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Billionaire's Hated Wife

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"How about a one-night stand? You are the first and only person to ever show me your filthy middle finger! Don't you think I should show your place?" My frustration boils over hearing him, can't gather my thoughts over how dark the other side of the handsome face can be! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gracia Judy is a 25-year-old independent girl currently living alone in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. She is an orphan who was raised by her grandmother. She attains every virtue from her grandmother. Some days, Judy and Smith fall in love with each other. His presence makes her life heavenly. Everything is going well despite a lack of funds until she gets into an argument about her rights with a well-known, arrogant billionaire named Ellen John. How can the powerful, rich, and arrogant billionaire tolerate an ordinary girl’s pride? Her life turns upside down when she slaps him in return for his disrespectful words against her, and she becomes his one and only enemy, whom he keeps chasing nonstop to ruin her life. When she discovers his nefarious plot against her, she has no choice but to flee to avoid his lethal clutches. Ellen keeps looking for her everywhere; however, he finds no clue about her, but the real shock comes when he discovers his enemy standing in front of him as his bride!

Chapter 1: A Sudden Encounter

Judy POV

In my small apartment in Canberra, Australia's capital and center of government, I'm enjoying the peace and quietness of a lovely morning while surrounded by a soft zephyr and bright sunbeams. I'm thrilled to have been given the opportunity to enroll in the highly sought-after MBA program at a famous academic institution, where merit is of utmost importance but financial support is also necessary to support my educational goals. Once I acquire prosperous employment, I will bring my grandmother to this lively city. My grandmother, who lives in a small village, is instrumental in helping me realize my goals, and now I want to bring her unmatched happiness and fulfillment. "Granny, wait a little longer, and we will live a life full of joy and contentment." After completing my MBA program, I see a future illuminating with a plethora of job opportunities, thereby easing our current financial constraints. My heart is full of hope and positivity. I am working part-time to support my academic dreams, despite the challenging process of finding a suitable employment in the absence of extra degrees and professional experience.My grandmother's reassuring grin always lifts my spirits, even when I usually feel upset. Since I lost my parents when I was a child, I only have hazy memories of their faces, but my grandmother has always been a constant source of love and support for me. "I don't know how long I'll have to make you wait, granny." Unknowingly, a long sigh leaves my mouth. "Oh, no!" I quickly check the time, but my work period has already started, so I get ready and leave my small, comfortable apartment for Purple Heart Restaurant. It takes 30 minutes for me to get to my workplace from my apartment by bus."Morning, Daisy." I wave my hand at my friend Daisy, whom I have known for the last five years. Daisy is a very cheerful and beautiful girl with mesmerizing eyes and straight blonde hair. She is my best friend, with whom I can share everything without hesitation. We have the wonderful opportunity to spend a significant amount of time together as college friends. Daisy is very entertaining and never fails to make me laugh, even when I am in a bad mood."Hey, good morning, dear," Daisy says, waving back as she comes over. We are working as part-timers at the same restaurant. I'm working as a delivery person because of my excellent biking skills."Do you know the news, Judy?" Daisy asks her with a poker face. "What news?" I ask her being curious as there's nothing special I heard. "Our restaurant has been taken over by an arrogant billionaire, and after reading the rules, I think we are going to lose our job soon," she says, letting out a deep breath. As the news makes her discontent with our new owner, I can't be happy either because we are depending on this job, so a friendly and good owner matters a lot. However, I try to lighten up her mood. "Don't worry, everything will be fine." "I hope so," Daisy replies. We keep talking for a while, laughing and joking around, until Daisy stops responding to me. "I think our new boss is going to terminate us today because we have been chit-chatting without doing our duty for a long time," Daisy scolds me. When Daisy's serious mood turns on in no time— something that I hate about her the most—it makes me let out a long sigh. "What would happen if we spent some time being silly or careless?" It's sometimes really nice to get lost in a fantasy world far away from reality—no pain, no overthinking, no tensions like a little girl."Nothing more than just a careless, silly dismissal from employment!" Daisy replies with her concrete language. "Huh, it's not that easy." "Yes, my mom, now let's do our work." She pulls me inside the kitchen, and we finally start our work.After completing the delivery as instructed by my manager, I stand next to my bike, preparing to ride away from one of the mansions on my list. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a car speeds past, splashing me with muddy, dirty water from the road! I'm drenched in dirty water on my clothes and hair, and I'm irritated and embarrassed.When I pick up my bike, I scan the area for any potential witnesses to the incident, but nobody is in plain view. I want to scream in anger because the stillness is so loud. How could someone be so cruel as to dump dirty water on an utter stranger and then drive off carefree?"Ugh! Can't you see?" I have shouted, spitting mad at the driver, "How will I manage to get back to work?" I'm really p*ss*d off how that being didn't even feel the necessity to apologize! I yell fiercely, "I vow, if I find you anywhere, I'll show you your level." A large stone captures my attention, so taking it up, I throw it with all of my might towards the car, not knowing if it will actually strike it or not. The prolonged expression of intense rage is still billowing inside me. Retrieving some tissues from my pocket, make an effort to wipe the soiled water off my face, I get in my bike to leave. I continue pedaling with fresh vigor as the wind rips through my wet hair. Before going far away, a car stops in front of me. Isn't it the same car? I grit my teeth in anger while getting off the bike. "Yah! Get off right now!" I'm not the kind of person to mess with anything so foolish, so why am I unable to contain my fury today? Man, how am I supposed to control my rage? Should I treat him and his vehicle poorly like he treated me? But yes, that's a really good thought. I get on my bike and spin around his car at least four times. With each successive twirl, the car becomes increasingly caked in layers of mud. That's it, the revenge is done now. A sigh of relief skips my mouth. Unexpectedly, the driver has decided not to exit the vehicle. As the car's windows are all black and have a thicker layer of dirt on them, I'm not sure if it's a man or a woman. I use some water to clean a little section of the glass on his car, and then I stick out my middle finger. Finally, I'm at peace after showing the driver my middle finger. To feel my victory, I take a deep breath while closing my eyes, but it doesn't last long when a splash of water falls on my face, making me totally soaked. I open my eyes promptly while removing the water from my face. The sight that greets me is beyond my wildest dreams: a man so strikingly handsome that he can capture the hearts of millions with just a single glance. Though he is not close to me, the powdery, pleasant scent of his cologne is potent enough to steal my heart away.With his towering height of around six feet one or two, the tall and muscular man catches my attention, and my heart races as I lift my head to take a closer look at his sharp jawline, dark brown doe eyes, alluring pink lips, and stylish man bun with a low fade cut on both sides of his head. As he snatches the water bottle out of my hand, he hurls the water onto his car, which effectively washes the windshield but reveals the cracks in the glass. His fierce gaze makes me flee the world promptly. It is hardly surprising that he exudes arrogance, but what is it that makes me so fearful of him? It falls upon me to repay him, for he is the one who caused me trouble."What is it?" With a clenched jaw and a pointed finger, he asks me, gesturing towards the crack. "Can't you see?" My response angers him but why should I care? "How dare you ruin my super expensive car?" "The way you dared to ruin my clothes, my bike, and my work hour." His thorough scanning of me is so repugnant that I feel an instant sense of revulsion. "Although the value of this car is a staggering five hundred and ninety-six thousand dollars, you are only expected to pay a paltry fifty thousand dollars to cover the damages!" "What!" His words makes my eyes widen in great shock. "Have you lost it! It was you who messed up with me, not the other way around!" "While my car soaked you, your violence caused my vehicle to become equally drenched. Equal equal but how about the damage and middle finger?" This man's behavior is driving me crazy. How can he make such a scene? From where will I bring that much money? "Though I am aware of your poverty, I have no intention of granting you forgiveness. You must either provide compensation or agree to my terms, and failing to agree to either option will result in your detention!" The man's words are causing me confusion. "What is he even saying? Should I really be sent to jail over something so trivial?" Oh, no, no, but how about the condition? "Tell me your condition because I don't want to go to jail." At the sound of my words, a smirk creeps across the man's lips, but I am left to wonder what sort of conditions he might have in mind. Moving deliberately with slow steps, he begins to approach me, causing me to feel trapped between him and my bike. There is no distance between us now. His malevolent gaze leaves me feeling numb and unsure of how to proceed. "A one night stand and a perfect usage of my middle finger cause in all my years, you are the first and only person to ever show me your filthy middle finger!"After hearing his disrespectful words, my frustration boils over making me slap him across the cheek, causing his head to tilt to one side.

Chapter 2

Ellen POVBeside my girlfriend Rylee, I wake up and look at her sleeping figure while trailing my finger over her cheek. "Morning, baby," I whisper near her ear."Umm, morning," she says with her husky, alluring tone. The sound of her voice, which as usual seems preoccupied with attempting to entice me, causes me to scoff. With the lobe of her ear, I tinker around, enjoying the opportunity to tease her. "Uh, Ellen!" I'm all too accustomed to hearing my name come out of her mouth after hearing it countless times throughout the night. The former enjoyment of hearing my name repeated now just helps to make me suddenly detest it. My parents deliberately selected the name Ellen John for me, but it has never felt right to me. Despite being the 26-year-old scion of a rich family, having a number of residences, enormous wealth, an impressive car collection, and the company of my girlfriend, I severely want my father's atten


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