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Eulalia: The CEO’s Assistant

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"Euli." I'm pressed up against his desk, his front to my back, and I can feel everything. "Yes" I answer breathlessly, he pulled my hair backward. "Do you think I care if anyone sees me ravishing your sinful body?" I try to wiggle out of his hold to no avail, he pulls me tighter to his front and I feel his hardness "Cons...tantine " I stutter There's a knock on the door and I quickly regain myself, push him backward and arrange my scattered hair and he just smirks at me. Eulalia gets a well paying job at a very successful company but she doesn't know why she can't stop thinking about her boss and all the dirty things he could do to her. Constantine can't stop thinking about the little angel that works for him and beautiful her blue eyes are. He will stop at nothing until he makes sure that she is HIS. It started as a boss secretary relationship but turned into something more sinful. Will their love be strong enough to overcome any storm or will it crumble in the end?

Chapter 1

I screamed as I shut my computer for the fiftieth time, I have been searching for a job now for more than a month and it just seemed fruitless. My rent is going to expire in a few weeks and I do not know what to do. I thought about how I'll be thrown out and I didn't have anywhere to go tears unconsciously slipped out of my eyes.

There was a knock on the door I opened it and my best friend strolled in like she owned the place.

"Eulalia, do not tell me that you've been on that computer since morning" she screamed at me

"What am I supposed to be doing?" I asked her rolling my eyes at her which did not go unnoticed.

"Do not roll your eyes at me, young lady, go and take a shower and get dressed we are going clubbing today"

She caught me staring at her like a deer caught in headlights. This girl is crazy I don't have a job and there is a high chance that I might have to sleep on the streets and she wants me to wear a dress and go clubbing!!

" You know I can't find a job," I told her with my hands on my waist.

" So it's not the end of the world you know that right?" Mandy questions

" I have a friend that works at Rodriguez Enterprise and he says that they are looking for an assistant for their boss, so I think you should apply for the job," she says biting into her cookie.

" The Rodriguez Enterprise?!!" I screamed with my eyes wide open.

"Yes" she answers

"Now go and take your shower and get a really hot dress and let's go partayyyy!!!" she said excitedly

I quickly grab my laptop and run to my room, I open the website and I see

'Rodriguez Enterprise is hiring a PA for the Ceo and I quickly click on the 'Apply here' boldly written. I apply and the interview is in two weeks. At least there is a little hope I think as I go to take a shower and dress up before the devil spawn comes inside my room and I'm not ready.

I wear a really hot wine gown that stops just above mid-thigh and has an opening from my neck to just above my backside.

I walk into the living room and Mandy is already dressed and boy she looks smoking hot and I'm sure that all the boys are not going to be able to take their eyes off us tonight.

"Girl you look fire," Mandy says as she sees me

"you too," I say

We pick our clutches and head out. Mandy's boyfriend Peter was parked outside already waiting for us. Immediately we get into the car they start sucking each other's faces.

"Ewww guys can you not while I'm right here," I say keeping a very disgusted face.

They laughed and we drove to the club. Peter talked to the big-bodied bouncer and they let us in. We entered and it was pitch black before we submerged into loud music. We got to a secluded booth and immediately they started sucking each other's faces.

"I need a drink, does anyone care for a drink" I screamed over the loud music and I didn't get an answer, so I left to get one for myself. I got to the bar and asked for sex on the beach, the very handsome barman smiled at me and left to get my drink.

A slow medium song comes on and I move to the dance floor to have the best time of my life. I was already feeling tipsy after drinking three shots of vodka, I feel someone staring intensely at me and I look around and my eyes meet his.

There was something about his eyes, it was so cold yet warm at the same time, his steely eyes kept me still. I could not keep up with his state so I  turned my eyes away from him and continued moving my waist to the slow, seductive rhythm.

I felt a hand on my face and I turned only to see the man that I just had a staring competition with

" Little angel" he drawled sexily

" Don't call me that my name is Euli" I tell him with so much defiance.

"Little angel I do not like the way people are staring lustfully at you, it pisses me off," he tells me with so much anger in his beautiful eyes.

He talks to someone on the phone and pulls me out of the dancing area and towards a dark hallway, he stops at a big dark door and pulls me inside. He sits on a big chair and pulls me on his lap, I try to stand up but he holds me tightly.

I hesitantly put my hands on his shoulders and he pulls me closer to him.

" I have to go now, my friends will be looking for me and they'll be worried"

" I want you to go home with me" his lips brushed against my cheek, and I lost self-control and attacked his lips, and he started kissing me too, he took control of the kiss and moved to my neck and bites it and I let out a moan.

We continued kissing until there was a knock at the door, and I jumped up and in the process, I fell from his lap, he smirked at me and helped me up. I arranged my hair and straightened my dress, immediately he opens the door I walk out with my head down I hear him call my name but I was too ashamed to turn back. I could not even believe that I just let a man I didn't know touch and kiss me like that. I speedily walked back to find Mandy and Peter so I could tell them that I was tired and wanted to go back home.

" Where have you been, we've been looking all over the place for you" Mandy whisper-yelled as I got to them.

"I'm so sorry, I went to the bathroom and I got lost on my way back" I lied through my teeth, of course, I couldn't tell her how I acted like a cheap girl some minutes ago.

"Please can we go home now, I'm so tired?" we leave the club and Peter drives me home and later goes to his place with Mandy.

Chapter 2

I toss and turn, thinking about how his piercing eyes were staring at me that night.

Why am I still thinking about him? It had been almost two weeks and my interview was the next morning. I'm supposed to be asleep now so I won't be late for my interview.

I remembered how he kissed me with so much control and how it felt so good, I kept thinking about him till I drifted off.

My alarm wakes me up from sleep at exactly 5:30 am and I begin to prepare for my interview. I pick a very nice and classy gown and set it on the bed with my matching underwear. I take my shower, get dressed, and pick an apple from the kitchen on my way out.

I get to Rodriguez Enterprise at 6:50 am so I have about. I walk into the building and meet a lady at the reception. She was on a call so I had to wait for her to finish.

"Hello," The lady said

"Hello my name is Eulalia, I am here for the interview."

"Okay, the interview is on the 16t


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