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Escort Girl Series #1 COMPROMISED

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Alondra Thomas is seductive and appealing. Due to financial constraints, she became an escort girl in the club. She swallowed fear and regret because she had ended up in that situation because she had placed so much trust in someone when she lost her job. She is hoping that someone will help her get out of the dirty work she is doing until she met someone who changed her life forever. Leandre Harrison is a kind and handsome billionaire CEO. He was married to his most beloved wife at first, but when he discovered she had cheated on him, their marriage became strained. When he became her customer one night and came to the point that they were too comfortable with each other,she stole his money! For what? Her father’s cancer operation fee. He cannot stand the way she used him. He was willing to send her to the jail. Carried by the fear of being imprisoned, she asked for a favor from him that she would do everything to pay what she owed. Then he agrees but they had to live under on roof. Until she discovered that he is married. To what extent can they deal with secret love if it is considered forbidden by others?


When Alondra noticed her sister sitting alone at the table in their kitchen, she was almost heartbroken. Mathilde eats rice as if it only reaches her throat and not her stomach. She wished to cry because of the hardship they had endured. They had insufficient food. Because of their situation, she didn't gain weight even though she was in her twenties.

Her father didn't have a steady job, and her mother worked as a laundress for anyone who needed it, allowing them to buy rice and a dish every day, but it wasn't enough. She also tried to find work to help her parents, but no one would hire her because she hadn't even finished high school.

She was swayed by her senses as she leaned against their bamboo wall. Her stomach ached from traveling around the city on an empty stomach earlier. She now goes home to see her sister, who is eating, so she knew there was no rice left for her. She sometimes falls asleep without any food digesting in her stomach, but she doesn't complain because she can't do anything about it. After a few minutes, her sister noticed her.

"How long have you been there, sister?" Mathilde asked.

"I just arrived," she explained.

And Alondra noticed Mathilde clutching her stomach.

"What's wrong, Mathilde?" she asked,?concerned.

"I'm still hungry, sister, and the rice is running low, and mom will be home later; I'm not sure where we're going to find something to cook now," Mathilde responded.

How about she? Her stomach had been churning for some time as she toured the city looking for work. However, she chose to remain silent.

"Where is the father?" she asked.

"He left a while ago, saying he was going to look for work," Mathilde explained.

Alondra simply nodded, thinking that if her father could find work, it would almost certainly be a heavy one. They have no right to complain, however. The only thing that matters now is that they eat something.

"Drink some water first, Mathilde. Your done eating a little rice earlier. And get more water because I'm thirsty too." she said.

Mathilde nodded and took water from their old and small jar. Alondra took a deep breath. She didn't know why the one above was punishing them. It would be okay if they have a farm and land that somehow provides them with a source of living, but even on the land where their small house where built was, they need to pay it monthly to the owner.

Mathilde approached her carrying an old glass with only water in it. She took it and drink it. Alondra breathed a sigh of relief because somehow the pain in her stomach went away when the water she drank came near. She noticed that Mathilde had been looking at her for a while.

“Why, Mathilde? Do you want to tell me something? " Alondra asked.

Alondra looked at Mathilde's face. Her sister is beautiful but she doesn't have sensible clothes to wear. Not just like other teenagers in their place that has many things to use. That's why she prefers it at home rather than taking her out for a walk somewhere. Mathilde is very vulnerable that needs to be taken care of a lot. Sometimes she felt pity for her when this thing like this that she wants to eat more food but nothing they provide.

"I'm tired of whatever situation we have now, sister. I don't know when we'll be able to get out of the hardships of life, but I've chosen to remain silent. No matter how much I complain, our parents can't give us the life we ??want." Mathilde said.

Alondra did not become blind and deaf. He knew that Mathilde was struggling even with her parents. Alondra hears Mathilde crying when she thinks she is asleep. But even if they cry blood, the course of their lives will not change if she does nothing and waits for a miracle. She held Mathilde's face.

"Let's be patient for now, Mathilde. The time will come when we too will be able to get out of poverty and find a good job," she said in a hopeful voice

"In what way, Sister? We didn't finish school." Mathilde said.

"I will make a way, Mathilde, so just trust me," she replied.

"Yes. You are brave. I never heard or saw you cry and get discouraged."

Alondra forced a smile. If only Mathilde knew, she would give up little by little.

"God is merciful, Mathilde; he will not let us suffer. There are many more opportunities for us to study,” she said.

“Since when? Even food daily is difficult for us to see," she lamented.

"I want you to always think that there is hope in life. Our suffering has come to an end, all we have to do is pray and ask for grace, okay?”

Mathilde hesitated to nod, but she hugged her tightly. Alondra avoids talking like this because she always tells me how hard life is for them. Everyone about our age in this area has a good job and is well educated. While they are still struggling with poverty. Sometimes she thinks that life is unfair. But their lives will not improve if he continues to regret why they were born poor.

“ I leave you here, Mathilde. Wait for mom to come home. I'll just go somewhere. " Alondra said.

"Where are you going?" Mathilde asked.

"I'll look for something we can eat," she replied.

Mathilde's face lit up at her and she nodded. When Alondra came out of the house, she was walking down the road. Looking at each house, venturing with someone looking to do laundry. She stopped for a moment when she saw a big house with people having fun. She think it was a birthday party because she see a lot of hanging balloons. Alondra approached the gate and asked the guard who was standing.

"Brother, aren't they looking for a dishwasher?” Alondra asked.

"I don't know. But let me ask first. They might be looking for a washer. Since there's a party inside." The guard replied.

The guard left her for a while and went inside the house. A few minutes later he returned.

"Just go inside, Miss. A woman is waiting for you there."

"Thank you."

So when Alondra entered, she saw a fat woman looking at her. The whole house was wide but she didn't see the people, maybe the party was in the back. Only a lot of cars are parked that are expensive and look brand new.

"Are you girl the guard is saying?" the woman asked.

"Yes," she replied.

“All right, let's go inside the kitchen. Do you know how to wash a plate? The one without soap left? " the woman asked.

Alondra nodded and walked into the kitchen. Also, the kitchen is super big too, with lots of nice appliances. She went to the sink and saw the thick plates that break easily when they fell to the floor.

"Just wash it slowly, daughter, because the plates will break easily. Those are too expensive so we have to be careful." the woman said to her.

Alondra just nodded and she noticed the woman taking food from the fridge, and she knows that it looked delicious. She remembers her sister Mathilde. She was sure Mathilde would be happy when she tasted such delicious food like this.

"Eat first. I know we're going to have a lot of washing to do today."

Alondra seemed to want to jump for joy when she saw the delicious food in front of her. Alondra doesn't think the woman was bothered by what she looked like. She knows that her clothes weren't new, but she knew that it was clean, and she didn't stink. In twenty years old, so it’s embarrassing if she is dirty. She sits and eats slowly. The sweetness of the cake the woman gave her is like tasting heaven. She plans to eat less because she giving this to her sister Mathilde so she can taste the cake too. The woman gave one glass of juice. I accepted it and drank it.

"Consume all of that. I'll give you food later when you get home because there is nothing to eat from the leftovers later. You know they have money, so they don't bother heating the food. " She told her, then Alondra nodded in response.


Alondra felt happy because somehow they can also taste delicious food. After she ate, she took the glass and plate to the sink to wash. She has already started washing. She just made it slowly because it was so slippery and she might break all the dishes. The woman is also busy wiping the ones she has washed. Alondra's back hurt because she washed too much and then she helped the woman wipe the glasses and dishes.

“Thank you, daughter. I didn't have too much trouble because you helped me. I don’t have any companions here because my boss is too stingy, " she said to her in a low voice.

Alondra nodded in response.

"We don't have anything to do, so you can go home since it's getting late. Maybe they're looking for you. What's your fee for washing things here." She said once, handing her $100.

She accepts it with a happy heart. Alondra is happy because they have a few more days to use the money the woman gave her.

"It's too big, ma'am?" she asked.



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