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Liam Jackson the heir to the JKGroup has just returned from over seas on the call from his father over an important only to be put in a forced marriage by his or the company will be given to his step brother so he had no choice but to agree On the other hand is Camilla Anthony the daughter to a widow who has cancer but no helping hand , but all of a sudden an offer came from his uncle will she accept this offer or will she risk the life of her mother Let's see how this two fate will come to be

Chapter 1 home coming

The Jackson family are one of the richest family in New York having a weapon manufacturing company worth over nine ( 9 ) trillion dollars, making them a generation that has never lacked anything, and rumor also has it that the heir to the JKGroup is an imbecile. Many have tried to find out the real truth but all has proved wrong

"father what am I hearing, is it true that elder brother is coming back home today " Mia the last child and the only daughter of the Jackson family asked her father while coming down from the stairs "yes , and this time he is coming back to settle down , and also get married" her father Mr Jackson the chairman of JK global company replyed her daughter "but dad elder brother doesn't have a girlfriend..... how is he suppose to get married "Mia asked her dad while sitting beside him " "don't worry when the time comes you would know "her dad replyed her while opening his news paper to read

few hours later a private jet landed at the mansion of Jackson family , a handsome figure walked out of the jet in majestic form , his features alone could make any woman fall for him at first sight ,he was the CEO of JK global and the first son of Mr Jackson

the butler rushed into the mansion to announce the arrival of his young master "master , young master has just arrived " the butler said to his master Mr Jackson before bowing down to leave

the butler rushed out to welcome his young master that he has not seen for the past five years "welcome young master..... you really have grown into a handsome man as I expected " the butler said to his young master while walking him towards the Mansion "and so have you Mr leo , you aren't getting any younger by the day either" Liam replyed Mr leo with a calm smile on his face

the whole family of the Jackson were gather at the entrance of the family mansion to welcome Liam home after a long time of seeing him "welcome home son , how was your trip?" Mary ( Mrs Jackson ) asked his son with a big smile on her face "it was fine thanks for asking " Liam replyed with a slight smile on his face

I was not just in the mood to talk to this green snake that calls herself my mother "good afternoon dad " I greeted my father who was looking at me with a frown on his face, like I care how he looks at me " elder brother finally you are back" my little sister said while she ran into my arms I have missed her so much ,she is the only person that makes me want to come back into this house ,if not I would have gone to one of my guest house in town

"son we would be holding a home coming party for you tonight ,so we need you join us by 10 am " she said turning towards me I wasn't ready for any party tonight I just needed rest " am not interested ....but you can as well continue your home coming without me " I said walking past her to take a nap in my room ,I know father must be mad right now but I don't care

Chapter 2 Important Announcement

Camila walked out of the hospital with a sad face, anybody who had seen her at that moment would know that she just received a bad news from the doctor now,

were do I start from now I don't even know who to ask help from at this moment I thought to myself ,mom has been the only one by my side since the day I was born ,she has been a dad to me and a sister ,so I would do anything in my power to give her the treatment she deserves ,then a thought came to my head , I should call Fiola she could be of help to me , I brought out my phone from my bag before dailing fiola's number ,on the second ring she picked the call " hello bestie " I said to her over the phone "hello bestie" she replied over the phone " hey ola .....can we meet up at the coffee shop beside my house" I asked her " ok but you would have to give me an hour cause I am at a shoot now" she replied me over the phone " ok " I said hanging up the phone call


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