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Betrothed To A Moron

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"Do you know what marriage is?" Evelyn asked with a raised brow. "Marriage is 'I do' and 'you do', then boom, children come in anytime they want," Drake replied with a cute smile. "How do children come in?" She asked knowingly. "Man and a woman call them," he replied foolishly. "How do they call them?" She probed. "Just like this…" He placed his phone to his ear. "I already forgot that it's useless talking to you," Evelyn got annoyed and walked away *** Twenty years old Evelyn Brown was forced to marry the son of the richest man in the country, Drake Valentino. She thought her life was perfect, not until she was forced to get married to a man she barely knows because of money. Evelyn had thought the arranged marriage wasn't bad as her groom was a handsome young man from a rich family, just like hers until she entered the marriage. She was shocked into disbelief when she realized her husband wasn't as normal as she thought he was, he was a complete… Moron!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Mum, what are you insinuating? They came today!" Evelyn shouted over the phone.

"Yes, come home right now" Mrs Brown replied.

"Why will I? I told you I don't want this!" She said,

"Please, Evelyn don't run away, come home straight" Mrs Brown pleaded.

"Who am I if I can't come? If my father believes I have my own virtue, he shouldn't have sold me to his friend's son," Evelyn said angrily.

She wanted to do her makeup for her photoshoot when her phone rang and it turned out to be her mother. She was asked to come home, her betrothed family are home already and she is angry and sad at the same time.

"What? An arranged marriage!" Amber shouted.

Evelyn quickly hung up the phone and Amber bursted into tears.

"Sis, that means I wouldn't work for you again, then who is gonna employ me because of my clumsy nature!" Amber sobbed while Evelyn wiped her tears.

"Who says you wouldn't work as my PA again, we are glued by gum, I would rather run away with you than to get married!" Evelyn pacifies her and she blushes.

"Sis, did you mean it?" Amber asked with a smile.

"Did you expect me to say that… I will be back and listen, don't tell this to anyone" Evelyn replied rushing out to her car.

"Sis, you have to shoot for Skincare and Mega cream!" Amber shouted but Evelyn already zoomed off.

Evelyn Browns is a high ranking model and she was well known in her country, America and internationally.

She is not famous because she is the only daughter of the Brown family, the second richest family in America but because of her cheerful and gentle nature.

"I just wish his betrothed is handsome and popular gosh!..I can't wait to snap with him and post it on my social media handles" She shouted but covered her mouth quickly.

"She said not to tell anyone!" She mutters, biting her lower lips.


Mrs Brown was outside all while praying for Evelyn to show up and her prayer yielded.

She sighs when Evelyn comes out of the car, she knows Evelyn Brown is an obstinate girl like her father and wouldn't agree.

"Mum,what are you telling me over the phone?" She asked.

"The truth, Evelyn!" Mrs Brown replied.

"Let's go in first, please act normal" Mrs Brown pacifies.

"Yeah," She replied and entered.

"I guess this is my daughter in-law" Mrs Valentino mutters with a smile.

The Valentino family are well known all over the world and America because they are the richest family.

Valentino and the Brown family were friends before Mr Brown and Mr Valentino died.

But during their friendship period, Mr Brown made a vow to Mr Valentino, that their children should get married when they are eighteen.

"Yes she is," Mrs Brown replied.

Evelyn sat down beside Mrs Brown.

"If you have agreed, I have chosen a date for them" Mrs Valentino mutters and picks her phone from her handbag.

"Where is the groom himself, is he a lame that can't even walk, making you come on his behalf?" Evelyn asked, staring at the perplexed Mrs Valentino.

Mrs Valentino had a surprise expression by Evelyn outburst.

She thought Evelyn would agree easily and not question because she heard Evelyn is a gentle girl.

"Well, he is on a business trip and he told me to come on his behalf" She replied, staring at Evelyn.

"Then…I don't support this marriage,I have to see my groom before jumping into the marriage, even if it's an arranged marriage" Evelyn replied hotly standing up beside Mrs Brown.

Mrs Brown pinched her but Evelyn didn't look like she got the clue.

"Calm down, daughter-in-law,he is truly on a business trip,he knows you and he wanted to get married to you before he went on a business trip but I told him, I will inform you first. So I wanted to use this as a surprise for him" Mrs Brown lied because his son didn't know that he was getting married.

"Then, tell him when he returns from his business trip that I, Evelyn Brown, rejected this marriage" She replied and left immediately.

"Evelyn!" Mrs Brown shouted going after her but she returned back when she saw that Eve had driven out of the parking lot.

"Maybe you should come some other time, I will talk to her" Mrs Brown said to Mrs Valentino who had stood up.

"Alright, I will take my leave" Mrs Valentino replied and left the house.


As Evelyn left the house, she went directly to a playground where she always came anytime she found herself in a mess or when she was sad.

The playground is not very far from her home. She often comes here because nobody can bother her, not even her fans.

She sat on the swing, swinging forth and back, nonstop.

She was very furious,the way the woman's words sound.She thought over and over about it.

"Don't kill yourself woman!" A guy said suddenly, making Evelyn stop swinging.

Evelyn maintained eye contact with the latter but she wasn't able to withdraw her eyes.

The guy's blue eyes are so charming and his plump pink lips look cute, his handsomeness and tallness is beyond comparison.

Evelyn couldn't compare her music idol crush to him, he looks just like a demigod.

She stares at his cute brow and giggles silently.

"Hey kiddo! Are you also here to think over the mess you are in?" Evelyn asked.

"Not kiddo, I'm twenty" He replied wanting to sit on her leg.

"Wtf!" Evelyn cursed and pushed him away making him fall on his butt.

"What is that?" The guy shouted standing up from the floor.

Evelyn immediately thought he was a pervert.

"Are you a pervert or what?" Evelyn asked.

"Do I look like one?" he mutters with a wink and sits at the available swing beside Evelyn.

Evelyn chuckled and faced him.

"What is this woman's name?" he asked.

"I'm popular! Do I need to tell you my name, but if you don't know I'm Eve!"

"Your name?" Evelyn asked, looking at him.

"Anonymous" he replied, making Evelyn chuckle.

"So, Anonymous, why are you here?" She asked.

"To play" he replied smiling and Evelyn almost fell from the swing because of his bright smile, his smile attracted her towards him.

"To play…and you said you are twenty?" Evelyn mocked.

"Of course, I'm twenty or am I not" he mutters, ruffling his hair in frustration.

"Anonymous, you made my day, I will leave now" Evelyn replied walking away.

"Your name" he shouted at her back.

"Anonymous 2" Evelyn replied and left to where she packed her car.

She started the car and drove back to her workplace, ANNING.

She is their best model in ANNING and her boss cherishes her and wouldn't allow her to leave because of anything.


"Drake, what are you doing here?" Mrs Valentino asked seeing him on a swing.

She has been searching for him since she returned home, she remembers vividly that she locked his room door.

All thanks to the tracker she hid in his body.

"To play, of course," he replied, not looking at her face.

"Drake, I clearly told you not to go out,you are a CEO, you will bring shame to our Valentino family if you are seen like this" She replied and he stood up immediately.

Drake Valentino is a well known CEO,even though he is twenty, he is known for his intelligence and handsomeness, he is going through an illness that makes him act like a moron, this illness last happened to his grandfather and the illness lasted for five years.

Mrs Valentino has called many doctors to do a check up for him but they aren't able to say anything, she silenced them with money not to expose her son's situation to the world.

She wanted to avoid being mocked and degraded.

She assumes the doctors aren't competent, so she called for their family doctor in San Francisco to fly home.

He arrived two weeks later and checked him also but it was just like the other, he didn't see anything, so she advised Mrs Valentino to find him a wife.

Mrs Valentino then remembered her husband's last word about his friend's promise to give his daughter to their son to marry.

She quickly heads to the Browns mansion.

"What did I do to deserve all the insult?" he mutters crying while Mrs Valentino sighs.

"Let go home" She mutters but Drake ignores her like a plague.

"Let's go home, Drake!" She mutters,her voice getting unfriendly and harsh.

"I didn't ask for the Anonymous 2 number," he mutters, biting his lower lips.

"Who the hell is Anonymous 2, did someone already see you like this, by whatever let go home" she shouted and he started his tears again.

"Always shouting at me" he replied and walked angrily to the car.

Mrs Valentino rushed after her thinking he was running away but she walked slowly when she saw him enter the car.

"Driver, let go" Drake mutters to the driver who reluctantly nodded negatively.

"What about madam?" The driver asked.

"She should be able to trek, she is not that old" He replied and the driver zoomed off.

"Drake, driver…wait!" Mrs Valentino shouted running after the moving car.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Mrs Valentino gives a relieved sigh because her phone is with, if not a whole her, the wife of the richest man in America would trek.

She dials the number of their second driver, The Valentino's have up to ten drivers.

The driver arrived immediately after the call,if he gets sacked, there isn't a place he will get the amount the Valentino's are paying.

They arrived at home shortly and Mrs Valentino went straight to Drake's room.

But the doors were locked, she knocked on the door repeatedly and Drake didn't open up.

"Drake, if you are listening, you need to be well behaved as of now because soon you are getting married!" Mrs Valentino said angrily.

"Marriage!, What is that? Me being tied to a girl right, I wouldn't, go and marry the girl" he replied without opening the door.

Mrs Valentino smirks and leaves his door.

She was going to the compound to meet the driver who act


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