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Contract Marriage: Married To A Sadistic CEO

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(Beware Of Foul Language And Triggering Scene like; Blood, torture, and death) She wanted revenge, and he wanted her fake identity as his wife. _________ Olivia Jaylen, a wealthy lady whose father left her a great fortune, lost everything to her husband, who betrayed her and took everything from her. When she discovers her ex-husband has been having an affair with her cousin throughout their entire marriage, she seeks revenge. In order to make them feel the same pain she had felt, Olivia proposes a contract marriage to the wealthiest man in the city. It was supposed to be a win-win; Olivia would get her revenge, and Alden would become the owner of their family's billion-dollar company. Alden isn't who she thought he was. He's a sadist who enjoys people's pain. But instead of feeling turned off, Olivia begins to find this side of her fake husband attractive. What happens when Alden and Olivia are unable to resist their attraction to each other? And a secret that will tear them apart is revealed?

Chapter 1: Lost Everything

“What the fuck!” Olivia screamed at the sight of her husband and her cousin in their bedroom.

She moved closer, doubting whether or not she was seeing things. Verifying that this was really happening, her purse fell from her hand, and her legs weakened.

Her husband got away from the woman he was with. He adjusted his trousers before he walked up to her without an ounce of shame or guilt.

“Bradford,” she tried to speak, but was at a loss for words. Not only was she disappointed, but she was equally shocked.

“Olivia, i–”

Before Bradford could finish his statement, Olivia summoned the courage to slap him, silencing him.

Olivia wasn't just sad, but angry at her husband, who had the guts to bring a woman into their bedroom. She thought he was a different man and trusted him, but he failed her like every other man she had encountered. All they wanted was what she had to offer, not her love.

“Olivia, I don't care if you slap me a hundred times. It is what it is.” His words left her speechless. “Let's get a divorce. I am tired of hiding this from you. I love your cousin, Layla.”

For some reason, his words made tears well up in her eyes. She expected him to go on his knees and beg for her forgiveness like other men. But no! He showed no remorse for his action.

To worsen it, she had just transferred her shares to him, making him the owner of her father's company. She gave him everything, including her money, house, and cars, believing he truly loved her. She never expected this day to come.

For the past three years they had been together, Bradford was always treating her well and making her believe he was the only person she could trust and rely on. For that reason, Olivia opened up to him and gave him everything she had.

“What if I say no?” Her brow raised as she asked. “Actually, I am not getting a divorce,” she firmly opposed, holding back the tears that threatened to pour down.

Bradford chuckled darkly at her words before walking closer to her. She kept drifting back until her back was against the wall.

He leaned in close to her. “Olivia, will you sign the divorce letter or would you prefer I strangle you to death without anyone knowing?”

Hearing his words, fear instilled inside of her. She knew Bradford was not a man who went back on his word; he was a man of his word. “I… will… sign… it…” she stammered, hoping not to get hurt by Bradford.

“Fine,” he said with a sly smile before turning to face Layla, who had been watching them. “Babe, can you get me the divorce letter?”

“Sure.” Layla's voice echoed.

In no time, she walked up to them with the divorce letter, the duvet wrapped around her chest.

“What are you waiting for, Olivia? Won't you sign it?” Layla asked, stretching the divorce letter and a pen to Olivia.

Olivia felt defeated as she received the divorce letter from her cousin instead of her husband. She read the document with tears streaming down her face.

She raised her gaze to look at Bradford, staring into his eyes. His green eyes, which used to look at her lovingly, were now cold, staring at her like she was the most despicable thing in the world.

“Do you really have to do this? Is this a divorce or a scam?” Olivia asked sadly.

“Do what?” He asked, sounding as if he had no idea what she meant.

She hesitated before speaking, tears streaming down freely. “Why does it say I am getting nothing from you? Including everything I gave you? Why do I have to be the one losing everything? Can't we just go our separate ways without destroying each other?”

Bradford burst into laughter at her words. He turned to Layla, who was anticipating what the almighty Olivia would do. “Layla, can that happen?” He asked her, sounding like this was actually fun.

‘It must be fun for both of them. Maybe this was their plan from the beginning,’ Olivia thought. No matter how she tried to remain strong like the lady her father raised her to be, she kept breaking down.

“Why should it happen? Did she allow my father, who worked hard for the success of the company, to have the company?” Layla retorted before she took a few steps closer to Olivia. “Girl, things don't always go as you wish; remember that.”

“Will you sign the document or not? Layla and I have unfinished business to finish,” Bradford said, licking his lips seductively.

She took a deep breath, trying not to hurt herself further because Bradford didn't deserve it. She picked up the pen and signed the document.

After she was done signing the document, she handed it back to him. “The both of you are only helping me keep what is mine safe. I will come back for it,” she informed them.

“Until then, honey,” Layla whispered in Olivia's ear, feeling victorious.

She had never won Olivia anything. Education, business, creativity, luck, name it all, Olivia has always been on top. How sad it would be for Mr. Jaylen to see his dear daughter lose her man to her cousin.

“Olivia, what are you waiting for? Won't you excuse us? Layla and I still have rounds to go,” Bradford reminded her, sounding naughty and pleased.

Just as much as she regretted ever meeting a scoundrel like him, she would regret not taking her revenge on him. She clenched her teeth before she walked out of the room weakly.

She headed out of her own house with one more glare, wishing everything was a dream, but it was too vivid to doubt if it was really happening.

Just as she stepped out of her magnificent mansion, heavy rain began to pour down on her. She closed her eyes and allowed her tears to stream down, wishing the rain would wash away her pain. She wished that by the end of this rain, she would no longer feel pain.

Chapter 2: Crazy Suggestion

“Olivia, are you really fine?” Her friend, Annabelle, asked worriedly.

After the night that she got divorced, she couldn't think of anywhere to go aside from her friend's place. She caught a cold and wouldn't tell her friend what happened.

“I am,” she managed to reply, as if those two words were forced out of her mouth.

Annabelle placed her hand on Olivia's forehead to feel her temperature. Her temperature was warm compared to two days ago when she came knocking on her door, looking soaked.

“Olivia, you aren't okay. Stop pretending to yourself,” Annabelle said. She knew her friend would never share her problem with anyone except she was at the verge of dying.

Unable to keep lying, Olivia decided to tell everything to Annabelle. She explained how she caught Bradford, how shameless he was, and everything that transpired between them.

Annabelle ruffled her long black hair as if she were the one treated that way. “Fuck! Girl, h


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