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CEO's Contract Marriage

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Khushi snuck onto a floor she wasn't supposed to be on to acquire her favourite actor's autograph. However, she had no clue how her life would evolve as a result of that one foolish decision, and she would find herself naked in the bed of the most popular businessman, Darsh Sinha. They had no choice but to marry each other to salvage their reputations. Would that marriage be blissful, or would it turn their lives completely upside down? Khushi yearned to love her husband, but Darsh refused to let her get close to his heart. One day, Khusi suffered an accident and lost all memories of Darsh. When she couldn't recognise him this time, Darsh felt empty and heartbroken. Would they be able to find their true love or would they end up divorcing each other according to the contract marriage at the end?

Chapter 1 : Naive Desire

"Lunch to room no. 403, Khushi." A colleague instructed me.

"On my way," I said as I wheeled the food trolley towards the staff elevator.

Khushi Acharya, a 21-year-old woman, belonging to a lower-middle-class family, was employed at Kolkata's renowned five-star hotel as a waitress, "Star Palace." It was a makeshift arrangement until I could find something more substantial. Or, at least, that's what I assumed.

Only if I had done better in school, like my sister and Sushant, might I have gotten a high-paying job like them. Despite being the group leader and planner, I had the lowest academic ranking. In a nutshell, I'm cool with my buddies but a loser in society.

My parents were constantly concerned for my future. But, as usual, I was careless, and I got what I deserved. However, I had no complaints. I was content in my current situation since I could eat, sleep peacefully, and help my parents with money. And I still wondered if I had any specific goals in my head.

Maybe my goal was just to be happy with everyone around me till the end.

A boisterous grin formed on my lips as the elevator door closed. Today, I was considerably more excited because it was the day I had been looking forward to for a long time. It was the day I'd finally be able to experience my dream. The dream to meet "Akash Malhotra," my beloved superstar.

Akash was the heartthrob of approximately every lady in almost every age category due to his attractive appearance and splendid acting abilities. I wasn't alone among the throngs of people who adored him and slobbered over him.

Akash has had a stronghold on my heart for a long time. And daydreaming about glimpsing him was my unpaid employment between my hectic days.

It was rumoured that Akash Malhotra was staying at the hotel where I was working. But the hearsay was validated when I overheard the manager directing someone on, how to look after their V.I.P. guest, Akash's, room no 609, on his phone.

Akash, spending the night at the Star Palace since he had a shoot the next day added to my knowledge as a bonus. The manager appeared to be striving to keep that information secret from the other people as he whispered on his phone. Albeit, he had no clue that I was perched behind a turn, listening intently to everything he said and grinning hysterically.

Taking advantage of the situation, I went to room 609, even though the food was scheduled to be delivered to 403.

My strategy was to ring Akash's room doorbell and pretend that I had approached his room erroneously. And after apologising for my tiny grief, I'll request his autograph and snap a picture with him.

As a naive woman, I anticipated that everything would proceed smoothly without me getting detected, even though I was evidently doing something that could jeopardise my position.

Stepping out of the elevator, my gaze was drawn to room 601. I was only a few steps away from Room 609. My heart began to race with each step closer to my destination. I was still debating in my mind whether or not I was in reality. Nonetheless, I continued to push the food trolley forward.

"Hey! Who are you?"

A heavy voice called out from behind me, causing me to come to a halt.

"Ro-room service," I stammered uneasily, clutching the trolley's handle tightly.

"Listen here." I felt the squeeze on the back of my hand as someone mumbled it. Turning around, I spotted two men wearing masks and appearing suspicious as heck.

"What the hell is going on? Leave m—" I tried to break away from their grasp, but one of them shoved clothing against my mouth and nose. I doubted anyone could hear my stifled cries in that deserted hallway. My endeavour to break free from their clutches persisted until I grew dizzy and everything around me darkened.

I didn't quite comprehend why I was getting kidnapped since I was conscious of my impoverishment.


As I awoke from a deep slumber, I tried to open my eyes slowly. I failed to locate anything except darkness as my view searched around.

Where the heck am I?

Rubbing my orbs didn't help much while I wondered in my head. Then my memories came flooding back, informing me that I had been kidnapped by two men wearing masks and had passed out after they forced a piece of clothing across my mouth. I presumed it might have been chloroform, recalling the incident.

It was undoubtedly a soft bed underneath me. I roused from my bed, figuring I was in a bedroom, and my hands groped around for switches. So I could assess the existing situation and the surrounding environment.

The lights suddenly flickered on, prompting me to flinch and swivel around. A tall man, nearly 6'2", dressed in a grey tuxedo, stood a short distance away from me. His appearance was picturesque with his well-shaped figure and his well-combed raven hair. His straight-edged nose trailed to his thin pair of lips, which looked enticing.

His bewitching, deep black irises lingered on mine, almost soothing me into neglecting what I was intending to do.

That man appeared to be more stunning than the movie stars I had admired from afar. He may be a lot more attractive than Akash. Who is he, exactly?

"Can I ask what a naked woman is doing on my bed at this hour?" The man finally opened his mouth with the same bored expression he had worn since the beginning.

I was consumed by his enchanting beauty when I realised the man had spoken up about being naked. My sight darted to my body with the speed of light, and my heart nearly stopped beating from astonishment. Confirming the man's statements, I discovered myself naked on the bed, except for a thin blanket wrapped around my body.

"What the f***!" Screaming, I yanked the blanket closer to me and frantically roofed myself.

Gritting my teeth, I glanced up at the man again. This time, fiercely, as I felt sure he was to blame for my present situation.

"Who did this?" With rage in my eyes, I shrieked at him.

The man, however, remained indifferent to my criticism and sauntered towards the small, one-seater couch in front of the bed. He occupied it while opening the top buttons of his tuxedo. Crossing his legs lazily, he glanced at his watch before voyaging his view of me.

"Strange," said the black-haired man, his demeanour indifferent. "I thought you came here to seduce me."

Chapter 2 : From Where Everything Has Started

"Strange," said the black-haired man, his demeanour indifferent. "I thought you came here to seduce me."


That immensely egocentric man irked me with his first sentence. And it was his usual apathetic expression that bothered me the most. He said presumably the affair had been nothing more than a game for children.

"What makes you think I'm interested in seducing you?" I objected.

"Because I am a billionaire, charming, and famous?" He said it with a sidelong glance at me as if I were the most uninteresting thing on the planet.

"Who exactly are you, and what have you done to me? Tell me, or I'll call the cops on you!" With my dominant voice, I intended to frighten him. Albeit, the individual in front of me chortled as if I'd said something absurd.

"You don't know who I am?" A cynical grin curved his lips.

"Yet you crawled into my bed, completely naked?&q


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