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Cold And Ruthless; The. CEO Diamond

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Synopsis: Not all betrayal should push you to the dead end. Max, my fiancee, left me standing on the red carpet. And right in front of my eyes, he walked up to my suppose younger sister and led her to the priest. Again, before my very own eyes, he got married to Fiona, and my parents cheered. Funny how these same people had encouraged me into marriage. If that was said to be embarrassing, then humiliation was when Fiona threw muddy water all over my white wedding dress. I don't belong to high society; I'm ordinary. The daughter of a prostitute, I am not royalty. I'm not going to argue, nor am I going to fight, because I know there won't be an end if I do. But there's one thing they all seem to forget: A diamond is just like an ordinary stone; it just needs a polisher to polish it and tell it its worth. Life couldn't have treated me any better. Just by giving me the name Diamond, I knew for sure I wasn't going to a dead end. I am the diamond; I just need the lucky one to polish me into lustre. Do I need a polisher? Am I going to get one in order to get back at those who have literally stabbed me in the back? Or am I going to be my own polisher? The changer of my own fate?

Chapter 1

THE WEDDING: At the beach in a red wedding gown

Diamond's POV

I sat in front of the vanity mirror, getting dressed by two stylists and their assistants. One was applying makeup to my face, while the other was almost done with my hair. I was looking stunning like a bride should. My hair was curled in a retro bun, leaving two strands on each side.

The makeup on my face was exquisite, with a double-layer foundation and bright red lipstick.

My brows were carved like waves, and my lashes were straightened with light mascara.

A pair of shimmering pearl earrings on my ears and a pearl necklace around my neck. It was the day of my wedding—the day a new name would be added to my precious name.

The day I'll be married to the love of my life, Max.

I met him two years ago, and I fell in love with him at first sight, so without hesitation, I agreed to become his girlfriend when he asked me out.

We were good together, and last year he unexpectedly proposed to me. We were all on a vacation on the islands, and he declared his love on the seashore.

Of course, I agreed to marry him.

It seems different when I’m with him. He understands me more than anyone, and no doubt, he is my missing rib all along.

"Is everything ready?" Liam asked loudly when he burst into the room.

Liam is my dad's driver and his most trusted guard.

"Everyone is already waiting for you," he added

The stylist seems to be done with my makeup and hair.

"Where is Max?" I asked nervously, straightening my long, beautiful red wedding dress.

"Don’t worry, diamond. Max is at the venue already and  You’re just being nervous," Mr. Liam reassured me, and I couldn’t help but gulp down the lump forming in my throat.

I touched my neck and noticed the platinum necklace Mom gave me wasn’t there.

I turned to the stylist.

"where is the platinum necklace that was around my neck just now? " I asked and she looked away before mumbling,

"I don't understand what you are talking about ma'am, there was no platinum necklace"

"What do you mean by there was no platinum necklace?  I can’t get married without it. It’s my lucky charm. No way"

I groaned. Mom gave me the precious necklace as my wedding gift. How could she lose it?

"It's fine diamond, you need to take a deep breath. Can you do that for me?" Liam asked taking a step closer.

I took a deep breath and turned to face him,

" I'm fine. I just need my mother’s necklace to calm down."

Liam looked at me wide-eyed. "Uh, Diamond, do you not want to marry the love of your life over a necklace?"

I shook my head.

"Good, because if you don’t marry him, I know a bunch of ladies that who would love to, without hesitation"

He said that, and I shot him a deadly glance.

"Fine. Let’s go." I said it grumpily.

I took one last look at myself in the mirror before following Mr. Liam


It was an autumn wedding that was being held at sunset. it had always been my dream to hold my wedding at the beach.

The weather was a bit dark and the scenery before me was breathtaking. it was exactly the wedding of my dream. This arrangement was perfect, it matched how I had imagined it to be.

Red rose petals were spread all over the floor in a straight line and I needed no one to tell that was the point where I'm going to walk through, hand in hand with my dad.

White and pink Lily flower petals were spread all over the other places. there were green leaves too, representing nature.

Lighted lanterns and candles in heart shades and shapes hung on the man-made trees in the surrounding areas.

With small line lights of different colors shimmering in the dark and the chair and table for receiving guests covered in red and white linens,

it looks just like my fairytale wedding. The paparazzi and reporters were everywhere which didn't surprise me.

For a moment, I wondered how much preparation my parents had put into this wedding. It's funny how my parents loved Max at first sight and how they encouraged us to this wedding.

I walked down the aisle dressed in my red wedding gown while holding a rose bouquet. The red gown was utterly gorgeous, with sparkling pearls and diamonds all over. It had joints with white laces, and the length covered a long distance backward.

The smile on my face was the most sincere of all time. I could see smiles on everyone’s faces who were present. They all seemed happy that I was getting married.

Pleasant, slow music was played as I headed confidently toward the end of the aisle. I could see the priest and Max dressed in a black suit. He has an exciting smile on his face.

I turned to my right, and there were my parents and my younger sister, Fiona.My smile instantly dimmed at the sight that just welcomed me. Why was Fiona dressed in a red wedding gown as well?

Fiona smiled proudly as she snarled at me. My nervousness kicked in tenfold as she walked up to Max while holding the hem of her dress and then hooked her arm around his. I gasped out loud when I noticed Mom’s necklace on Fiona's neck. I wasn't going to believe my eyes. Why was Max smiling and looking affectionately at her? And Mom and Dad?

The guests looked at Fiona, taking pictures of her dress. My world came crashing down as they both turned to the priest. The guest started clapping and cheering. I looked around, only to discover that no one was paying attention to me.

All their attention had always been on Fiona the entire time—from the very beginning.

I wiped the sweat dripping from my forehead. The atmosphere was suffocating me already and I panicked. My mind yelled at me to turn back and run away, as I vaguely understood what was going on.

But my feet were too stumped to move and I found it hard to lift them. Here is my time to run away since all the attention is on Fiona and Max.

But, I couldn’t do it. The fear of what was about to take place wracked my nerves.

"I do"

I was startled out of my thoughts as soon as I heard Fiona’s reply.

"Do you, Max Zachary, Take Fiona Xander to be your wife, to love and to cherish, to be with her during the worst times, in sickness and in health, in good and bad times, till death do you both apart."

My heart was beating so fast. My face speaks so much about my ongoing emotions. Was he going to do this to me?

His silence was an unspoken answer. I gulped, waiting patiently for his reply.

"I do," came his reply.

My lip parted as my expression paled and my body quivered. I just couldn’t believe Max could do this to me. He loved me and I loved him. Hump! What am I saying?

We both f*ck*ng loved each other. Trains of questions railed through my mind as I held on to my broken heart.

"What happened? How did it happen? What went wrong? " I thought with disbelief, unable to gasp at the significance of what was happening. I was the best girl for Max. He dislikes Fiona.

So did he suddenly lose love for me and find my sister more to his likeness?

He could have talked it out with me if he felt we could no longer continue with the wedding. But why the humiliation?

"Then I pronounced you both as husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride." The priest announced and the crowd let out a cry of vivid happiness. My world was almost falling apart as the priest declared them husband and wife. Tears compiled under my eyes quickly as they flowed down, doing great damage to my makeup. I felt a tightness in my chest.

They were married. Under my watchful eyes, Max got married to my sister.

"Oh, God!" I whimpered. Endless resentment and pain surged in my heart. My body trembled.

Max turned to Fiona, who had already faced him. His hand moved to her face, lifting it gently by her jaw. His thumb rubbed softly on her face. His gaze was affectionate, as he let a satisfactory smile play on his lips. I stared at them with tears clouding my eyes yet again. The same seductively plumped lips that bloom a different feeling in me, the same lips I had thought only belonged to me. Slowly leaning his head down, Max captured Fiona’s lip in his, letting her feel the softness of his lips. I shut my eyes in disgust and bit harder on my lower lip.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two: REVELATION: Shocking truth behind her birth.

I was humiliated publicly, and it's not something I can tolerate. I frantically looked around. Everyone seems to be engrossed with them. I felt the drumming in my chest. Why did my parents encourage me into this marriage just to get me humiliated this way? Why?

I couldn’t find the right answers to my question. They both broke the kiss, and the two of them unanimously turned to look at me. Just when I opened my mouth to speak, Fiona beat me to it.

"Hey sister," she said, emphasizing the word 'sister' mockingly.

Fiona got to where I stood and then chuckled while eyeing me like some disgusting creature. I simply sniffed and wiped away my tears. She smiled when she saw me do that.

"Seeing the great diamond this way gives me so much joy!" She laughed and I gulped uneasily

"W..hy me?" I stuttered, staring at the lady in front of me. She smirked and loo


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