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Broken Tears

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She had watched her mother being bullied, maltreated, and belittled all in the name of love, so she hated anything that has to do with relationships and love. When she thought she was finally free from the cruel hands of her father's ill-treatment, life happened and she became traumatized. "Why? Just why do you hate me so much?" Lilith asked shedding tears uncontrollably "You were my greatest mistake how can I ever love someone who changed my life so much? huh? Why should I?" "Fine then, but I hope you don't regret your decision one day, dad. She glared at the woman standing by the door frame and ran away from the place which had been a living hell for her. *Please drop a review so I can make improvements lovelies


Growing up wasn't easy for Lilith who was treated as a stranger in her parent's house, a place that was supposed to be a haven for her to turn into became hell for her.

From her father's constant beatings to his verbal abuse, He was fond of hurting her mother whenever she protested. She hated him for that and wished he would die but he didn't to her dismay.

Her mum got married at a young age to her father who hated her and wished she was never born, He kept calling her the source of his current predicament, She kept hearing him calling her a failure, Someone useless and his worse mistakes, She had gotten used to him verbally abusing her at all times

"Lilith, Don't do that please" her mother called out to her with tears streaming down her face.

"Mum, he hit you again why do you keep staying with him when he doesn't even care about you? Why do you keep wishing he will stop hitting you instead of doing something to stop him? Why mum?" Lilith knelt beside her mum who was crying.

"I was wrong, Lilith I provoked him, I am at fault this time".

"That is what you always say every time he got you, you keep saying you are wrong when you know you are not, When will you ever not be at fault? When will this stop?" Lilith shouted angrily

"Lilith, he has a reason he is doing all this believe me when I say I am at fault," her mother said with tears dripping down her face.

She hated seeing her like this, she was ready to do anything to wipe away her tears and make sure she doesn't shade tears ever in her life but she was powerless, She couldn't do anything because her mum will bear the punishment in her stead.

"What could she possibly do?" Nothing.

"Get up, mum". She tried pulling her mum up after wiping the tears from her eyes but she won't budge.

"I can't Lilith, I have cramps let's wait for a little while" her mom held her hands while smiling weakly at her.

"Mum, not again why don't we see a doctor, it is getting worse," Lilith said tensed

"We don't have that type of money love besides cramps has never killed anyone, "her mother said while smiling boldly at her.

"I have some saved up already from my part-time job" Lilith answered smiling

"Keep it then, I am strong and fine" her mum answered standing up and twirling around suddenly before her legs gave way and she landed with her butt back on the floor.

"Mum" Lilith shouted in shock

"Love, I am fine" her mum answered grunting in pain.

"This doesn't sound fine to me mum" Lilith answered scared.

Suddenly Lilith heard noises and turned to see her father walk in dressed in a tailored suit looking sharp and smart a deep contrast from hers and her mum's tattered-looking clothes.

Her father was well-off and had a bottling water company that was one of the best in their country.

"If it is not the stupid mother and daughter duo". he said while strolling in and staring at them, he hated how Lilith looked exactly like him and just a little like his wife.

" Don't tell me you are crippled already?" He asked starting at them wide-eyed.

"Dad, why did you do it?"

"Do what Lilith?" He answered feigning pretense.

"How could you hit mom again? Why did you do that? How could you be so cruel?"

"Lilith stop" her mother cautioned.

"No Lidia let your insolent daughter finish" her father added.

"Lilith apologize" her mum pleaded

"Lilith go on"

Lilith was confused she looked from her father to her mother and continued.

"You have to stop punishing my mother in my stead" Lilith answered angrily

"I think so too but she keeps saying she doesn't want a scar on your body so I had to make sure she get the scar on your stead" he answered nonchalantly

"Why are you being cruel?"

"I am not Lilith" he replied

"You don't care about me or mum I get that, you don't love seeing us either I get it, you will be better without us in your life I get it, but what I don't understand is why don't you divorce mom?"

"Garry, don't listen to what she is saying" Lidia pleaded.

"You want to know why?" Her dad asked to smirk

"She won't let me do it, Lilith, your mum still insist she loves me, how can she be so stupid to still love me after all I did to her I made sure she gets broken but she still insists she loves me who does that?"

"Mum loves you a lot, She just wants you to acknowledge her why can't you?"

"You don't know, right? She forced herself on me, he answered pointing a finger at her mother.

"She was just a fling, a one-time thing and she knew it but she refused to get rid of you when she got pregnant with you, My family insisted I get married to her even when they knew I was in love with someone else, your mother knew also but she kept pushing for a marriage between us with the petty excuse that she loves me and I will fall in love with her when I see you and when I saw you I hated you, I hated how you resembled me so much, I didn't fall in love with her either so she will have to bear with it or leave"

Lilith was shaken she knew he hated her but never to this extent.

"But it is not enough reason dad, you know that"

"It is to me so convince your mother to agree to the divorce terms or she will continue facing hell on Earth"

"Noooo I won't divorce you Garry I won't I still love you a lot don't you get it?"

"Get out of my face," Garry said walking past them to the stairs.

"Garry, please don't go," Lidia said getting up on her feet.

"Mum, stop it please" Lilith shouted and watched as her mum turned fully to face her

"Lilith, I love your father I can't divorce him" she pleaded

"You have to let go of someone who doesn't want you, he keeps hurting you still yet you love him, he doesn't even want you why do you keep loving someone like him when he isn't worth your time?"

"Lilith, you won't understand how much I love him you have never been in love before have you?"

"No mum I haven't and if this is what you call love I don't want to fall in love Mum, you are clearly in bondage this is not called love" Lilith tried to make her see reason with her and grab arms holding and shaking her.

"I won't leave Lilith no matter how much you try to talk me out of this marriage I won't leave and that is final"

"I see you have made your decision that is good mum".

"Yes, I have made mine and I am ok with it love, you have to see reasons with me" Lidia pleaded

"I have tried to see reasons with you mum but I couldn't see any reason which justifies all that you are doing " Lilith added looking defeated.

"You will when you are married, Lilith"

"Lilith," she called out as she watched her stomp off furiously

"Don't talk to me mum I need some time off, I hope you don't get killed one day because I still need you" she answered while walking up the stairs leading to her room.

She slammed the door shut and sat down on the bed with her knee pressed together.

She had seen love and knew it wasn't like this, love wasn't abusive, it cared about others, love wasn't what her parents had.

She had seen Toni's parents and knew they loved each other deeply, her mum's love wasn't harmful toward her but the love she had toward her dad was stupid, "Who loves like that these days?"

Her parent's relationship was toxic and she wondered how she had managed to stay alive till she was 17 considering how much her father hated her.

He didn't care a dime about her welfare, he paid her college fee and made sure she was fed properly but aside from that she had to get the rest herself, she never got new clothes except for the ones Toni gave her telling her he wanted her to have them but she knew he got tired of seeing her repeat same clothes all the time especially when they were in the company of his wealthy friends.

She slept off soon and woke up when the sky was dark.

She walked out and saw her mother seated on the foreign leather couch in the parlor while scrolling through the TV stations.

"You are finally here," Lidia said staring at her.

"I didn't say I won't come down" Lilith murmured.

"The maids went up to call you several times Lilith and you didn't answer them, that wasn't nice of you"

"Mum I was sleeping"Lilith whispered at her.

"I thought you were still angry at me tho."

"Yes I was but not anymore, I can't force you in making decisions right? I am happy you didn't get rid of me I will always be grateful to you for that besides you are an adult already so you are free to make your decisions" she added shrugging her shoulder.

"Thank you for understanding me Lilith, you are one of the greatest gifts I have had aside from your father, of course, I am happy I made that decision although your father doesn't love me, you do and I love him also" she drew closer holding Lilith's hand and staring at her eyes.

"Madam, the food is ready," a maid interrupted them.

"Thank you Josephine,we will be there shortly"

"Ok madam"

"Let's go love" she pulled Lilith up who walked beside her to the large dining room.


"Yes madam?"

"What is on the menu today," Lidia asked as she pulled a chair out and watched Lilith sit on one close to her.

"Caucasian pilaf rice with grilled chicken ma'am".

"That's good, have you all eaten?".

"Yes ma'am"

"Ok, then"

Josephine came closer to serve plates of pilaf rice to them and left.


"Yes, love"

"Why are you being polite?" Lilith asked

"It is called courtesy love here try this it's yummy". Lidia said as she placed a chicken on her plate.

"This taste so good" Lilith smiled and chewed.

The maids stood close by watching the mother and daughter duo with pity, they knew how badly they were treated by their master and made sure they tried their utmost best to take care of them mainly because their madam was a nice woman she didn't disrespect them as others did to their maids and always care about their welfare.

They were used to seeing them together eating alone as their master rarely ate with them, the first and only time it happened, it ended with tears.

"Easy Lilith there is plenty for you" Lidia cautioned

"Mum, it is yummy thanks Aunt Josephine for this wonderful meal," Lilith said wiping her mouth with a clean handkerchief kept by the side.

"Welcome young miss it is a pleasure seeing you enjoy my cooking"Josephine replied while picking upinhe dishes used to the kitchen.


"Yes love"

"You never told me about your family, why?"Lilith asked looking puzzled.

"They are dead," Lidia said looking sad.

"At least you can tell me where you are from mum it won't take anything from you" Lilith pushed on

"It brings back sad memories that I want to forget Lilith".

"I am sorry mum"

"It is okay, how is your preparation for your entralongexam coming alone?"

"Fine, mum but I need to go back to my room now, goodnight mum" she added while kissing her cheek.

"Sweet dreams love" she heard as she watch as she watched her walk up the stairs.


Lidia wondered if she had truly made the right choice as she watched Lilith walk up the stairs heading toward her room.

She had thought Garry would grow to love her but he didn't.

It had been seventeen years already and she had wished she could retract her step but she knew it was too late.

She had been blinded by the love she had for him and had cut off her connection with her family. She felt teary when she remembered the last request she had asked from them before cutting off connection with them.

She still remembered her mother's eyes which were calm as she told her brother to make sure that her last request was granted so she would be able to live comfortably wherever she went.

Lidia could remember her mother's firm grip on the cell phone she was holding as Lidia told her she would cut off connection with them.

"Foolish girl, I know you will come back to me soon, when you see how dangerous the world out there is" she


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