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Evelyn Mills is from a rich and wealthy family, but after a tragedy she was forced to flee from everything she knew and became a very poor lady. She swore to avenge her family, and with the help of some companions who willingly helped her, she gets closer and closer to achieving her longtime goals. She wanted to use their only son against them and to infiltrate the family. But then fate sure do has it's way of doing things, in the process of taking her revenge, she falls helplessly in love with the enemy's son. Will love prevail? Find out.

Chapter 1

My name is Evelyn, I live in a single apartment not the most idle place for anyone to live in. You wouldn't even believe if I told you how I ended up here, no need going down that awful memory lane.

It's already 6:30AM "Sh*t I am late for my shift."

Well that is Evelyn, a beautiful girl from a rich family. Wondering how she ended up living in the slums? I'll tell you that later.

Evelyn ran into an establishment where food is served (restaurant).

She works at coffee stands in the mornings and serves as a receptionist in the evenings.

"Hey you, its 7:20 you are late. The restaurant wouldn't wait for you, you know. You best get out of my sight and get those coffees ready and brewing. Don't get cocky, you may have worked here for years that doesn't mean you can't get fired" her boss queried

"I am really sorry, it won't happen again ma'am" Evelyn replied

"Hey what really happened that made you come late today honey, you know how Mrs Anders can be, but don't take it to heart." Britney said

"Thanks love, you know me I never do" Evelyn replied

That's how she works day and night relentlessly everyday and she has been doing this for years.

How did she end up there?



Fifteen years ago, little Evelyn whom was eight years old was playing in the playground with her little brother Dan whom was just five. They played different types of games and on the last game called hide and seek, little did they realize that was the last time they will set eyes on each other.. Or is it?

We'll leave that for fate to decide.

While on their various hideouts, Dan heard some gunshots and ran out to look for his dad and mum and that was where he was shot. He was presumed dead by the assassins because he fell down in his own pool of blood alongside his parents.

Meanwhile the killers were sent by their parent's competitors in business.

They were slaughtering and killing every living thing they could find in the Mill's mansion.

In her little hideout, Evelyn heard one of the men say,

"This isn't time to get sentimental, the Aragons wants all of the Mills dead, we can't leave any traces behind. So do your job and kill everyone you can find, including all the servants at the Mills mansion, Is that clear?."

"Okay boss, it is done."

Hearing this Evelyn had no choice but to stay hidden where she was, hoping and praying her parents and little brother were safe.

While praying, the door to her hideout was opened and she flinched, she saw her mom's personal maid drag her out and said.

"Listen little angel, shh stay quiet. There is no time, listen. Your mom, dad and little brother are no more. Do not forget to avenge them, follow this hidden wall, it will take you to the lake behind the mountain. It is up to you now, you are the only one who can avenge them."

"Godmother Erica, no don't leave me alone please" Little Evelyn pleaded amidst tears

"Go they are coming I can hear footsteps. Go, run, Evelyn run" Erica whispered silently into her ears.

"No no no I can't do this on my own please, don't leave me alone" Evelyn cried

"Take care little angel"

With that said, Erica quickly pushed her through the hidden wall and locked the passage door. Just then gunshots were heard, she turned back and saw Erica fall. So she ran with all her might, Even Erica died as well? Tears welled up in her eyes while running.


Evelyn woke up to a bright new day, she got up, stretched her body and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast that consists of fried eggs and beacon, which she ate before going into the bathroom after all today is the only day of freedom from her wicked and ungrateful employer Miss Anders.

After taking her bath she brought out a hidden box and was going through, it is the only property she stumbled across on her way out of the mill's mansion. Its a portrait of her family.

She was looking at it and the painful memories of that unfaithful day came back. She cried for hours. She vowed to avenge her family.

After hours of staring and crying she stood up took her bath again, this time it was 3:00 PM. She took her bag and headed down to the gym. Ever since she lost her family, she decided never to be weak. She goes to gyms on sundays to strengthen her fists and when it was 5:00PM, she enrolls in Karate so she could be strong enough to avenge her family when the time is right.

"Hey Lee, what's happening why is the dojo silent tonight?"

"Because Eve, its time you upgraded to a black belt. So I will train with you personally today"

"Awn... Lee you are such a sweetheart"

She hugs him affectionately.


Evelyn is a very beautiful lady I met her five years ago. She was so broken at the time, I had to be her knight in shiny armour at least that's what she calls me. We've become inseparable since then, Also one thing we both have in common was we have both been wronged one way or another by the Aragons.

They are a dreadful and cold group. They destroy everything they view as threats to their businesses and family.

They've seized lots of companies, destroyed families and unfortunately I and Evelyn were victims of such cruelty.

"Hey Lee, what are you thinking about? I have been calling out to you" Eve said jolting him back from his thoughts

"Nothing, come on let's go practice"

And so they fought, did a lot of training till 8:00PM, and then decided to call it a day. Lee locked his dojo and they both went to eat in an eatery after which they went home.

Evelyn got home by 10:30PM and went straight to bed. She woke up by 5:00AM the next day and went to work as usual.

Since she came early, no nagging from her awful boss, Mrs Anders.

One reason she chose to work here was because the restaurant she works in was somewhat connected to the Aragons. She plans to take revenge from the inside against them and somehow her plans were beginning to fall in place. She had plans of using the only son of the Aragons against them and to infiltrate their home, businesses and make them all pay for all they've done to her family. She went on with her job by serving coffee to her customers.

Just then one of her regular customers named John came, so she went to serve him.

"One cappuccino please" John said

"One cappuccino it is, coming right up" Evelyn replied with a broad smile.

Few minutes later...

"Here you go John" Evelyn said

"Oh thank you dear" John replied

And so Evelyn went on with her normal and everyday routine, which was being friendly to everyone she crosses path with, and hoping she gets the opportunity to meet her enemies.

Chapter 2


Just an hour drive away from Evelyn's work place, situated there is the Aragon's Villa. A beautiful and well decorated house, from the environs even a blind man could tell how expensive it is. A water fountain is placed in the middle of the villa. The gates well guarded inside out, there were men all clothed in black moving up and down with riffle guns, pacing and guarding each entrance that even a fallen pin won't go unnoticed by them. And this is where the Aragons resides.

Edmund Aragon the founder of Aragon's holdings is an old man with grey hair and beards, he is sighted sitting with his family in their living room. His wife and only son were with him along with his trusted guards and acquaintances. He began telling them what next they needed to do in order to gain more wealth.

"The company I started has been regnant under my power and influence for years, and as you all know my son has been following my foots


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