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Betrayed Love: Stuck Between The Billionaires

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You're nothing but a cheating gold digger sl*t. Go back to where you came from. I don't care if you die on the streets. Just never show your face in front of me. … After discovering her pregnancy Eva found her boyfriend Viktor Reynolds cheating on her with her so-called best friend, only for him to throw her out. She was the innocent party, but he threw her out of their home and life like a common criminal. He was all she had left. She cried and got herself to her feet, leaving him for good. Farewell the man I once loved. I pray we never meet again. Six years later she has twin boy and girl and made her way up as the trusted member of S Corps owned by Jonathan Salvador. Despite closing her heart to everyone, he has begun to slowly open in through his caring nature. She has sworn to never look back in the past. When forces lead her to meeting the people who threw her out, the truth begins to reveal itself. What will happen when Viktor realizes that she was innocent against all his accusations and regrets everything? Will she take him back or will she continue to remain with Jon ?

Chapter 1


The cold wind made me shiver as I walked through the city streets, but nothing could compare to the icy chill in my heart. 

The doctor's words still echoed in my ears even though I was far away from the hospital.

Pregnant. I was pregnant.

How was I going to deal with this? It has been half a year since I graduated from college. I had no job, no work experience and most of all, Viktor, the love of my life was…

I stopped in place. I was still out of it, but not enough to miss the building I called home. It at least used to be one.

It was late, but I was sure Viktor didn't mind, if he was even there in the first place.

Things wouldn't have been so bad if not for his constant attitude and neglect towards me. Anytime I tried to reach out, he acted violently, cursing me and breaking things around me. It hurt too much to think about. So I left him alone, even though it hurt. Since then the home that we shared together felt more like a cold house. He was never there and if he was, he never stayed long. Anytime he was there was nothing but scathing words and cold flares my way. 

Why? I couldn't understand how he could suddenly shift. The man of my dreams who I never thought existed now looked at me like he was a stranger. The man who swore to love me, spilling devotion to me now suddenly looked at me with eyes akin to hate?

What happened to make him change?

No matter how many times I asked, he never gave me an answer.

If he wasn't inside, then I would have to find a way to tell him. It didn't matter if he got angry at me for invading his privacy. Perhaps… After he heard the news, he would finally give me an explanation.

I signed as I reached the highest floor of the building where his penthouse was. As u typed in the passcode to the apartment I froze instantly as a muffled sound came through.

My heart skipped a beat. Was I hearing things right? No, it had to be a mistake.

But the sound came again and it was like an ice bucket was thrown over me. There was no mistake. It was a moan that was coming from the other side of the door.

The door to our apartment where only I and he knew the passcode.

My legs felt numb over me. I typed in the rest of the passcode with shaky fingers, my disbelief mixing in with the heavy weight of dread.

No. This couldn't be happening. 

I opened the doors and my heart sank under the weight, shattering completely.

On our couch, the same couch we used to cuddle, watch movies and make love in, he sat with his shirt unbuttoned, his pants rucked down to his knees.

And on his lap a naked woman moaned, bouncing fervently.

He was cheating on me. In our home he was f*ck*ng someone.

Not just anyone. Tears sprung to my eyes, burning as I saw the familiar blonde hair and milky white skin. I could still see the outline of her face through the hair.

It was Brienne. My best friend.

“You want more baby?” he groaned.

“Yeah. Give it to me Vik. Oh yes, Vik.” her moans were loud.

They weren't stopping. It was like I wasn't even there. 

My legs gave in and I stumbled to hold the wall to support myself. The place soon fell silent and they both whipped their heads in my direction. My heart hammered in my chest as I faced the two people who had betrayed me.

I didn't know what I expected. Regret perhaps? But what he did next shocked me.

“Welcome back. Did you enjoy the show?” he smirked immediately after speaking.

I flinched. This time I couldn't hold back the tears and they slipped freely down my face.

“Viktor…Brienne.” I could barely think.

He stood up bravely in his half naked state, pulling up his pants. He didn't look sorry in the least.

“Why are you acting so surprised? It's nothing you haven't done before.” He glared at me.

I reared back instantly. What was that supposed to mean? 

A giggle stopped me.

“Well Eva, the cat's out of the bag. I don't have to pretend to be friends with you anymore.” she giggled, looking smug.

“You were my best friend!” I screamed out.

“Please,” she rolled her eyes, “Did you think it was real? I'd never lower myself to be friends with someone like you.”

I flinched at her words. I was more than aware of the difference between us. I didn't share a wealthy background or caring parents like them. I had raised myself from the ground up, going through college with the help of scholarships I worked hard for. I was the farthest thing from rich. 

But when I met them they were so welcoming, saying that it didn't matter, especially him.

I turned to Viktor, the man I loved. He had never once accepted such an insult, always defending me against them. 

But he did none of that now. Instead he smirked.

“A poor excuse for a charity case.” He said

 That was the final straw shattering my heart into pieces.

Any words I had stuck in my throat were completely gone. I barely noticed when people came in until I felt hands gripping my arm.

“What’s going on?” I looked around and saw two security guards around me. How didn't I notice them?

Turning back to Viktor, I found his gaze fixated on the two men unsurprised 

“Send her to the streets.” He said, sending me into shock before his gaze switched to me.

“Don’t even try coming back here. I'm changing the passcode so you won't be able to do it anyways.” he chuckled after.

My heart crumbled further under his heartless gaze.

“How could you do this to me?” I cried out 

“You know, you look so pretty and innocent with that face but I know better.” He lifted my chin and pulled closer to me with a sneer on his face.

“You're nothing but a cheating gold digger sl*t. The only place you deserve is the slums. Go back to where you came from. I don't care if you die on the streets. Just never show your face in front of me.” he spat out.

He turned away and the arms dragged me back. The last thing I saw was him kissing Brienne.

I felt numb. Everything after was a blur as I was hefted out if the place I called home onto the streets, pushed out till I stumbled.

I barely stopped myself from falling as I crumbled on the empty street. Tears streamed uncontrollably from me as his words echoed in my mind.

That last look he gave, I didn't see anything but hatred.

A gold digger sl*t. That was what he called me. I had never asked for anything from him and always tried to return his gifts. I always tried to remain self-sufficient no matter how much he argued against it.

But that was all I was to him. He called me a sl*t when I had been faithful to him and he was the one that cheated.

I never even told him I was pregnant.

I didn't know how much time had passed as the cold finally came to me. I wiped away my tears, standing up on shaky legs.

What was I going to do now?

I had no place to stay. While I was still in college Viktor had pressured me to live with him in his condo. After I graduated it remained the same and no matter how much I was assured to leave once I got a job he had instead told me there was no rush.

“Your home is my home.” He had said.

Now I had nothing. No job, no money, nothing.

It wasn't just me I had to take care of.

I stroked my belly where my unborn child lay. A rush suddenly took over me and I shut my eyes in determination.

None of that mattered now. I had raised myself once without the effort of my parents to get to where I was now and I would have to do the same again. I had to live on and struggle for the sake of my child. I would give my child everything they needed and be the parent I never had.

Wrapping my arms against the cold, I walked away from the building that held the shattered pieces of my heart. A resolve cemented itself.

I would never come back here again.

Chapter 2



“Cory! Anthea! Hurry up your friends are waiting for you!” I screamed in exhaustion towards the empty hallway.

“Yes mom!” A chorus answer filled the room before footsteps approached and four little feet drew closer. 

I smiled fondly at the two eager children in front of me. Cory was still chewing the breakfast I made for him while Anthea had peanut butter stains on her cheek and hand.

I lowered to their level and wiped the stains off her hand before facing both of them.

“Don't forget what I said. Stay with your teachers all the time and stay safe.”

“Yes mom.” They chorused, smiling cheekily. I couldn't help the tears that sprung from my eyes.

My son and daughter, the lights of my life.

It came as a shock to me that I gave birth to not one but two children. They both looked alike as well, sharing my mocha complexion with only a difference


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