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Billionaire's first love

Billionaire's first love

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Juno Torres lives her life as a peaceful, hardworking girl. She meets Regal Williams through a chance encounter at her work place. Juno Torres is a 21 year old girl who lives with her Family consisting of her mother, Father and brother. She has three best friends. She gained admission to San Diego University. She falls slowly in love with him, without knowing his identity. When his identity is revealed, and she discovers who she thinks she is, she faces a series of enemies. Fear, Love, betrayal and secrets flow in. In this thrilling love story, will Love win? Will they continue their love?

Chapter 1

"Hey can I get a cup of Iced Americano and some vanilla Flavoured cakes?" A young Lady stood at the counter where I stood and asked. "A slice of vanilla cake and a cup of iced Americano coming right up" I said and walked into the kitchen where my best friend Amelia was and said "We have an iced Americano and vanilla cake order please handle the cake, and I'll handle the coffee" "On it, girlie" she said. Hi my name is Juno Torres, simply known as Junnie or Junny. I am a 20 year old freshman at San Diego University studying nutrition and dieting. "Her is the cake" Amelia said to me "Thank you I said gratefully. I put it in the tree and what does the table where the young lady that ordered some minutes ago was seated here's your order I said smiling I looked at my wristwatch with and the time was the 7:30 p.m. aside and went to the term empty tables and collected the empty saucers on the table and went to wash them up in the dishwasher. Then I gave instructions to the other waitress to please watch over them and dry them up for use. I returned to the counter where I looked across and saw that we had four new customers and then picked up my pen and menu and walked up to them.

“Hello good evening and welcome to Dulce Alimento restaurant. What can I get you? '' I said with a smile. "Dulce Alimento. What kind of language is that?" one of the girls in the group said giggling. "It means Sweet food, I guess the owner is probably Spanish too." One of the guys in the group said. "What would you like to order?" I said with a smile. "I would like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and cold orange juice." One of the guys said, and I wrote that down and said "Who else wants to order?" "I want to order a chocolate cake slice and a cup of apple orange Juice."the second guy said and the girls whispered something to themselves and second girl said,"We would go with 2 slices of strawberry vanilla Flavoured cake and two cups of banana smoothies." "Alright then, give me 30 minutes and I will have your orders ready." I said and walked away and entered the kitchen. "Amy, I have four orders to take. Help me warm a plate of spaghetti and meatballs in 10 minutes. Tina, help prepare 2 cups of banana smoothies, a cup of orange apple juice and a cup of cold orange juice, please." " Got it, '' Amy and Tina said. I want to wear the cakes that were kept and neatly cut out slices of chocolate and strawberry vanilla cake. Soon the spaghetti had been heated up, and the drinks were ready. I picked up some trays and went to place the spaghetti and the orange juice in 1 of the three trays, then placed a chocolate slice of cake in a saucer and neatly placed a fork on it and placed the cup of orange juice in the second tray. Then I picked up both trays and then went to their group table and arranged the order on their table and said '' Here you go. I'll be right back with your orders, girls." I said, and went back to the counter, then I placed the strawberry cakes in two saucers, then placed them on the third and fourth Tray, and then placed the two cups of banana smoothie on the tray, picked it up and went to serve it to the girls. "Enjoy your meal." I said, and as I was walking away the second blonde haired girl said she liked the colour of my hair, when I smiled and said thank you.

I was walking back to the counter when the other girl, who had ordered something earlier, stood up, and said she wanted to take up her tabs. Furthermore, I told her to follow me and Got Behind the Counter. Likewise, I quickly took my calculator and punched Some numbers and said, "That will be $3.35." "Okay here is your cash. Thank you so much for your service." She said coolly. "Why the “Thank You”? I should be the one saying thank you to you. I do hope you'll come around some other time." I said back to her with a small smile of my own. " I absolutely love your hair colour. Is it hair spray or Hair tint." She asked. "All I know is I was born that way. It's been this color ever since I could define colours and remember it" I said. "Oh okay then. The colours are cool. Bye see you again some other time" she said and walked away. I looked at my wristwatch again and saw that an hour had gone by. I went to the end tables and finished up clearing them. By the time I was done, I noticed that all of the friends who were left at the diner were done with their food, so I walked up to them and asked them how they would like to pay. "Uh with my card." One of the boys replied. "Please follow me to the counter so that I can make my calculations and give you your bill." I said pool. The two boys stood up from their chairs and then followed me.

I walked up and got behind the counter, dropped the empty plates I was holding with Tina, and then I made some calculations and said "$24.70. That's your bill, young men." "Use the card," one of the guys said. I did the card swiping and all of that and gave them their receipt. "Do have a lovely evening, guys. Thanks for dining with us, and we hope to see you some other time." I said. The second guy took the card and the receipt and walked away, but the first guy stood back and asked "Hey, are you single?" I looked at him weirdly and then said "That's a personal question, but yes I'm single. "Uh cool then. Can I have your number and can we hang out sometime?" he said, winking at me. "Uh yeah I guess so." I said And wrote my number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. "Thank you, beautiful. Your name?" he said. "My name is Juno," I said. "I'm Rafael. Pleased to meet you." He said and walked out with his friends. That seems so off and what the hell have I just done?

Chapter 2

What the hell have I just done? I asked myself. I don't normally give my Numbers to my customers to avoid unnecessary problems. "Okay Junnie,you never give your number to strangers,let alone Our customers. What was that about?" Amy said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yeah,Junnie. What in the world came over you this time?" Tina asked. " Or do you have a Crush on him?" Amy asked and Tina and gasped while looking at each other. "Jinxed!!" Both screamed out loud while giggling. "Oh schrap,Amy and Tina. Cut it out. No,I don't have a crush on him, ewww. I Just didn't want anything delaying me from getting home today so, I just gave it to him to fulfill all righteousness." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

"Noriel, Please Help to finish wiping off The washed plates and arrange them, while Tina,Amy and i clean up the rest of the restaurant." I said and picked up my duster and headed for the tables, with


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