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Billionaire's Secret Wife

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she was Forced to marry him.. she just did this to save her mother She thought he hated her but what happen when everything around her was just lies and she was trapped into it.. She was his Obsession and He could go to any extent to get her.. He wants her all for himself.. She was His Secret Wife The Billionare's Secret Wife and She was trapped into The Web of lies Stuck in the Dirty Game Of The Billionaire.. "YOU ARE MINE SHARANYA ONLY MINE AND I HATE SHARING" Mr.A Join me in this journey of BILLIONARE and HIS SECRET WIFE full of suspense, heartbreak, betrayal and Love..

Chapter 1

Neil Ahuja: 26 year old, The Ceo of Ahuja Height He was composed, calm, and a total introvert. With a height of 6'1 and the mole above his lips with a sculpted jaw and body, he can make any girl go weak on their knees.

Anusha Sinha/Ahuja: 23-year old Neil's wife. She is working for Sinha's dad's company. Her work comes first; she doesn't give a d*mn about any relationship when it comes to work. She is bold, beautiful, and confident.

Ahuja Heights' leader Neil's dad lives in Jaipur with his family and wife. and is handling the business from there only.

Lekha Ahuja: Neil's mom is a cruel lady, selfish and money-minded. She loves her babies and family very much.

Priyank Ahuja: 22-year old Neil's younger brother, an example of a rich, spoilt brat and playboy... changes girls' clothes, lives in Mumbai with Neil.

Brinda Iyer : a single mother. She is a maid in Ahuja's Palace. She loves her daughter Sharanya very much, and always tried to give her a good life and fulfil all her needs. She is suffering from a brain tumor.

Sharanya Iyer just turned 18. She is cute, bubbly, and talkative. She knows how to make others smile. She adores her mother and wishes to provide her with a lavish lifestyle.


She came out of her small house with her hair tied in a loose bun, her hair strands dancing on her glowing face. She ran behind the small babies, playing with them; her anklet made soothing sounds.

She laughed and giggled as she played with them, and her mother approached her, slapping her on the back of the head as she saw her acting like a child.

Her mother tapped her on the shoulder.She turned and pouted, trying to melt her mother.

"What is this?" Brinda scolded you. I told you not to play with kids. You aren't a child anymore. You've grown up now. "

"Ohh mom, chill I was just playing, I didn't commit any crime, "she answered, giggling.

Brinda held her arm and dragged her inside their house, locking the door behind her.

"What is this, huh? Don't you know how to drape a scarf?Listen, Sharanya, leave this carefree attitude of yours."

"We aren't like those rich people; we are poor," her mother said angrily.

"Ufff my maa, everything is fine," she said, hugging her mother.

"okay, tell me, did you take your medicine?" She questioned her mother, but she didn't answer.

"Ohh maa, how can you be so careless? You never take care of yourself. " Sharanya frowned, slapping her forehead and taking out her medicine.

Her mother smiled, seeing her concern. "Have this," Sharanya said, handing her a medicine and a glass of water.

"It's not needed."

" I am going to die anyway, "her mother said.

Don't you dare say that, OK? "You'll be fine; we'll go to Mumbai for your treatment," she assured her mother.

"We don't have any money." I am just a normal servant in Haveli and---" Sharanya cut her off.

"Sshhh, don't take tension, everything will be alright. "I'll take care of the money," she said, "and you rest."

"No, sharanya, it's not time to rest; I have to go to Haveli; so many things are left there, and even today Neil baba is coming," her mother said, quickly shaking her head.

"Maa, I'll do your work today. You rest please," she said in a concerned voice.

"No sharanya I have to go. I just took some medicine. I am fine," her mother said.

"Don't even use those words, you will be fine"

Sharanya said, and her mother nodded, knowing that arguing with Sharanya was a waste of time and that she would never win against her.


The whole palace was decorated beautifully and the hustle and bustle was going on. why not? Their son, their pride was coming back today after one year. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and today they were coming back to enjoy the wedding.

Sharanya was doing her work silently when she heard the gossiping of other girls.

"You know what I mean." Did you see Neil Ahuja's Instagram feed?"

A group of girls from a well-known, reputed family were talking with each other, or you could say, gossiping about Neil.

Ignoring that she started doing her work, that she also had a teeny-weeny crush on Neil. Is that not wrong? A girl or boy can have a crush on any celebrity, whether he/she is married or not.

"Sharanya Lekha Mom has called you in her room," the other maid informed her, making her confused.

"Me?" she asked, unsure.

The other servant walked away, nodding her head.

She took a deep breath, adjusting her dup pata as she went up to Neon Ida's room.

As soon as she knocked on the door, she heard her say, "Come in."

She stepped inside, fiddling with her dupatta, staring at the luxurious tiled floor.

"Sharanya!" she looked up, hearing Lekha's voice.

"Your mother is suffering from a brain tumour. Am I right? " Lekha inquired, and she nodded.

Sharanya's lips curled into a peaceful and innocent smile as soon as those words left her mouth.

"But I have one condition," Lekha said, and she looked at her with a questioning look.

I am ready to do anything, mom. I'll do work on my mother's behalf. "I'll pay you back everything," Sharanya said, and Lekha chuckled, getting up from the couch.

"Naahh, you don't have to pay me anything back," she said abruptly, and Sharanya's eyes widened.

"Th.." she questioned, stuttering.

"You have to marry Neil." Hearing her utter those words, Sharanya moved two steps back.

She thought she had heard something wrong.

"H..huh," she uttered in disbelief.

"You aren't deaf sharanya I said, "If you want to save your mother, then you have to marry my son," Lekha said again. I will provide you with all the luxuries and you will get admission to one of the best colleges in Mumbai.

"He... he is already married," she said in a whisper, but it was enough for Lekha to hear.

"That's none of your concern. You can be HIS SECRET WIFE and it will be a secret, "Lekha said, and Sharanya shook her head in no

Sharanya ran out of the room, whispering, "I can't."

Chapter 2

Sharanya's pov.

What the hell was that? How could she have just ordered me to marry Neil? He was already married, and it's illegal. Okay, okay, okay, calm down, Sharanya. You were here to do work. Just do that and leave this palace as soon as possible.

My eyes travelled to my mother, as she was doing her work silently, and tears made their way from my eyes. Why was our fate so cruel to us? Why can't I give her the happiness she deserves? She was sick and suffering from a deadly disease, but she was still working.

God, please help us!

"He is here, he is here," I heard everyone say, as they ran towards the main door.

The billionaire Neil Ahuja was here.

The part of me wanted to see his face! I mean, why not? He was hot!! I did stalk him a few times on his social media profile.

I walked towards the door, standing in the middle of the crowd. Damn, why were they all so excited? These girls were really pushing me.



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