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Dangerous Billionaire

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Lexi Gabriel Ricardo, 30 years old, who is a handsome widower. He was suffering from Sexual Aversion Disorder, which is a disorder in which the loss of sexual desire towards the opposite s*x. It happened to Lexi because of a bad memory in his past, in which this man lost his wife at night after their wedding. Jessica, an 18-year-old girl, had bothered his mind. His body reacted differently, when it accidentally came in touch with this girl. Lexi needed to find out who that girl is, get to see her again. He wanted to make love to that girl who made his lust come up again. Wishing to spend a beautiful night with a girl after 5 years he passed his lonely nights in a cold bed.

Chapter 1 One Second Touch

Lexi Gabriel Ricardo, 30 years old man. He is handsome, rich and the sole heir of the Ricardo Group.

Lexi had to take the bus. The man stood jostled with the other passengers. This was the first time he had ridden a bus in his life. Lexi is the only child of the Ricardo family, he is a billionaire and wealthy businessman of this country.

"Mr. Lexi, are you okay?" Arsene asked. He is Lexi’s secretary who was faithfully always with him.

"No," Lexi replied and returned his focus to the front, wanting to arrive at his destination as soon as possible.

The bus started running at a normal speed, until it reached the next stop. Lexi and Arsene got off along with the other passengers. Inadvertently, the back of Lexi's hand came into contact with a girl's finger. In that moment, his desire that had been dead for five years was rekindled.

"Wait! Who are you?" Lexi asked but the girl didn't stop her footsteps. He kept walking away.

"What is it sir? Do you know her?" Arsene asked, looking at Lexi with a probing eyes.

"I have to go after her!" Lexi said. He prepared to run towards the young girl who had just aroused his desire.

"No sir! We will be late for the client! They have arrived, and are waiting for you!" Arsene said.

Lexi's stubborn character. He couldn't put off doing something he wanted. It made the man sometimes act childish.

Lexi tried to pull his arm from Arsene and insisted on chasing the girl. However, as usual, Arsene managed to tame him.

The both of them walked to a Japanese restaurant which is not far from the bus stop. They entered the restaurant and immediately met the client in the private room they had reserved.

"Good afternoon, sorry we're late!" Arsene greeted his two clients.

"Good afternoon, we haven't been here long either!" one of them said kindly.

Lexi and Arsene sat down. In front of them were two men who were Malaysian citizens. They intended to build a resort in Bali. They were entrusting it to a construction company owned by the Ricardo Family. Lexi didn't focus at all, but Arsene often answered questions and dominated the conversation from their clients. Fortunately, both of their clients were still satisfied with the answer that Arsene gave. They made a deal for the project.


"Mr Lexi!" Arsene called to annoy him.

"Mr Lexi Ricardo!" Arsene repeated.

He was staring at Lexi who was still dumbfounded in the back seat. Since getting off the bus, this man had started to get weird, very strange.

"What?" Lexi asked.

"What are you thinking? Soon we will meet Mrs. Anna. She will definitely talk about whether you must marry again," Arsene explained who was in the driver's seat.

"As usual I will refuse!" Lexi said. "Did you see the girl I touched earlier?" the man asked. The image of the young girl who was reviving his passion didn't want to leave. Just keep filling his mind.

"I didn't see it, sir! What's the matter?" investigate Arsene. For five years, after his wife left on their first night Lexi had never spoken of a woman.

"Bring her to me! I'm healed!" Lexi said with a smile.

"You mean?" he asked again.

"I want it!" Lexi said.

"You mean!" Arsene narrowed his eyes, hearing Lexi's explanation.

"I'm excited! Today I can postpone it! But tomorrow I won't give her a chance to escape! You want to help me, right!" Lexi asked. His eyes lit up with an enthusiastic expression. Like he wasn't the Lexi he'd known.

"Yes sir! I'll do it!" Arsene replied. He couldn't refuse Lexi's order.

The car stopped at a house, located in an elite residential area in the city of Jakarta.

"Master, we have arrived!" Arsene said. He got out of the car and opened the door for Lexi.

They both walked into the house. Arsene immediately greeted Mrs. Anna who was waiting for him in the living room.

"Leave the two of us alone!" Mrs. Anna said to Arsene. She only wanted to talk to Lexi.

"Yes Ma'am," Arsene replied. He immediately left Mrs. Anna and Lexi. Besides, he also knew what they wanted to talk about whenever they met.

"Lexi, why are you avoiding me, you never even come home if I don't ask!" mumbled Mrs. Anna. So far, she has quite understood Lexi's situation. Losing the wife he loved on the first night is not an easy thing to forget. Moreover, his wife died by suicide.

"Sorry Mom, I'm busy with work!" said Lexi. The classic excuse he used every time.

"It's been five years, you don't forget it right? Your mom and dad only want grandchildren! When are you going to obey our request?!" Mrs Anna had expressed her wish hundreds of times, but Lexi considered it as a passing wind.

"Calm down, Mom!" Lexi said. His face was flat. He could easily get an excuse from his mother.

"I don't want to know, anyway you have to come tonight!" Mrs. Anna gave a photo of a woman. "Her name is Cassandra, a model who has just achieved success and has a career in Hollywood. I hope you don't turn her down again!" she said strictly.

"No mom! I don't want to!” Lexi refused. He got up from his seat wanting to leave the living room.

"You rejected young doctors, your classy architects, and now you reject top models! What kind of woman do you want to be your wife Lexi?! You are 30 years old, you are not young anymore! You must find a wife immediately! Your mother and dad just want grandchildren!" Mrs. Anna said, annoyed. Her debates with Lexi always led to uncertainty.

"Okay fine, who am I going to meet..." Lexi muttered.

"Cassandra." Mrs. Anna confirmed.

"Okay, tonight I will have a night with Cassandra but I don't promise to be in a relationship with that woman!" Lexi said. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. This time he admited to defeat.

"Yes. You must meet her, she is beautiful and smart. You must like her!" Mrs. Anna said confidently.


Previously, Lexi was married, to be exact when he was 25 years old. His relationship with his wife had been fine. However, the woman he married committed suicide on his first night.

In a diary that Lexi found, the man found out that the reason Anita committed suicide was because she was no longer a virgin. She felt unworthy of Lexi.

Since then, Lexi was suffering from Sexual Aversion Disorder, a disorder in which a man has no desire for the opposite s*x.

For five years, Lexi spent the nights cold and lonely. He hid his illness from his family. Someone who knew it was Arsene, his secretary, the only human on this earth that he trusted.

To cover up his illness, Lexi lived alone, he didn't want to live in his parents' residence. He was stubborn and rude to hide his hurt and illness.

To be Continue.

Chapter 2 Taouching Another Woman.

Chapter 2

Lexi looked in the mirror. He would see Cassandra soon in a romantic dinner at a well-known five-star restaurant which has been arranged by his mother.

In addition to fulfilling his mother's wishes, Lexi was curious about his touch with the young girl he met on the bus this afternoon. This time he would try to get in touch with the woman of his mother's choice. Would his body react the same?

"Sir, I will take you to Queen Restaurant. Mrs. Anna is afraid of you running away, she doesn't want you to reject her wish again! Miss Cassandra is a high-quality woman and cannot be compared to other acting artists. Her family has a fashion business that has shot up to the top 10 this year!" Arsene explained according to Mrs. Anna's wish. "For her face and physique, you understand better because you've seen her photos on her social media accounts and YouTube, Miss Cassandra's face also shows often on television. I think,


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