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Elvis Wayas

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Friends, we all are aware that life is a journey as we live, we learn. Everyone has dream and expectations from life. Here, tells the story written by Lisa Onwuegbuna based on Business, Marriage, Love, Hardship, perseverance, and achievements of a man whose name is Elvis Wayas from Barbados who is so engrossed in fulfillment of his personal dreams and carefree of what others may think about ideologies, concept of life and view of things. I do hope you learn from this, even as you have a memorable and enjoyable ride through the Pages and Chapter of this Fictional Story.



Elvis, an intelligent, young boy of ten had lost his parents and life has been really rough on the young boy.

He was the only child of Mr. & Mrs. James Wayas who died in a motor accident from work.

They left the world leaving their only son all alone at the cause of this, he lived his life on the streets, eating was very difficult for little Elvis.

Elvis wasn’t able to continue his studies because there was no money nor a house he could sleep on.

One morning, Mrs. mercy Kent, a woman in her eighties, was trying to cross the road but the road was so busy with cars all driving in quick without hesitation.

Elvis, seeing her thought in his mind, ‘I wasn’t doing much, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if I help the old lady to cross the busy road’.

Off he went, Good Morning ma he greeted with his cute smile, the old lady’s mind was lost in thought on how she would cross the busy roads. Elvis tapped her this time around and greeted again there, and then he was happy the old lady responded.

If you don't mind, may I help you to cross the road? She agreed and they both held each other's hand and the cars stopped for them to cross. The old lady was so grateful to him, she thanked him, and was about to bring out money from her purse Elvis refused. He told her he didn’t help her to cross the road for money, but he felt it was something he had to do.

He parted ways with the old lady, in her mind what a nice little fellow, Elvis is.

Elvis left, rushing after, he must have helped grandma mercy to cross the road.

A week later, she met him again as he was crying on the road, she didn’t know his name, but she was able to get close to him.

Little fellow, why are you crying in this sunny afternoon, Elvis told her he lost the money he got from a stranger he met on the way.

Grandma mercy was surprised what he was doing in the streets as young as he was, she tried to ask, but she felt the little boy wouldn’t want to open up.

She took him to her house and gave him foods to eat and new sets of clothes to wear because the clothes he wore looks so much like a rag brought out from the waste.

Elvis ate to his satisfaction and off he went to god knows where, but promised to be coming for visitation.

Happily, he went, the old lady watched as little Elvis left, granny mercy was already getting old, and she needed a companion, and she thought to herself Elvis would be the perfect person for her.

She started asking around about Elvis, all who knew him described him so well that she was amazed how the little man has touched the hearts of so many. They went ahead to tell her where he lives and that he had no family nor any relation.

She went searching for Elvis, she found him sleeping by the corner of the street, she tapped him on his back; he woke up surprised how she found him, she bought snacks for him and asked him if he would like to live with her in excitement Elvis shouted yes.

They left together as her house wasn’t so big, but it was better than sleeping in the streets Elvis said.

Granny mercy was a trader in her hometown Barbados, she was known for her good heart and amazing personality and this made people to love her, and she had many customers. Elvis started helping he in her business, she sells vegetables and fruits, it was not much, but it was something.

Months later, granny has become weak and sick, this scared Elvis the most because he had no one who will take care of him if she dies.

Months back before granny fell sick, her business wasn’t bringing much money again because things were already cost and there was no money to continue, they decided to close down the business.

Elvis has become twelves two days back, he now decided to look for a work even if the pay was not going to be much, but it would go a long way.

He searched the whole of swan streets, but they all turned him down with the reason that he was too small for the work. While some even insulted him. The young boy was sad, he stood in the center of the street crying before Ray found him.

Ray Daniel, a young boy about his age, saw him and requested to know why he was crying. He explained everything to him, and he told him he knows someone who's looking for a sales person. But he should meet him here in the morning so that they would go together to his boss, Mr. Federico Santos.

Mr. Federico, a wealthy, and a no nonsense person who was known to be one of the owners of the biggest supermarkets in roe buck street in Barbados.

Ray Daniel reached his workplace, and he told his boss that he has got a perfect person that would replace Mikael, he requested to meet with Elvis tomorrow, Ray agreed to come along with him, he agreed.

On Elvis way home jumping up and down, anyone who sees him would think he has won a lottery.

He got home, and he narrated his story to his grandmother who has already gotten better from her illness, but she was already old that she couldn’t do much again.

She felt sad for her poor child, but she thought maybe it was part of the experience the young boy would experience.

Out of excitement, Elvis was unable to wait for the next day he sat next to his bed staring through the window counting the night stars, and appreciating the beauty of nature.

He sat there for quite some time, until his grandmother called out to his 'El' as she normally calls him, he ran toward her to answer her.

She gave him his dinner, he ate and then went back to his room to continue appreciating the beauty of nature.

It was time to sleep, he lied on his little bed, and he dozed off.

5am in the morning of the next day, El has woken up, and he said his morning prayers as his grandmother had taught him. He took his bath and ate his breakfast, at 8am that same morning EL was ready to leave, he hugged his grandmother and promised her he will come back on time.

Elvis met with Ray, and off they went to meet Mr. Federico Santos the owner of Havens supermarket located at Roe Buck street, Barbados.

Mr. Santos asked Elvis if he can do the work he responded off course he can, they all busted out in laughter.


At 7am in the morning Elvis had prepared for work, and he was ready to leave home, he hugged his grandmother and promised her he would be careful out there because the roads were not safe again.

Walking through the streets of swan street, he felt a feeling of fulfillment. Not like he was earning much, but he felt happy for working hard for his grandmother, who took care of him when he felt like the world had neglected him.

He got to havens supermarket located at roe buck street, Barbados. “He said to himself, thank God I arrived at him”.

As the rules and regulations states, anyone found guilty of lateness, their salary will be deducted. And everyone could see it being boldly written at the right-hand side of the entrance door.

His dedication and selfless service towards his work won him employee of the month many times and this made their Boss to admire him so much.

He carries out his duty without hesitation, he won the hearts of so many customers and


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