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My Trouble Billionaire

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Fascinated with Louisa Bahr since becoming the main character in the film 'From the End', Dean Cross offers a relationship without status to help Louisa take revenge for the betrayal of her ex-lover, Troy Austin. A romantic relationship shrouded in passion turns out to ignite love in Louisa's heart. Will those feelings be reciprocated, or will it create a deeper wound?

A Great Night

A sigh could be heard filling the elevator when the lovebirds were enveloped in a passionate desire that clouded their common sense. The rough kisses that hit each other indicated their hunger for heaven on earth. As soon as the elevator opened, a big man with blonde hair impatiently pulled the woman towards one of the apartment rooms, ignoring the swollen lips or the open shirt buttons to reveal a bit of a chiseled chest—pushing open the metallic black-painted door then grabbing his idol's sensual lips again, pressing him against the wall as he lifted one long leg to wrap it around his hips.

The atmosphere in the luxurious room with a modern interior felt increasingly hot, burning on the skin, when the slender fingers there squeezed his lover's buttocks when the union occurred. Simultaneously, sighs filled every corner of the ivory-white walled executive room. He moved his hips in rhythm to the pleasure-filled thrusts, lifting his head to let his lover explore every inch of his damp skin with the caress of his tongue and smiling crookedly as he left a faint trace of redness there—his favorite.

The sensual lips, whose lipstick was starting to fade, opened as the owner of the hazel brown eyes became increasingly blurry, as if she couldn't define how extraordinary this struggle was. Moreover, the walls that separated them from the outside world had become silent witnesses to this hot romance. Sweet babbles interspersed with s*xy-sounding curses just blurted out, making the passion even more desirable.

The woman locked eyes with her soul mate after a painful separation several years ago. She was leaving behind a passionate longing and thinking that she would never be seen again in the future. Their bodies are one unit that needs each other even when distance separates them. She could even feel her pulse racing rapidly, causing pain in her head. However, she loved this intoxicating sensation and didn't want it to end just like that. She cupped the blonde man's face while whispering seductions that she enjoyed the passionate nights with him.

"I love you..." the woman cooed as her lips were again covered with lust. Her limbs were barely boned as the wave crept up, opening the gates of pleasure like a heroin addiction. She couldn't think straight anymore when his lover's hands caressed and teased every inch of her body.

"Mine. You are mine," said the man, lifting the woman's body and carrying her to the sofa. It rained faster until it took the two of them flying into the sky through the limitless universe.

Dean turned off the romance film, which launched a few days ago but is now trending on several official streaming sites. I threw the remote control to the left side and loosened the shirt buttons. He almost tore his clothes. Unfortunately, why is the atmosphere here so hot? It's as if he's being roasted alive, so he raises his shot glass and quickly sips the red wine until there's nothing left. His throat felt barren, but it didn't feel relieved, even if it was soaked with a bottle of the most expensive wine.

It's not because the storyline is terrible. He likes the journey of a pair of lovers who want to accept their man after experiencing a severe accident until they have amnesia and have no hope of surviving. Even though the ending is quite dramatic, where they finally get married before the male character dies, the director's work 'From the End' deserves appreciation from film lovers.

What caught Dean's attention was the actress who played Cecilia there. Every erotic scene seemed to provoke Dean's desire to join in, giving rise to a desire to get rid of the actor, who was enjoying his curvaceous body. Not just this time. Even during the gala premiere at the El Capitan Theater, Dean was forced to leave before the film was finished, making his assistant wonder whether his boss was having problems.

"No! Of course not! I... need a little fresh air," Dean lied.

Louisa. He said the name to himself, then grabbed his cellphone and read a series of news on the internet that actresses under his Cross Agency were greeted enthusiastically because of their stunning acting with co-stars. Many comments on various social media highlight that Louisa has a chemistry that her new fans cannot forget.

Angel998: She has natural talent. Why have I only just discovered a beautiful and s*xy actress like her?

Frankie: I've admired her since Louisa played the second lead character in the film Darling and Valentines. Can I date this girl? Lol!

SmthOl: I don't care who she ends up romancing with, but can you accept Steve? He's perfect for you, Lou!

Robert78: She's so hot. as if I was making love to her.

"Can't they differentiate between chemistry and want to make love?" Dean snapped, closing the internet application.

He poured wine back into the glass and then exited the velvet sofa. Slowly sip the high-quality wine while walking closer to the glass wall. The view in front of Dean was genuinely charming, showing off the majestic Beverly Hills, where a trail of orange peeked out shyly before being entirely replaced by moonlight. His steps stopped on the balcony, feeling the warmth of the fire licking in the fireplace while the late winter breeze started to warm against his skin. He shook his head slowly when Louisa's image ambushed him again, trying to anesthetize his subconscious again.

Dean doesn't want to deny that Louisa's charm changes his world. The man's desire often peaked just thinking about how alluring every curve of the actress's body was. It was as if Louisa was a force that managed to vibrate Dean's long-dead heartbeat. The thought of Louisa being under Dean's arms, screaming his name until she was hoarse, sparked a strange spark in the man's stomach. She bit her lower lip, wondering which man had succeeded in attracting Louisa's heart.

They were judging from the actions of new artists who often play extras. Most are looking for shortcuts to satisfy the nights of directors, scriptwriters, and producers. Once upon a time, Dean heard a rumor that an actress had given up hope when their name couldn't survive amidst the competition. As a result, they aggressively approached and became a b*tch to the company's top officials so that they could survive.

Oh no! You don't think she's the typical sycophantic woman, Dean!

For a few moments of struggling with his thoughts, Dean's lips' thin line grew like a glimmer of hope in the night. He remembered that tomorrow, there would be a Louisa fan meeting with the cast of From the End at the San Diego Convention Center. Should Dean invite Louisa personally to celebrate the achievement after years of being an extra? As the highest leader, he has the right, and no one will suspect anything if he steals the opportunity to bait Louisa.

"We'll see," Dean muttered, smiling and his eyes glinting meaningfully.


The clink of glasses collided until the champagne almost spilled onto the table at the nightclub in the Sunset Trip area, which was specially ordered by Louisa's manager, Cory. The ladylike man stood towering in leather boots, holding slender glasses and shouting over the loud EDM music playing. Under the laser lights that move dramatically to the beat, Cory's bright blue irises decorated with wing eyeliner shine even more as his lips expand. He puffed out his chest, grabbed Louisa's hand to tell her to stand up, and shouted,

"Congratulations to our star!" Cory sipped champagne, not paying attention to the yellowish champagne liquid soaking his orange sweater.

As someone who has accompanied Louisa for the last few years, he should be proud of the artist's hard work. Day and night, no matter the bad weather or even a cameo, it must be admitted that Louisa is a woman to be reckoned with in today's entertainment world. I didn't expect that the film offers, which was initially considered very unsuitable for Louisa's facial character, would receive a lot of praise. Maybe this is the result reaped by the girl in the red mini dress who kissed Cory full of affection and whispered a thank you.

"Oh, darling. It would be best if you thanked yourself, too," said Cory, returning the kiss to the top of Louisa's head. "But I saw you were so excited about making out with your co-star," he teased, rolling his eyes.

"Jeez. Of course not! Do I look like a girl who says, 'Hey, b*tch, f*ck me until death,' huh? I already have Troy," said Louisa, shaking her head and taking a small sip of champagne that tasted as sweet as a pear. Cory and several other people around the round table burst into laughter.

One of them leaned over and said, "Where's Troy? Doesn't he want to celebrate this accomplishment?"

"Yes, that's right. At the premiere gala yesterday, only your family came, Lou. Is Troy that busy?" said the woman with a bob cut while smoking a tobacco stick. "Sorry, but some reporters are whispering about your relationship."

"Hey, she never publishes who she's dating," continued Cory, defending Louisa. "Don't stress her out over your questions. Just enjoy tonight, girls!" He raised the champagne glass again while glancing at Louisa, not to worry. Louisa's red lipstick-smeared lips pulled into a forced smile, finishing the glass in one gulp.

For a while, Louisa was silent because she had not received any news from her lover, who was in Paris. According to the agreement two weeks ago, Troy was supposed to come to the film launch, but it was postponed because of a sudden photo shoot for the magazine's spring edition. Troy has not been contacted for the past three days, making Louisa feel worried. The other side of her is trying to understand the long-distance relationship since moving to Los Angeles, achieving each other's dreams even though they are so hard to live with. It cannot be denied that issues of love of location often occur between film actors or models.

However, Troy repeatedly assured Louisa that their love was too strong to be broken up by an affair. From these words and promises, Louisa again assured that Troy's heart and passion were only for her alone. He realized that lately, Troy had been difficult to contact, even if it was just a five-minute phone call. However, Troy's promises echoed in his ears to confirm that after the work project, they would spend time together in Malibu.

Finally, Louisa told her friends that Troy was having a photo session and catwalk event in Paris. Cory patted Louisa on the shoulder, implying not to discuss that silly question and diving back into the excitement. He whispered that a woman like Louisa could still attract many people's attention even without a man.

"Cory..." Louisa sighed.

"That's the truth, honey," Cory defended his opinion. "You're so popular here; Troy is the same. I never believed in Lou's long-distance relationship. It's too risky. Moreover, it's already the third day, and you..."

"I'll wait for him," said Louisa firmly. "You want to dance there? Let's dance until our feet cramp, Cory!" She asked him to change the conversation. Louisa didn't want her anxiety to escalate and ruin her mood.

"I like it!" Cory shouted excitedly.

Left Without Goodbye


That's what Louisa felt when Cory dragged her body to a luxury apartment in Malibu. Her legs were no longer able to walk any further, especially in a semi-conscious condition like this. The scenery around the girl seemed to spin until Louisa had to empty her stomach several times. Luckily, it didn't hit Cory's car dashboard or the eccentric man's sweater. If so, maybe Louisa will be the subject of criticism for a week.

As soon as they arrived in the room bathed in moonlight filtering through the window curtains, Cory and Louisa threw themselves on the soft mattress and laughed as if what happened tonight would be an opening to their success. Even though her body was weak due to expelling all the contents of her stomach, Louisa still remembered the most significant achievement during the quarter century of her life. It felt like a dream had come true, the girl thought. She also didn't expect that accepting an offer from a production hou


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