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Dangerous Kiss Marks

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He is the king of the business world and the nightmare of women. He never falls for any woman, only treating them as playthings. His name is David, and his goal is to build a powerful business empire. She is a literary genius and also his first love. She never submits to any man, only viewing them as enemies. Her name is Jane, and her goal is to expose his sins. Their first encounter was at a masquerade ball. She stood in for her friend, adorned in a beautiful dress and a white mask. He was drawn to her beauty and demeanor, deciding to take her home. He gave her a painful kiss, leaving a dangerous kiss mark. He told her that she belonged to him for a lifetime. She discovered, however, that she lost her first time. Their second encounter was several years later. After graduating, she returned to her home country and became a media writer. With her pen, she exposed his scandals, wanting to teach him a lesson. He discovered that she was once his prey, yet she became his only love. He told her that he loved only her for a lifetime. She found herself unable to resist his charm, falling into his embrace. Their love is a dangerous game. Their enemy is a powerful force. Their fate is an unknown puzzle. Can they overcome all difficulties and be together? Are their kiss marks a proof of love or scars of wounds? Stay tuned for "Dangerous Kiss Marks," a passionate and thrilling romance novel.

Chapter 1

On this day, the weather was splendid, with dusk softly treading its way. Within the magnificence of a lavish villa, two beautiful young women were engaged in animated conversation, more precisely, in the midst of hatching a plan.

The one in radiant crimson pleaded relentlessly, "Jane, have mercy upon me, will you stand in my stead at tonight's arranged date?"

The maiden in mellow yellow pouted with an expression of reluctance, "This cannot be permitted, can it? I've only recently graduated high school and am scheduled for overseas studies. I have no desire to invite this predicament upon myself."

"I harbor an affection for Matt, this you've known always. How could I possibly attend a date harboring such emotions for him, this would invite divine retribution." The woman in vermilion robes remained undeterred. The suitor, after all, was a renowned playboy and her fragile heart could certainly not bear this burden. Better to have the audacious Jane fill in, considering she was already set to leave the country. Even if she aroused his interest, he would never be able to find her.

Upon persistent persuasion, Jane thankfully yielded, "Alright, alright, I concede. After all, I am leaving the country soon. Where is this meeting taking place?"

“Tonight's rendezvous presents a unique arrangement, a masquerade encounter. Given our similar build and height, a mere mask would render you virtually indistinguishable.” The scarlet-clad damsel seemingly had thought this through meticulously.

"However, isn’t this date arranged by your brother? Won’t he recognize me if I appear with him?"

"Fear not, my brother, the host of the ball, departed for the venue as soon as I had received the pre-arranged costume and mask." Speaking of her brother, with his evasive demeanor, one really wonders what schemes he might be crafting.

Inside the luxurious banquet hall of the Jin Jiu hotel, an extravagant masquerade commences exhibiting wealth and power. Billing itself as a charity fundraiser, yet everyone present recognized the lavish display for what it was - an image of outlandish opulence.

Perched on the edge of the dance floor, a maiden of gentle beauty, her innocent visage and bewildered pupils shining luminously from beneath a silken white mask, cloaked in a pink ballerina dress - a stark anomaly amidst the glaring splendor of the seductive women about. This was Jane, a recent high school graduate attending the ball upon her friend's request.

Finding herself alone amidst the crowd of unfamiliar faces, trepidation gradually filled her eyes.

Unbeknownst to her, a pair of alluring eyes from David were firmly fixed on her, much like a hunter that had set his gaze upon his prey.

Suddenly, the lights began to dim. Jane, confused and flustered, found herself tightly embraced.

“Tonight, you are mine,” a deep resonant voice echoed, followed by fervent lips upon hers. The surrounding darkness obstructed her from perceiving the visage of her companion, as an air of panic dyed her cheeks. She endeavored to resist, but he held her tighter. When she tried to scream, he took advantage of the moment to invade further.

Jane trembled, who was this audacious individual? Someone so insolent, to exploit the concealment of the darkness and hijack her precious first kiss? While grappling to extradite herself, he released her abruptly. He unexpectedly imprinted a kiss upon her neck - was that a kiss? Can a kiss cause such pain? She hastily freed herself, prepared her fists for retaliation and gritted out, “Stay away, you despicable wretch!”

Chapter 2

As the lights illuminated, Jane widened her eyes in an attempt to discern the mysterious visitor, yet their presence eluded her. The lingering pain from the mark on her neck prompted her to escape, fleeing almost instinctively to the restroom.

Another peculiar gaze followed her closely, a satisfaction evident in Kevin's raised eyebrows as he wore a calculated smile. Shifting his focus to the man who had just approached him, he inquired, "How does it feel?"

Upon hearing this, the man's lips curled with a sinister arc. "The taste is quite pleasing. I look forward to the moment when she unveils her mask and the intimate night ahead." David's sharp profile, distinct eyebrows... he was a man captivating enough to drive one mad.

Kevin nodded, "Your satisfaction is all that matters. My efforts were not in vain."

Furrowing his eyebrows, the man expressed some confusion, "How did you


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