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Fire& Gasoline

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This is not your Average romance novel. This dark romance novel contains Steamy contents capable of turning your world upside down. - One of your biggest fantasy should not be wanting your boss bending you over his table. - Never allow your boss lead you into darkness, revealing a whole new world you never knew existed. - Never allow your boss perceive your Arousal, and know what exactly you taste like. - Never allow his spanking fly faster than sparks. Just like every worker, Rosa sees her boss as a workaholic who loves his job, invest his time into making it a profiting organization, but what she never knew was that Axel has a darker side of him he never showed to anyone, the dominating, possessive, and demonic side of him. Her biggest fantasies were to get her boss bending her over on his table, doing those terrible things to her, exploring every inch, every curves of her body, most especially her sensitive parts. Rosa's fantasies was becoming a reality the moment a message beep her phone.

Chapter 1

Fire& Gasoline:::

Rosa stretched her long limbs uncurling beneath the silk sheets, the alarm buzzed on the locker and lazily she reached out and clicked it off.

Another day of the usual errands. Turning over in the bed she stared wistfully at the empty space beside her. Why did Jax leave? It didn’t make any sense, they were happy, or at least she thought they were.

A week had passed since Jax had left, taking all of his belongings with him, she remembered the tears she shed as she begged him to explain why. All that Jax had given her in return were cold looks and a brief peck on the cheek before he walked out the door.

Rosa hated to admit it but she was lonely without him, she missed his touch, the smell of his aftershave and the way he always sang out of tune when he was in the shower.

Sitting up she threw her legs over the edge of the bed and stood, stretching her arms above her head, her succulent breasts strained against the soft camisole that she wore.

Padding into the bathroom she flicked on the shower, and then stopped to stare at her reflection in the mirror, slowly she stripped In front of the mirror, her eyes picking out each little flaw and imperfection that she knew she had.

Jax had always joked that he loved having a little something extra to hold onto when they made love, there was always that extra little edge to his voice when he said it, The tone of his voice suggesting that what he said went beyond teasing.

Naturally, it had always made her feel insecure, but it didn’t seem to matter how much she hit the gym her body just wasn’t cut out to be thin and waif like.

With a sigh rosa stepped into the shower and let the hot water cascade down across her soft naked skin. "Why did I let thoughts like that bother me?" She thought out loud, It was stupid, she knew she shouldn’t think so badly about her body, if she did not love herself, then how could she expect anyone else to love her? Or at least that was the advice all of the magazines gave out.

She was supposed to be a strong, confident and independent woman, and yet, the niggling doubts still filled her mind with the idea that she wasn’t good enough and no one would ever love her in the way she so desperately craved.

Grabbing the shower gel Rosa squirted some out into her hand and began to lather up her body violently, each time her hands rubbed against her n*ppl*s it made them stiffen a little more, indicating how too long had passed since she had s*x, and now she was beginning to suffer for it.

Indulging herself she let her hand dip between her legs, rubbing her cl*t in lazy circles, she moaned and pressed her free hand against her breast, pinching and playing until the nipple was painfully erect.

The phone rang.

Its insistent shrill tone made Rosa freeze, 'just ignore it, it’ll go to voice mail' the little voice in her mind urged, her hand began to slowly circle her cl*t once more as the answering machine kicked in, the sound of her apologetic greeting made the anger within her surface once more and she slipped her fingers into her p*ssy.

'Why was I always so apologetic about every goddamned thing?' she hissed.

The smooth caress of her boss’ voice filtered out from the answering machine, Rosa froze. The sound of his voice sent shivers of passion down her spine, now there was a man who knew how to be in control, she had often thought what it would be like to surrender to a man who held all the power.

A man who with just the tone of his voice could reduce her to a quivering mess.

Something clicked in her brain. What the hell was he saying? Rosa launched herself out of the shower stall and into the hall, standing there with water dripping onto the wooden floor from her naked body, she attentively listened to the message.

“Look Rosa, I just need you to get your *ss over here as soon as possible. This whole deal has turned to sh*t and I need you here... We need to...” He sighed on the other end of the line.

Rosa could picture him sitting behind his desk his hand idly pushing his dark hair back from his face. The phone clicked dead.

He had probably pressed the wrong button, he seemed to be doing that an awful lot lately. Part of her wondered why, as she headed back into the bathroom and grabbed a towel, when she had first started working for Mr. Axel, he had been more than capable of dealing with all of the fancy gadgets at his disposal, However, as more time passed, he seemed to more often be in need of her help in using them. It was odd and out of character.

Rosa dragged the brush through her dark hair, If she was to get to work on time and not receive a telling off then she needed to hurry. Hastily she applied her makeup, all thoughts of her earlier play-time in the shower were forgotten, she simply didn’t have time to finish. That seemed to be happening more often, and part of her wondered if she really was too busy to finish, or if she was deliberately stopping herself.

Slipping on a simple black pencil skirt, she zipped it up the side, she wore a white blouse with sleeves that cut off at the elbow, she preferred clothes that covered my arms but didn’t cling to them, Rosa had always been self-conscious about her arms, she would never fully understood why, but she knew to feel comfortable they had to remain covered.

Grabbing her coat and purse she ran out the door, barely remembering to lock it behind her.

The commute to the office was the usual nightmare, men on the train stared at her like she was some type of strange creature that had arrived on earth.

Friends on more than one occasion had tried to persuade her that they were staring because she was so attractive, but of course she had always dismissed that notion as pure nonsense. Men did not find women who were plump attractive, every magazine article, book, advertising, and movie, she had ever come into contact with reassured her of this fact.

Chapter 2

Even when she had been with Jax, he had always seemed loathe to admit in public that they were together, the only place he ever held her hand in public was when they went to the cinema and sat in the dark.

Grabbing up her morning coffee, Rosa's heart sank, how could she have been so stupid? Wasting so much time with a man who didn’t even really like her! She shook her head and picked up the second coffee she had prepared for Axel.

Carrying the cups carefully she tried to keep her hands steady as she walked into his office, his chair faced the window and she could tell from the tone of his voice that he was not succeeding in pulling the deal back from the brink, yesterday the deal had been running smoothly, What could possibly have happened over night to send everything to hell?

In her mind she ran through all of the files she had sent out, that moment Mr Axel's angry voice cut across her thoughts.

“What do you mean you didn’t receive it? It was sent


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