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Divorce Day: The Billionaire's Quest for Reconciliation

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To save her family, Selena Sutton marries the rumored frail and lame old man Quentin Lansing. After two years of living apart, Selena returns home on the day of their divorce, only to be met by Quentin, who seems divine, gently holding her waist and whispering, "Sweet wife Selena, call me husband!" Shockingly, her arranged marriage partner is her ex-boyfriend whom she had once abandoned! By day, she heals his illnesses; by night, she warms his bed. Intending to flee, Selena is cornered by Quentin, who vows his love and life, insisting she cannot escape again. The next day, Selena, supporting her waist, writes a scathing essay condemning the CEO's shameless behavior..... What? The woman scorned by the Sutton family turns out to be the wife of the foremost wealthy family. And she owns a top global gaming company, earning billions annually? The Sutton family desperately seeks her support, tearfully pleading for her help. With a commanding gesture, CEO Quentin, the fiercely protective wife, orders, "Throw them out!"

Chapter 1 Unexpected Reunion

Just stepping out of the airport, Selena emailed her never-met "husband". 【Dear Mr. Quentin Lansing, this is Selena Sutton. Today marks the second anniversary of our marriage. May I inquire when you might be available for us to discuss the matter of our divorce? 】

Two years ago, amid a crisis faced by the Sutton family, her grandfather used old favors owed to Lansing to arrange a marriage, preserving the family's fortunes forcibly.

About the legendary CEO of the Lansing family, she only knew his name—Quentin Lansing, a figure of immense power in the capital, controlling both the lawful and the underworld. Known to be physically frail, and psychologically twisted, and his hands were stained with blood...

Rumors had it he possessed numerous unknown eccentricities, and his previous wives met mysterious deaths one after another.

Fortunately, it seemed he never turned his attention towards her.

From registering their marriage to living separately for two years, Selena had almost no interaction with him.

Without ever having a conversation, let alone meeting face to face, she even doubted he knew her name. The entire marriage process was conducted on behalf of their families.

Until the Lansing family suddenly notified her that the two-year term had expired, and it was time to return home to settle the divorce, she had almost forgotten her married status.

The Lansing family's response was swift and straightforward:

[Crownview Hotel's eighth-floor restaurant, see you in twenty minutes.]

Such an arrogant attitude seemed to match her impression of the legendary figure.

Stowing away her phone, Selena walked towards the Maserati parked by the roadside in the drizzle.

"Big sister, you've just come back and already gained father's favor, being entrusted with such an important task involving the Lansing family. I'm so envious." The driver was Yoyo Sutton, an adopted girl of the Sutton family, looking both sweet and obedient.

Selena didn't have much affection for this later addition to the family, merely responding faintly. According to the Lansing family's request, her marriage was kept a secret, known only to her father and the late grandfather, publicly claimed as a business collaboration.

This secret marriage was about to end, and there was no need for her to say much more.

The perfume in the car made Selena feel a bit dizzy.

Fortunately, the journey from the airport to Crownview Hotel was short, and she arrived in just ten minutes.

Getting out of the car, Selena didn't notice the cold flash in Yoyo's eyes.

Entering the elevator, she started to feel unwell.

Dizziness, difficulty breathing...

It felt as if a flame was burning inside her, causing extreme thirst and pain.

This was more than just car sickness!!

Selena quickly checked her condition, her face turning pale instantly.

She realized she had been drugged!

But when did it happen?

Could it be Yoyo's car perfume...

She had no time to think further, as she felt someone's gaze locked on her from behind.

Someone had been following her when she got out of the car. If not for the effects of the drug, she would have noticed!

Struggling against her body's discomfort, Selena decided to take action.

The elevator stopped on the third floor, and she walked out, trying to maintain composure.

The person tailing her adjusted their pace to hers, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, maintaining a certain distance as if looking for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Selena couldn't be sure if the pursuer was alone.

As the drug's effects intensified, she felt she couldn't hold on much longer and quickly pushed open a partially closed door, locking it behind her before the pursuer could catch up.

In the darkness behind the door, a cold and gloomy voice rang out: "Who allowed you to enter my room? Leave immediately."

The man's voice was deep and magnetic. Although his tone was arrogant, it was compelling.

Selena tried to stand up: "I'm sorry, sir, I ran into some trouble, could you possibly..."

The man was lazily leaning on the sofa, scoffing: "Women like you who throw themselves at men's doors are all too common. Try a new trick next time, maybe I'll be interested."

Suppressing the urge to slap him, Selena calmly prepared to silence him with her methods.

However, as she approached and lightning illuminated the room, she saw the man's clear profile.

"Jay?" Selena exclaimed, the man who had disappeared from her life two years ago, whom she had fantasized about reuniting with countless times, never imagining it would happen under these circumstances.

"Do you know my past name?" The man was momentarily taken aback, his sharp eyes seeming to pierce through the darkness, "Who are you, exactly? What else do you know?"

Struggling under the drug's influence, Selena had no interest in entangling with him: "I... I mistook you for someone else... Sorry, I'll leave soon." "Wait! Tell me, who are you?" The man's arm caught her, his rough fingers touching her soft skin, the heat within her body as if finding an outlet, wildly rushing through her entire being.

Her body weakened, falling into his arms, she tried to wiggle away from his touch, her voice frail: "Don't... don't touch me..."

He, however, pressed on, his voice trembling slightly with curiosity: "S…Selena? Is that you?"

The unique scent of the man enveloped her, teasing her fragile nerves.

Selena frantically shook her head: "No... you've mistaken me for someone else!"

"Denying it?" The man reached for the lamp as if to see for himself.

Afraid of being recognized, Selena decisively acted.

"This is your own doing."

Her fingertip's silver needle gleamed with a cold light, swiftly piercing the skin at the back of the man's neck.

"You…" His body stiffened, then slumped to the side powerlessly.

Catching his falling body, Selena, at this close distance, could clearly feel his heartbeat.

Memories of the past flooded her mind, tearing at her last shred of sanity, drowning her in a sea of emotions.

Eventually, all surrounding sounds faded away...

When she woke up again, it was already nine in the evening.

Opening her eyes, the first thing Selena saw was a handsome face.

The light and rain outside the window outlined his beautiful contours, his slightly pale lips tightly pressed into a line, stunning enough to dazzle even amidst the stars of the entertainment industry.

She was unsure of the expression to wear.

Returning for a divorce, yet unexpectedly encountering her ex-boyfriend...

How small were the chances of such a coincidence?

Footsteps approached from outside, seemingly not just one person.

Selena frowned, quickly feeding the man on the bed a pill, picked up the scattered clothes, and hastily dressed.

Her slender legs stepped onto the windowsill, the night wind messing up her hair strands. Before leaving, she glanced back at the figure on the bed.

Her lingering gaze was fleeting, quickly replaced by indifference.

She gently flipped her long hair, her figure leaping down...

"Quentin Boss, do you mean to say, some stranger broke into your room and…" Assistant Xavier, accompanied by bodyguards and a doctor, arrived to hear about tonight's events, his face turning awkward.

Their Boss had been taken advantage of...

How should they address this?

Quentin Lansing's gaze was terrifyingly dark.

Although his body had returned to normal, the woman's bold actions tonight still greatly displeased him.

Sleep and run, was he seen as what?

Xavier felt a chill down his spine, solemnly saying: "I will immediately dispatch someone to investigate, we will find that bold woman and hand her over to you for handling."

Quentin fell silent for a moment, then suddenly asked: "Did the lady from the Sutton family arrive at the hotel?"

Xavier was startled, "Quentin Boss, are you suspecting…?"

Chapter 2 The Unraveling Scheme

Xavier had been with Quentin Lansing for two years and knew somewhat about the so-called "Mrs. Lansing." Rumors had it that the Sutton family's patriarch insisted on finding the Lansing family to fulfill a marriage agreement from years past, ultimately receiving a large sum of money from the Lansing side. This money played a crucial role in covering the financial gaps of the Sutton family company.

As a renowned noble family, the Lansing family had to accept this marriage arrangement to maintain their dignity. Since both elder sons of the Lansing family were married and had children, the responsibility naturally fell on Quentin Lansing, who was still single. To make the Sutton family back down, he once instructed his subordinates to spread negative rumors about himself, hoping that Miss Selena would give up on her own. However, Miss Selena did not care about these rumors and resolutely accepted the marriage proposal.

Xavier recalled the situation that night


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