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Capture the heart of the billionaire, is the story of Ambrose the only son of three children. He is the present Managing Director of STAN HOUSEHOLD GROUPS. Arrogant, handsome and flirty, he meets a simple 22 years old Kelly who worked her butt off to pay her bills. She meets Ambrose one day in the restaurant she works at and he embarrassed her by asking her to lick his shoes. She vowed to pay him back by making sure he fell for her and then she would happily dump him after causing him so much loss and pain in his business. The story tells how she does it. Story contains many hot scenes!

Chapter One

If Kelly had known that her day would be like this, she probably wouldn't have resumed for work that morning. Meeting this arrogant young man who thinks he is a deity, was probably God's way of punishing her for a sin she refused to confess. Kelly's mind kept saying she should give this tall and huge man in front of a her a punch that would rearrange his handsome face. It took so much self control to keep her from doing what was in her stubborn heart. She tried to keep her gaze down as instructed earlier by the good looking man in front of her. The man whose name she later found to be Ambrose Stan, the only son of three children of the wealthy owner of STAN HOUSEHOLD GROUPS, the leading group in the business world. Ambrose kept ranting at how stupidly she behaved. She wouldn't have been angry if he hadn't instructed her to use her tongue in cleaning off the mess she made on his shoes.

" What?" She finally looked up.

" You heard me loud and clear. This shoe you just spilled cake on, is worth more than your life and that of your family. Now, clean this off before you enjoy the rest of your days on earth, packing excreta." Ambrose Stan threatened with a smirk on his face.

" I'm sorry." Kelly quickly added. Her mum always told her sorry worked most of the times. She was hoping it would this time since she finally used the words she hardly used.

" You think sorry is going to clean the mess on my shoe?" Ambrose asked now very annoyed.

Kelly wanted to tell him how easy it would be to clean the stain off. Deep down, she wished she was carrying a hot cup of coffee or something really hot earlier, that would have given him a scar he would never forget.

" God, this guy is so heartless." She mumured still on her knees. When the manager earlier saw the tension between Kelly and a young man, he quickly left what he was doing and came closer out of concern. His heart almost jumped out of his mouth when he saw who it was. In order to avoid problems, and a reoccurance of a tragedy that happened months ago because of this young man, he immediately fell on his knees and asked Kelly to do the same. Ambrose heart swelled with joy when he saw them on their knees begging.

The manager went as far as bowing his head to the ground, his chest touching the ground. This was more than enough food for Ambrose throughout that day.

Ambrose could still see the arrogance and stubbornness in this girl's face and he was determined to bend her but he was stopped by his personal assistant and only friend.

" Common Ambrose, we are going to be late for the meeting with your father." Bruce whispered to his ears really tired of Ambrose childish attitude.

" With this shoe?" Ambrose yelled.

In less than five seconds, Ambrose driver walked in holding a bag containing a pair of new shoes. A chair was brought and he sat on it. The driver bent down ready to change the shoes.

" No, let her do it." He said.

Kelly rolled her eyes, stood up from where she was kneeling earlier and changed the shoes. The two shoes looked really expensive and she wondered how much they cost. When she was done, she raised her big eyes to look at him, there she felt almost lost as they locked eyes. He had this beautiful eyes that could drown whoever stared at them too much. He stood up without a word and left the shop.

The manager heaved a sigh of relief and warned Kelly to avoid this man as much as she could. Kelly felt bad for making the manager embarrass himself because of her in the presence of his customers who only sat watching. Without asking further questions, she nodded, showing she understood what he was saying, especially from what she just witnessed.

Kelly picked the pair of shoes she accidentally spilled cake on, and made sure to keep it for future purpose. Her mind flashed back to how she was trying to attend to so many customers at the same time in this restaurant where they only offered cakes and coffee. Apparently, she was so much in a hurry, that she didn't see the little stool a customer moved out of it's place. She tripped and fell, thereby making the cake spill the shoes of Ambrose Stan, who was hurrying out of the restaurant.

" We will surely meet again." She whispered as she watched him get into his expensive car and zoomed off.

* * *

This man who had the face that could make any woman melt and had the body that could turn any woman on, was the heir to an empire. Every house in the city one stepped his feet into, had a product of STAN HOUSEHOLD. Ranging from kitchen appliances to furnitures. Infact, they specialized in making a house beautiful and complete with it's appliances. Every month, they signed big deals and won huge contracts with Ambrose taking the lead ofcourse. He preferred going to meetings with just Bruce because winning a contract especially if it involved young women was a piece of cake. The women literally threw themselves at him even in the presence of others.

During a meeting one certain time, Ambrose sat opposite the lady that was supposed to award the contract. Looking breathtaking as always, Ambrose occasionally flashed lovely smiles at her. He noticed how intensely she stared at him throughout the presentation by Bruce. Sometimes, Ambrose tells Bruce not to bother with presentations but he wouldn't listen.

" I will get us this contract without blinking." Ambrose often boasted and most times, he was right. He felt a toe moving up his thigh, up his groin and his attention moved to the lady sitting in front of him.

Chapter 1

" There is someone for everyone." Very few believe such words today. Fate can be so funny in that, it presents to you someone you least expect to be with. Life presents to us several choices, and this makes it even harder; who and what to choose amist several.

*. *. *

" Lick the cream off my shoes now." A tall handsome man who had the body of a model and the face of a demigod said sternly with his hands on his pocket. His eyes screamed disgut like he just stepped on a poo. His round eyes which was able to drown anyone who stared at it for more, now looked very angry as he stared at Kelly.

" I'm sorry sir." She said with her eyes bowed expecting everything to end there.

" You little peasant believe everything ends with sorry. Lick this cream off my shoes now." He said amidst gritted teeth.

" I could just use..." Kelly was about protesting when Ambrose placed a hard knock on her head. Kelly felt dizz


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