rebecca closed his eyes and tears fell.

Adrian Family, I have paid off what I owe you!

The heavy rain finally stopped all night, and the sunlight gently poured in through the glass, and Adrian Rebecca woke up from her drowsiness.

The long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly wings and opened his eyes a few times. Thinking of what happened last night, his little face suddenly became terrified. He looked to the side, the room was empty, and there was no man.

She moved her fingers, her whole body was sore, she struggled to get out of bed while holding back tears, casually put on a veil and dragged her exhausted body to the bathroom.

Pushing the door open, she stiffened on the spot. In the bathtub was an indifferent man with delicate and handsome features but an expression like an ice sculpture.

Hearing the door opening, the man slowly opened his eyes and they looked at each other.

That moment is like a snow mountain green lotus blooming, amazing and shocking.

She had never met a person with such a powerful aroma. Those cold eyes were like giant eagles flying on the snowy mountains. Adrian Rebecca's legs were already soft. When she saw him like that, Adrian Rebecca almost knelt on the ground.

Could he be the man from last night!

For a while, Adrian Rebecca didn't know whether to sigh at the man's handsomeness, or how to break the awkward atmosphere now?

The man's eyes were too cold, and she didn't know how to react, so she had to step back cowardly.

"Stop." The man spoke, and his voice was a little more hoarse after he was satisfied, very s*xy and magnetic.

Adrian Rebecca stammered: "That... I, I didn't know you were there, I'll go out now."

Who is this uncle? The cook is definitely not him. Is that a bodyguard?

"Come over."

Just after turning around, her back was like a thorn in her back, and she could only lie on the ground motionless like a snow rabbit being stared at by a giant eagle.

"No, it's not very convenient."

"Don't let me say it a second time." The man was used to being aloof, and every word, every sentence had an irresistible majesty.

Adrian Rebecca didn't dare to disobey his words, and took small steps and walked over slowly.

"Sir, what are your orders?" Strangely, she had no temper at all in front of the man. This person seemed to be born to rule the life and death of others.

A big steamy palm grabbed her wrist, Adrian Rebecca let out a coquettish cry, and fell heavily into the water.

"Sir, what are you doing..." Adrian Rebecca was about to cry in pain, tears rolling in her eyes.

The chain was lifted, and the man's eyes as deep as ancient wells stared at her.

The little girl with red lips and white teeth faded away after baptism.

"Come to me early in the morning?" His voice was hoarse, which seemed very indescribable in this atmosphere.

The little girl shook her head frantically, "I didn't, I just thought you had left and wanted to take a shower."

Adrian Rebecca didn't hear the sound of water before she came in, so she didn't know there was someone inside.

"This excuse..." The man whispered in her ear: "It sucks."

The scorching breath was in his ears, and he wondered if the water vapor was too hot, and Adrian Rebecca's face turned red several times.

"I'm not lying, sir, please let me go."

"Heh... come and you want to leave? Remember, you don't have the right to choose."

Adrian Rebecca struggled frantically, messing up the bath water in the tub.

Chapter 2

When she was thrown on the bed again, it was like a dead fish, unable to move, tired, too tired, even more tired than her running 1,500!

The initiator, however, was standing beside the bed and dressed slowly.

The dust fluttered in the sunlight, the man was tall and handsome, and the figure was even more impeccable. Every muscle line was just right, too much and too strong, too little is too weak.

It's not just such a common thing as dressing, Adrian Rebecca seems to be watching the scene of the male protagonist of an idol drama.

No, he is many times more handsome than those contrived men.

She is not a nympho girl, but the temperament and natural elegance of a woman is really attractive!

The man glanced at the woman who was staring straight at him on the same bed, like a foolish idiot.

But with a casual glance, the skin on her shoulders that she inadvertently exposed made her boobs apple slide.

"Why, it's not enough?&quo


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