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Fated To Two Billionaire Alphas

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"You can't escape from a mate bond ... trust me. I’ve tried." After a one-night stand with a billionaire Jordy, Emma was kicked out of the house and forced to be a poor homeless girl. To survive, she did the only thing she could and went to a place full of mystery. The perfect girl had no idea how silly she was when two alphas wanted her and claimed her. And the worst part was one of the alphas named Jordy, the man who took her virgin that night. Emma tried to hide the secrets, but it was hard to be buried, and fate always had a plan. Now, could Emma hide her identity a secret or would she be found out and punished for running from her Two Alphas? Which brother would she choose? The over-protective big brother Jordy, or the bad boy younger brother Austin? These hot and s*xy brothers would have Emma begging for more. She would love them. She would hate them. But they only want to hide her away and marry them.

One-Night Stand Is A Big Mistake

Emma’s POV

I feel a big hand move to my hips, then it grasps me in a rough way. I nervously open my eyes and find out a naked man stirring in my arms.

What the heck?! I’m totally nude!

This man holds me possessively to his body, I try to move away from him then so many unknown tingles aroused in my deep body.


I curse inside my brain. My head feels dizzy, my throat is dry, feeling so regretful to drink so much last night.

I lost my virginity on a drunken night to a stranger. If Dad knows this sh*t, I have forecast, he would kick me out of the house.

I have no idea where I am, the sunlight peeking through the windows in a luxury room as I try to figure out where I sleep. The last thing I recall is my sister Lydia and I sneaked out and went to a bar to celebrate my eighteenth birthday, we danced and kept drinking cocktails.

"Holy sh*t!" I whispered and rubbed my nape and can feel the teeth mark. This man must be an *ssh*l*, what kind of creature would bite a girl’s neck like this? An animal.

Slowly, I untangled his arm from my chest, and try to slip away as fast as I can, but he tightened his grip around me, I saw a very handsome sleeping face.

This stranger isn't just a normal person but Jordy Antonakos, this man is the heir of the Antonakos family, and this family is one of the richest families in the world, he owns 40% of property in the city. I heard his younger brother owns the same as Jordy.

My iPhone is vibrating on the desk, Lydia's name is on the screen.

"Ahh..." I get up and moan, almost about to fall to the ground. My legs are wobbling and unable to move as my thighs and the lower part is stinging like hell.

Biting my lips, I quickly grab my phone and answer it in a very low voice, "hello?"

“Emma, where are you? Dad found out our beds are empty, he’s furious and I lied to him that we went camping. You’d better go home.” She says nervously.

And I notice there are twenty-four messages on my iPhone, the first of which came in from my mom at 2:48 A.M. Mom and dad definitely will kill me once I arrive at home.

“I don't know where I am, maybe in a hotel or someone's home... Oh god, mom called me last night, I must put my phone on vibrate and make haste.”I mutter, shaking my head.

My sister Amber is good at lying to dad, dad is strict with us, he loves us, but he is stubborn and quick-tempered, and he's been controlling and domineering about my private life. When we need some girls' secret party, Amber knows how to make dad believe her.

She sighed silently, "Emma, don't lie to me, did you sleep with Jordy Antonakos? "

I feel awkward as my body is naked, trying to grab a piece of cloth to cover my body and not wake up the sleeping man in the bed while I need to lie to my sister at the same moment.

"Jordy Antonakos flirted with you and shared our tapas and a couple of drinks. His eyes were wandering around you all the time, I knew he attempted to kiss you and trap your *ss."

“Probably... I spent a night with him, " I conceded.

“Aren’t you falling in love with him? Don’t be silly, Emma.”

I bit my upper lip and really wanted to punch my face hard for doing this stupid and naive thing.

“No, I don’t like him, and I even don’t remember how we met last night. And I know such a rich guy like him didn't date girls like me, he only looked for a one-night stand, not love.”

I heard thousands of adoring and rapacious women tracked him much, if one of them marry him, then that woman would have more money than she know what to do with. Guys like Jordy Antonakos don’t stick with girls like me. I’m only good enough to party with for a night.

The thought of him with a girl, which is not me, makes my heart pain in a way I've never felt before, it's odd. Why do I feel jealous about it?

"I won't waste my time on him. I'll take a taxi and go home." I hang up the phone and turn my head to Jordy.

He buries his head in the pillows, curly black hair dark against the bedding, his skin flushes by sleep, long lashes screening his eyes. Once I had read an article about him, the journalist had raved about his dazzling green eyes and the spiky length of his sooty lashes.

"Mate..." He whispers and frowns.

Mate? Is he calling someone’s name? I'm confused.

Time is flying quickly, I need to go home in an hour. I grab his shirt and my pants and wear them. Jordy's shirt is so long that it covers my butt, so it looks as if I'm half nude. I want to change the shirt, but mine is torn apart last night.

Wearing his shirt is like he uses strength against me, holding me fast, not allowing me to avoid his kiss again.

Then I notice a photo, he wraps around a sweet young girl and I can feel they like each other. The anger builds up inside of me.

I don't understand what is wrong with me, no one bothers me this much. Then stormed into the powder room, and stare at my face in the mirror.

Now I remembered vaguely how we met at first. While he was engulfed by a large, noisy crowd of people, his gaze locked on me, many beautiful women tried to sidle closer to him, but Jordy ignored all of them to walk toward me.

He had reached out his thumb, sliding over my cheekbone, tracing that wash of color that had appeared there. “Do you know that you’re beautiful?”

I chucked, and a warm flush of color spread up my cheeks. His attention, his compliments, his eyes filled with love, I lost my soul and my body for him.

I blinked and bit down on my tongue hard. Last night is daydreaming, I need to forget about it.

I place my hand on my chest, feeling the heartbeat running faster than normal, I press it hard and hope it can reduce the pain I feel there.

What is wrong with me?

Silently watching him again, I kiss his cheeks, and grab my purse and phone before striding outside. Before running out of the room, my face smashes into a man's chest.

"Ouch!" My tears are about to fall down.

A low wolf howl comes somewhere, out of fairness, I step back against the wall.

Wait a minute...What is that?

Do I hear an animal growl?

I lift up my eyes and see a man looking down at me with a left hand in his pocket. He pauses for a few seconds, sniffs the air around me then his eyes go round, shock and happiness visible.

"OMG, are you the girl who sleep with Jordy last night?"

My jaw drops down..

"Who you are?"

He seems to be shocked by his words as well. His cheeks start to blush, but he continues to wander around me, sniffs my hair and stares at my neck.

"I'm his friend, and I... I mean ... Jordy marked you last night?" He says, attempting to keep his tone calm as his fingers point at my neck's teeth mark.

The words make my gut twist. The last thing I want to be mentioned is this silly one-night stand.

I don't want to talk with him anymore, dad is waiting for me at home, I need to hurry up.

"Listen, I don't understand what you're talking about, and I'm sure you find the wrong girl." I push him away.

“Jordy has been looking for you for many years, and his brother is going to be happy to meet you too, so to speak, and then...well, don't leave, I think you’ll be a good wife.”

"Are you seriously mocking me?" I snap, panic tearing through my heart like a wild beast, savaging my chest, my throat. Making it impossible to breathe. What he is talking about is impossible.

Jordy has many girlfriends, and he always sleeps with a girl and dumps her when he gets bored, and he will move on the next minute. Does this man say playboy Jordy has been looking for me? That is impossible!

It has to be. Mostly.

"Oh, I'm sure Mr. Antonakos's romantic life has a lot to say about it. Because everyone called him a selfish, ruthless womanizer. Every woman is drooling over him and wants to be his wife."

"It's not. I promise you it isn't.”

I yell at him, “I'm out of here.”

"But... may I drive you home?" He asks, trying to stop me.

"Hell no!"

I rushed out of this crap place and take a taxi home.

It's a silly mistake to drink too much in a bar. No, it's a silly mistake falling into a man and sleeping with him. I should watch a movie and eat pizza at home with my parents.

Dad and mom are sitting on the sofa when I get back, dad looks furious, mom and my sister lower their heads, but don't dare to look at dad.

Dad shouts at me in furious, "Emma, did you sleep with a man last night?" His eyes bear into me, brimming with murderous intent.

"Dad, I made a terrible mistake last night, I'm so sorry about it," I open my mouth and say, a tear sliding down my cheek.

"A mistake?" He growled at me.

I start to feel smothered. Dad is always proud of me, he brags to his friends and his business partners about how clever and perfect I am. But I let him down this time, and I broke his heart into pieces.

"Baby, Emm just wants to celebrate her birthday and she will go to a university and find herself, it is a mistake, forgive her." Mom wipes at the tears that have fallen down my cheeks.

"Don't provoke me!” Dad is full of violent rage, ever since I walk into the home, he has been angry, growing angrier.

I whimpered again, feeling my lip tremble involuntarily. The fire of regret has been burning hotter and hotter in the spit of my heart.

“We shouldn’t adopt you, Emma.” He looks scary, it is like I’m staring into the eyes of a beast, gulping back my fear and shock.

“Jack, don’t say that anymore!” Mom tries to stop dad, but dad continues to say.

"Now, get out of my house!" He announces in a serious tone.

“What do you mean, dad?”

“You no longer my daughter now.”

You're No Longer My Daughter

Emma’s POV

For several seconds, mom, dad, Lyida and I stare at each other in silence.

"Mom? Dad?" My voice trembles. I try to tell myself, try to keep the sobs inside, but they burst out anyway.

"Did you really think I let your mom adopt you and raised you because we loved you? No, Emma, you're always regarded as an investment, we educated you to be a dainty girl, but the truth is, you're a whore."

“Mom, I am your daughter, your beloved kid, dad must be so angry to tell me a lie.”Tears start to burn in my eyes, but I swallow hard and fight to keep my lips from quivering.

Mom looks straight into my eyes with sorrow, "sorry, Emma, you’re not our biological daughter.”

Tears burned in my eyes, but I swallowed hard and tried my best to keep my lower lip from quivering. “No, no, I don’t believe it.”

How will I ever know if the words that come out of my dad's and mom's mouth are real? How? They used to t


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